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Eveanna on Her Throne By 0formant0 (story)


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A Most Wonderful Work from my Friend 0formant0 !!! He did this for me as a gift for all of the recommendations I give for Him!!! I do it because I LOVE His Art!!! He is soooo Wonderful!!! Thank You 0formant0 !!! You truly are Gifted!!! If You have not seen 0formant0 page and gallery, Please do so soon!!! You will LOVE His Work!!!  I just wanted to share this!!! Thank You!!! LOve, crissy....  

     Eveanna arrived home to Her mansion. She had closed several good deals and was feeling good. She sat high on Her Throne as crissy knelt before Her. Wearing a long red low-cut dress and custom made thigh-high black leather boots, She was stunning!!! She then looked down at crissy and snapped Her fingers. crissy then bowed low on the floor and began her job of lick-shining Eveanna's boots. 
     As crissy did her lowly task, Eveanna then said, "Make sure you do a good job, bootlicker, I was out today in this cold wet weather"! "Make sure you get ALL of the mud and filth"! "These boots are very expensive"! crissy continued licking. There was some dried mud caked on the sole and some splatters on the top of the boot. She quickly licked it off. She worked up some saliva in her mouth an swallowed down the dirt. 
     Eveanna sat and thought while Her boot slave did her lowly job. She then looked down at Her boot. "You are not done yet"? She spoke in a loud voice. She then picked up a cane She kept beside Her Throne. Suddenly, WHACK!!! She hit crissy across her ass, leaving a nice red welt. crissy winched in pain. "Hurry it up, little bitch, move that bootlicking tongue faster"! crissy then began licking faster. she began to drool and slobber all over Eveanna's boot. 
     Looking down, Eveanna then said, "That's better"! "I have heard that saliva is good for softening leather"! "No wonder My boots are so comfortable"! She then laughed and said, "After all, I have the best bootlicker in town"! crissy continued licking, all over the boot, removing the dirt, licking the sole, to the back of the heel. 
     After a few minutes, Eveanna checked Her boot again. "Hum, that's good, bootlicker"! She then crossed Her legs and said, "Now, this one"! Eveanna then snapped Her fingers, "Hurry, Hurry, boot slobber, I may have a guest arriving soon"! crissy began to quickly lick the other boot. Wagging her tongue all over, swallowing the dirt mixed with her saliva. As she was licking, Eveanna said, "I see My new little toy, the cane, has really encouraged you"! She then tapped crissy on the head with the cane. "That's it, My little boot slave, clean My boots good"! 
     crissy continued licking. After about 5 minutes, all of the dirt was removed. Eveanna looked down again. "Good enough, slave"! "I am thinking of loaning you to a friend, Her name is Fiona"! "She looks a lot like Me"! "But, I also know that She is very mean"! "Meaner than Me, so you had better be on your A-game, cleaning Her boots and shoes, girl"! crissy bowed her head. Eveanna then said, "Now, get the polish and give Me a good shine"! crissy reached beside Eveanna's Throne and got the can of shoe polish. She then removed the lid and rubbed her fingers in it. She then began applying it to Eveanna's boot, rubbing it in little circles. As crissy was polishing Eveanna's boots, she thought to herself. "Fiona"? "Who could be meaner than Eveanna"???? 
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I love it , please more