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I can't believe a half year has gone by and I haven't gotten into commissions yet. So many people waiting but its just hard to get the effort to draw something someone else wants right now. Being a compulsive drawer is the thing that's been helping me out emotionally.
Tiff of the Stars Art Pack!…

So a friend of mine, who has commissioned NewStuff4U to do the lines, has done an art pack involving Tiff in various sizes using all the power ups in Kirby games.

$25 dollars with over 90 different Tiff drawings (sketched and colored versions).

If you're interested check out the preview and info about it on FA -…

Since their dA has been suspended without warning again (stingy da moderators being offended by decade old submissions), I thought I would direct people who may be interested. I've seen some of it and it looks pretty fun.

Thanks for taking the time reading this. =3
Eclipse indeed. Its like looking for stuff in the dark or hiding layers of menus and slow-loading drop downs, before you get to the menu button you're trying to find.

A perfect analogy.

If they change to this without letting us go back, I won't hesitate to not use this site again.

Problems I've found so far:
Slow loading everything.
Thumbnails way too massive. This means more scrolling and more slow loading, preventing quick browsing through art.
Menus hidden behind menus. Before you can just push a button to get to those specific activity sections.
Direct to Activity button hidden behind a slow loading pop up list.
Recent Comments UNDER everything else.
No search function on specific galleries.
because deviantart is being real shit right now and not uploading images properly. I'll try again later.

Check out new stuff on FA that actually NEVER has this problem!
2019 I'm going to upload whatever I can and not worry about doing commissions in order I get them. I should just do as I can. I have a list but I need to look over things and work on just completing stuff I can. Thanks for being patient if you are on the list and I'll notify you when I am ready asking if you are still up for it.

Also I have lots of sketches and finished works I want to show I did over this year and this last month so stuff will come in.
Can someone explain to me what happened to dA's file system recently? Its a subtle change but now when I right click an image or the download button it no longer generates the file name with the uploader and the art name in it. The image urls also got SUPER bloated!

Its very recent!

Overdone by Two-Ton-Neko
URLs Before by right clicking an image and using "View Image"…

URLs Now

Here are examples of before and now when saving images:

Before older images liked the one above saved as:

Jamming by Two-Ton-Neko
Now new images like this one save as:
There's really no good way to come out and talk about tragedy especially when you don't talk about your personal life in detail much. I haven't spoken about personal matters in the last several years, mostly keeping life, hobby and drama separate from each other. However, when something you can never prepare for happens, how are you not supposed to talk about it when it effects everything?

Both my youngest brother, whom is the person in my life that I love most, and my youngest niece have both passed in an accident. The last couple months has been the most depressing time in me and my family's entire lives. The whole family and even extended members, as well as a lot of close friends have and are in close support of each other over this. But, there really is no getting over this remorse of what could have been and how it might have gone differently. With all that has happened and the acceptance of it, its obvious this sadness and hurt will be with me for the rest of my life. I knew that from the start.

I felt that the best way to try and recover from this is to just get myself out there more and do things to conquer a lot of my anxiety. I want to start by trying to be a lot more active and not worry about failing and making mistakes. As the last month has shown its been very hard. I haven't even been able to think about doing art as much as I've been trying to. I also haven't been working in general.

I have a lot of things I want to do and finish. I want to be active and try and make a living on the things I love to do and stop holding myself back. There's things I want to get caught up on, even start a few larger projects that some of you have been really patient on me getting around to. I just want to start not worrying about failing and just work on having a more solid and consistent schedule and just DO things. I know that having a break from art won't help either. I just have to learn to work on healing while I do the things I enjoy.

The only thing that can keep me going is to stop having regrets. Because there's only one regret I can never take back.
I'm back. Not ready to talk about what happened, but I have to try to keep going and work on something to feel normal.

I have quite a few pics ready for upload which I was about to before recent events, so I'm going to decide what to put up while I try to get back into commissions.

If you want to support me, not just because you want to be nice but because you also love my work, I have the usual links below for my teacher art pack and the "Donate to Continue - Ponies" thing which I do have a few pics saved up for.


Consider donating to my Paypal to support me in everything I do!

Support my DtC~

Buy my Teacher Pack~
I'm going to be on hiatus. Not sure how long. Could be a while or short. I just need to focus on something that needs my full attention.

For those who might worry I'm actually fine physically. I just need to be with family.
Had an infestation of buuugs. Kind of? It barely spread from the beds, didn't even get across the room and the whole place was fine, but these things demand everything being cleaned. Its tough trying to quarantine laundry with limited space.

Either the neighboring walls or a secret colony in the laundry room. The office can't figure out which yet. Its caused a whole week of work to get them out from my place, but we're still waiting to see if its even in the clear. While I wait I'll try to get back into things and upload stuff.
UPDATE: I decided to just upload the thing as a DtC since people are confused about my intentions in this journal. I'm keeping the journal up though because of comment reasons.


So I was thinking of taking unfinished/unpaid commissions and converting them into something useful to cut my losses. By letting people donate the original commission price to see it get completed. How do you all feel about something like this happening?

I modify the pic to not be the original commission (usually character replacement) and then ask people to donate to get it finished.
As a follow up from this journal -> Veradaux and Not Paying for Commissions

I have been contacted by FA staff about this incident since I reported it. Here is the final message I got from them.

Members of Fur Affinity's staff are not permitted to mediate business transaction disputes unless it involves mass scamming; however, I will make a file of this incident in our Code of Conduct Enforcement department so that if other victims come forward an investigation may be launched. If an investigation is initiated, an Administrator will re-open this ticket and contact you to discuss the status of your claim.

In the meantime, I encourage you to seek other avenues to resolve this issue such as communication with the user, contacting your bank to dispute a transaction, or discussing your situation with legal counsel.

I wish you the best in this matter and hope that you can come to a fruitful resolution.

So apparently they won't do anything unless the user in question is involved in mass scamming. If other victims come forward they'll investigate further. So I say if you know anyone who has also been scammed by them to also report them about those incidents. It must be an incident that happened on FurAffinity and staff can even look through notes if you give them permission.

This seems to be the only way to resolve this since FA policy doesn't protect its users. Lets see if FA is even worth a damn.
I really hate having to do this, but this user has left me no choice.

:iconblacklightshines:, Veradaux of Furaffinity, Blacklightsparkle (formerly known as pixelblast) on Tumblr had commissioned me to do work for them last year and has not paid their part after I have done work for them. After waiting patiently for them to get money to continue on with the commission and many months of trying to keep contact with them, they eventually stopped replying back to me. At least as of yesterday when trying to contact them a final time, they had already blocked me.

Seeing them commission other artists over the past year and completely ignoring payment for time I've worked on their commission has frustrated me.

At first I took a bit of time getting to their commission. When I presented them the concept sketch and asked for initial payment, they requested I do some changes. There was a back and forth over the course of hours and the following day and many updates and add ons until they finally told me they couldn't pay at all. I gave them a few months before getting back to them which they told me they still didn't have the money.

I saw them commission more artists over the latter half of the year and contacted them again. They stopped responding.

After the start of this year I asked them to continue with the commission or at least pay me compensation for time worked and even gave them an extra month but with a final deadline. They apparently blocked me between then and now.

I guess this is all I can do in spreading awareness. Do not contact and abuse this person. Just spread awareness to those you know who may be accepting a commission from them.
The last plus month has been eh. But I got a few things I'm working on and will upload along with commissions.
I've gotten sick AGAIN so things will be slightly delayed. If I post art, its because I managed to finish it. Things will be touch and go.

I would say it isn't healthy being sick this many times or something, but that's just obvious. XD
Sick. Post summer cough turned into painful body aches. I haven't been drawing or working the past few weeks.

But I got over it and have been itching to draw. I've have done a couple things since I recovered. I got a few things to upload and commissions to finish while I catch up financially. I'll be putting up a pony focused DtC pretty soon.

If you want to support me now though and haven't already bought a copy there's my Teacher Pack ~

Teacher Pack - Art Pack 1 by Two-Ton-Neko
Teacher Pack - Art Pack 1 by Two-Ton-Neko

Thanks to those who voted on prices. I went with $10 so that all 30+ of you that voted can buy it at your desired price. But anyone who wants to spend more (12 or 15) are able to. I'd appreciate the greater support!

Go to the submission for the info.
So I'll be releasing this art pack this Friday if not earlier!

I'm at an impasse as to how much I should charge for such a thing. It will include 18+ images; 6 single shots of each character involved, 12 images of specific characters interacting, and a few extra simpler pics and alts.

For that many I am struggling if I should charge $10 or $15. I'd like to know what you all think about the matter. I'll link the promotional image I'm using so you can get an idea of what the single character shots look like to help.…

I'd really appreciate the input from as many of you as possible!
First of all, its only appropriate for me to let people know my friend shikashi18 on FA is interested in starting commissions. He's just starting out so I'd like to bring attention to him. If you like any of his work let him know.

As for me I'm finally about ready to release a certain teacher themed art pack I've talked about before. I've wanted to try this approach which was why I stopped DtC for the time being. I'll be back real soon about the details so look forward to that.

Thanks for your support, everyone!
I might eliminate the pay midway process and make it a pay up front for commissions.

I've been burned quite a few times the last couple months working for hours on preliminary sketches for a commission. Making multiple alterations that the commissioner asks for before starting the permanent lining work. Only to find out they can't pay right away after all that.

From now on I'll ask for payment before I start drawing the concept and not after.

Regardless, I'm going to have to do a "Donate to Continue" right now since I need money sooner rather than later. The notice will come up in a few. I'll keep trying to do commissions in the mean time and owed work while I wait for the donations to fill up.