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An Idiot's Guide to Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a video game franchise developed by Square Enix and Disney, directed by Tetsuya Nomura. The series has jumped from console to console, and has developed a complicated, headscratching plot, even if the characters and worlds are charming. One’s brain will fall out if we tried telling this in chronological order, so we’ll just do per game release more or less.   In this vast universe of Disney worlds and realms, there was an Age of Fairy Tales, which serves as the backstory of Kingdom Hearts. One world of light existed, bathed in the light of the ethereal Kingdom Hearts, a heart-shaped moon where all life comes from


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Sexy Supergirl bound with kryptonite and gagged

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NeoOmnimon CYOA Bad Ending

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DOOM 3 Hell Knight


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Bondage Island

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Why Borderlands Worked.

The original Borderlands is one of my favourite video games, so much so that it inspired me to return to writing futuristic science fiction science fiction, something which I hadn’t done since the 90s. It was a real breath of fresh air after the endless waves of grim, brown, cover-based-shooters and Call of Duty wannabes. Having played through both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, I’m not entirely sure that either Gearbox or 2K really knew themselves why Borderlands worked, because both additional entries into the canon failed to grab me in the same way. Here are the reasons why I thought Borderlands was great, and why it’

Bondage Island 2

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Oracles of Light and Darkness


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Zeke Jeager


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Wonder Woman Mummified! (GIF)


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Metroid Suit CYOA

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