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Lick MY Boots!

A MOST Wonderful Work From Mikethat3DGuy !!! In this, I am chained to The Great Mistress Olivia De la Renta's Throne!!! To serve as Her bootlicker!!! Such a Great Work from Mikethat3DGuy !!! Please, Please, visit His Page!!! Great Art!!! Great Writing!!! Very Talented!!! 

     After the "Whip" club (Women Have Infinite Power) closed. Olivia De la Renta took crissy, the Club bootlicker back home to Her Palace. She had "convinced" Eveanna that She needed her to clean Her vast collection of boots and shoes for a while. 
     Olivia had crissy stripped naked and chained below Her Throne. She then changed into Her robe and sat on Her Throne high above her. With a nice glass of wine and a cigarette, She then crossed Her legs. With a snap of Her fingers She then said, "Lick MY boots"!!! crissy, down low on the steps to Olivia's Throne, began her lowly task. As she was licking Olivia's boots, Olivia then said to her. "This is just one pair of many boots and shoes I own"! "You are going to be a busy little bootlicker, girl"! 
     Olivia then took a sip of wine and a drag from Her cigarette. "Um, so nice to be a wealthy and Powerful Woman"! She exclaimed. She then looked down at crissy, and said, "This wine tastes wonderful, how does My boots taste, bootlick"? Olivia then looked up and laughed. "Well, I'm sure you are used to the taste of boot leather"! "Now, hurry up, I want MY boots to glow before I finish My wine and cigarette"!!!! 
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Beautiful queen on a beautiful throne!