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Making it Rain

Imagine if it was your job to make it rain? You'd do your best to just enjoy it once in a while!

So yeah, pretty simple animation. I actually drew this in Sai as an experiment; it's quite a nice little program, but I don't think it's for me. I'll leave it to the more artistic ponies :P

I planned on getting something out yesterday. Ended up falling asleep at my desk for 3 hours... hence why I whipped this one up today instead :D

Animated PNG: [link]
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I would so make out with Rainbow Dash.In the rain.
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This gif ran constantly for three days straight on my iPad while I was doing lights for a play a few months back. Thanks for that. ^_^
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It looks amazing :la:
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Feel the rain on your fur! No one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in!
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hello I wanted to ask em like you did for him to move?
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Listen to this and look at this picture at the same time 
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Rainbow Dash is Free 
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I live in Washington I can relate!
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Girl my body don't lie I'm outta my mind,let rain over meeee
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How much do you want to bet that there an angel in the sky going "Oh my god I didn't I needed to pee this much".
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By any chance, is the angel female?
That would explain why RD is enjoying it so much. :P

All jokes aside, this is really cute. :) Nice job!
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The Angel is male
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Just thought I'd mention that I come back to this animation more than once a month to a) enjoy it all over again and b) use it to describe to people how I feel in the rain. Thanks again!
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WINNAGE of the WET kind!

Makes get into a song such as this: [link]

Only the melody, chourus, & instrumentation matters considering you might not find some of the lyrics related to my liking...
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*Big Mac, Braeburn, & Soarin' fall from the sky*
:iconrainbowdashplz:: ....[link]
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Open this website while looking at this gif. You can thank me later. [link]
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