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The Lecturer
Like the mother of a friend, she smiled
And welcomed our inattentive faces
To the world she created daily.
Mumbling and fumbling with age she yet had,
She dimmed the lights just so
And with a great sweeping motion,
She opened her little mouth with fury
As knowledge poured out into a sea before us
Swallowing our pens and paper
And subjugating our hands to the tremors of the scribe.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 0
Sonnet of Revision Time
As I sit here, facing tomes and tomes
Of dead trees filled to the brim with dead men,
Sunlight smiling at my back for hours,
And eyes failing at the faint neon glow,
I cannot help my thoughts from wandering.
‘What if’ after ‘What if’ parade their songs
And I am anxiousness, but not in words;
Surrounded as I am, how could I be?
My feelings are just motions now.
Heart beats are in stasis, and all is dull
As though the many bindings suck the light
For late night reads of later dates.
I wish to make a noise but none will come –
These books will swallow me whole in silence.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 0
Eat your words, eat your words,
And eat your feet, and eat your words,
And eat your hands, and elbows too
And eat the eyes that tether you
To heaven’s ever turning back
While we shall take what we do lack
Those words? Yes words! We eat your words
Which damn you to other worlds
And into bites for tongues unfurled
Where our mouths were so salty through
But now our mouths are full of you.
Your sons as well, are forfeit now,
Into our banishing little bowls
And to your words? No bids farewell
Come up once more, a screaming knell.
And then you eat your words as well
we’ll eat your neck  and then your words
and eat your words, and eat your words.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 0
ordinary relativity
If I am on a train
Moving swiftly in the rain
At a speed of v, let’s say
While you stand out in the hay
And some lightning haps to strike
Through the purpled dulcet night
If we happen to take sight,
Will we see the same great light?
Shall we mourn the darkness diff’rent
Our eyes drinking in the pigment
Of the sky at times infrequent
For our planes aren’t co-existent?
Weaved in time like window shades
Born to ripple in the waves
Always looking through the glaze
At such different sunny days
But if this is so, I guess,
You are y and I am x,
And we both see light at all
Should we not be a bit equal?
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 1
I forgot
I forgot how dreamers dreamt for a while
There; dreams aren’t kisses on kitchen tiles
Or Longing for damp skin and sweaty feet-
Dreams are of stars, not of this foolish heat
Which leaves me grave; for I’m sure it’s not you
Who’s embrace was accidental, borne through
The lethargy of lazy days and nights
Rather than romance or destined delights.
Lovers were never so simple as us,
All logic and reason in our need, no rush.
And now that we are done, my dreams are back
But flights of fancy now just seem to lack.
Each morn I find in me a ling’ring burn
For the summer heat of you to return.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 0
I wonder; those who came before
Before the phone, before the bore
Of electrons and one night stands
And pheromones and robot hands
Was music still as beautiful?
Something astounding that we knew
Would terminate in chords just right
Yet certainty still gave delight
Did every churned piano swell
As sweet as summers dying knell
Give lovers chance to reminisce
On simple things that we now miss
And all was good and whole without?
Or did they simply turn their shouts
To objects not of plastic made
but lace and lead; still fashion’s fade
And lovers still existed true,
But some were still as false as you.
Have we evolving genetics,
Or are we ever lunatics?
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 0
I look about quickly
And all of my struggles
Find the sturdiest pen
Ink blessedly unmuddled
But by now my words
Treacle sweetness and struggles
Are fading much faster
In the absence air
No straws to grasp
-They would not fade faster-
I am now bereft
Breathing absent air
For nothing is left
To show for my struggles
But burning cheeks muddled
With drip drops fire-blue
For those last little airs
Of you
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 0
Awake - work in process
I would spend so many nights
Waiting for the light of sun
To show where you had been.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 0
sonnet of returns
Come to me now, before I forget
How to view you in this morning light.
Battle-worn, young, and prepared to fight;
No more excuses have I left to bet
In the stale ring of old apologies.
Come close, with cheeks warm with that nonsense blush,
As if you were afraid that I would shush
The words your body speaks only to me.
I welcome you, as I am sure you know
Your warmth is one I barely understand;
While usually iron grips my hand,
I yearn the livelier kicks passion bestows.
Forget me the cold thoughts within my head
And let us create new ones in your bed.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 2
sonnet to the Opiate
I worry about you, opiate eyes,
So broke and broken from outside to in.
With twitches like a frog’s, and panicked grin
Which gravity has stolen from the fly
And given to the ground; much like a toll
For misuse of dear natures sweetest fruits.
Taking puffs with pride and horn’s a-toot,
You’ve wasted yourself.  Now your head but lolls
About, in search of steady ground to stare
At in wonder of what your soul can send
Up to your head and to your eyes to mend
Whatever realty says is really there.
I promised not to stop you from your deeds,
But really, is this all your life could need?
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 2
Sonnet for Freedom
The heat dwells languidly upon my skin
Digging deep into the pores and flesh
And pushes out the water held within
Replacing it with deep-set stickiness.
And I, uncomfortable, but stuck in grooves,
I feel the cloud movements above my head.
Their silent blasts, patient in their moves
Expand into that blue and open mead.
Framed by steel and iron set to rob
Their magic and their grace; and earnest trees
Litter its landscape with many-limbed mobs
And even romantics from birds and bees.
Was I so light of grace and substance, too,
I would have means to be free like this view.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 2
How sad the moment is when realized
That after all the looks and dancing eyes,
The trembling, and those longing lips to kiss,
That all this time the love was set amiss.
First, sad that that she will soon no longer long
For all the wonders found when she belong’d
To him; and soon another’s hands will hold
Her close and steal a kiss that’s not so bold.
And more, for girls always know to hold true
That fickle men hurt just as much as you.
For their poor souls are bound, where ours are free;
Love holds them swayed only romantic’ly.
         Thus she can love and love again before
         He ever finds his love of evermore.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 0
I have an obligation
To my fellow artists
Poets, politicians,
And other praise-worthy peoples,
To lie equally to them
As I do to myself.
Through this paper
This ink
This pen
I become known
Beyond my wildest truths
And my saddest lies.
To you, my fellows, I bow my head.
But do not expect me eager,
Seeking from your gold-sandaled feet
Mercy or forgiveness.
I have shown nothing to you
I have spared of myself.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 1 0
three musings on regret
I shall regret you, D-.
Your soft face and wrong mouth,
All tangled in the essence of your timing
(Which kept me coming back).
I’ll never remember the bad.
I shall see your golden face
From the distance of a forgotten star.
To be fair;
                The flowers’ lost war with the sky
                Hurts like the pride of the sun
                In her race with the moon.
And you will always be in my memory
Of such losses
And pain.
The sky grows dark and slow in layers
While I purple, discontent in an instant.
Leave me when these signs near-
No gentle touch, once loved
Can draw this storm away.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 1
I dream of Poetry
At night I dream of poems
          the bed is springy,
and I’d rather the floor
        but it is worse for wear.
and the moon is gone;
   it never stays for my slow-closing eyes.
My own phantom hands arrive
      awake and more alert than I
trapped in their soundless world
   Who am I to stop them?
Let them wander;
      they only dance
       and caress
     and let my goosebumps
imagine of others
-a perfect arrangement-
My eyes shut, always slowly
     and my hands fall silent
The pen runs dry for tonight.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 1
As I lay
    turned windoward
               I wait
as the birds
    take sticks
   of mulberries
   of cherries
   and sweet dryblossoms
    to weave in the hollow cup of my ear
               This nesting will be over soon,
I think.
But do not rush for my sake, starlings.
           The pain is sweet –
I wait.
:icontwobefore-sunrise:twobefore-sunrise 0 2

Random Favourites

Harpo Speaks
Harpo Speaks
              Carruthers had half a face. He actually had a whole face, but the bottom half was so magnificently beautiful perfectly dimpled chin with just a hint of stubble, lean lips curling to reveal straight, white teeth, and skin so creamy you could dip strawberries in it that everybody just forgot what the top half looked like. His forehead (probably quite charming too, if left to its own devices) faded from memory, his nose lost in the glow of that breathtaking zero-point-five of a visage. Not that it bothered Carruthers especially. He just enjoyed being admired.
              And admired he was. He was the only man I ever knew to get seedy remarks thrown his way by builders, and Carruthers would wave back at them, generously offering a smile.
:iconmacdoherty:MacDoherty 10 18
the sun in your smile,
this peregrine heart--
the fall
to the ocean
with its spell-breaking waves...
:icondreamsnhazel:dreamsnhazel 12 5
The Consecration of St Joan by kolaboy The Consecration of St Joan :iconkolaboy:kolaboy 182 128 70star7 'Forgive' t-shirt by JasonGoad 70star7 'Forgive' t-shirt :iconjasongoad:JasonGoad 63 6
essays in a derogate credenda.
chapter one
the happily decript lady spoke to me today
i wasn't bothered: she usually sits there, intent on the obituaries
i think it an obsession; a graduated habit
(i'm told she burried her husband years ago)
she aksed me if I was an american
'only by law'
i replied
   chapter two
compelling happiness floods my heart
and escapes between cherry lips and ivory teeth
the bipolar sky makes no threat to my euphoric disposition
long lost and now found
my outfit constantly being revised to match
the ever-changing blue-marbled-gray portrait above
renisance faces surround me and quitely whisper:
'why the cheer?'
to them i reply:
'Karma's watching, and just as the sky, she's not too sure of her mood.'
   chapter three
i always second guess my actions
was it giving up a chance at love
or realizing that i truly am happy where i am, and did not intend to interrupt such 'bliss' in any way.
i should add a (knock knock) on this heavy oak if only to
:iconmodernreligion:modernreligion 1 2
Lifeblood - page 3 by anarchypress
Mature content
Lifeblood - page 3 :iconanarchypress:anarchypress 7 4
tell me when by corollary tell me when :iconcorollary:corollary 30 63
Eight Kisses
Eight Kisses
You can call
it emptiness, breath, epithet, or oblivion
or love, or the thing we can't
touch, while in motion.  
      The rush
of your mouth in me like icemelt water,
innocent, surging
like a creek,
                                                          Second Kiss
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 942 427
A Mouse Kiss
the wall ripples slightly
    as an ashtray silently shatters;
a daydream, torn to tatters.
the oak cracks, no longer sure;
the bittersweet brevity
    of limbless levity
sucked away -
    salt from a wound.
        it was a thorn in the lion's paw
        and she, the compassionate mouse

she takes his face in downy hands
and whispers against wet, quivering lips
    shivering lips
the most ardent, weightless, caramel kiss:
        "you must be the change
        you wish to see in yourself."
:icondreamscape-painter:dreamscape-painter 0 21
Extract 05
Stop finding beauty in the things that surround you,
     The world's an ugly place and it won't treat you well.
It's not that I love you, but
I'm afraid that she does.
You're a wonderful person and
     You hold my heart in your mind.
Can you imagine my mother's face?
Us four suspended from class.
For lies our hormones told us,
But soon these feelings pass.
The pockets of my blazer
Bulge until they bleed,
With gum and CD player,
My future in its lead.
The lighter lights my fire,
I pretend sophisticat--
Blowing rings and life away,
My father wouldn't like that.
:iconmacdoherty:MacDoherty 1 7
ric 3 by mbahuyo ric 3 :iconmbahuyo:mbahuyo 95 15 A Vivid Dissection by neoduck A Vivid Dissection :iconneoduck:neoduck 2 23 . loveliness . by karincoma . loveliness . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 498 200
Girl on a train 245
         There should be a poem for every girl
         with black hair and black eyes
         who's sat across the aisle on a crowded train
         and written pointless beautiful things
         in the notebook in her lap.
         I might write my name and number on a bit of paper
         Drop it on your page as I'm getting off.
         But I prefer to think it and write it than to know
         What might happen if I actually did.
         I'm sorry I've been staring. But you see
:iconlazylinepainterjohn:LazyLinePainterJohn 35 102
your shiver-smile is exultant.
i thought that
          while i waited for the
          suns to fall,
i would sing quietly
of the planescapes;
these oceans.
and how we, hand in hand
held the rising
          jewels of the eternal apex
          in that void, brimming with
life and interstellar
"your shiver-smile is exultant,"
          i breathed in your ear
while you frosted over
the spaceplane
and when again the suns
did climb to their zenith,
          we were seen
                    as nothing less than
a double-helix
made of superstrings
:iconfrail:frail 98 52



ashleigh brown
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: VA
Favourite genre of music: everything cept country
Favourite photographer: leanin towards manray...
Skin of choice: black...?
I guess all 5 of you probably think I'm dead, but I promise I'm not!  I'm just very bad with keeping up with things like this (I used to buy diaries to doodle in and then would throw them out after a week...).

I will hopefully be a bit more dedicated in the next few months, seeing as I am entering a number of poetry competitions within my university.  if not, someone email me and remind me that I should stick around here!  

hope everyone is ok! xx


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