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Eveanna And Crissy A Bootlicker's Tale by glubee03

Here is one of the Best Renditions of Eveanna and me done!!!  glubee03  did this Work for me just from descriptions that I sent to Him! He has captured the essence of Mistress and bootlicker very well! I am sooo pleased with this Work!!! See more of His Wonderful works on His page and gallery!!! LOve, crissy...

     After a day of making real estate deals, Eveanna deserves to relax! crissy, Her little bootlicker and slave, serves Her wine! Eveanna sits High upon Her Throne and snaps Her fingers! That is crissy's que to begin her task of lick-shining Eveanna's expensive High-Heel shoes! After being on her knees all day, slithering around, scrubbing the floors in Eveanna's mansion, this is just a break from her chore! Eveanna places the leash and collar around crissy's neck. She then looks down at crissy with contempt! "Get busy trash!" She shouts! crissy begins her lowly job of licking the dirt and filth from Eveanna's shoes! crissy also knows that she will be giving Eveanna a good foot massage with her tongue as well! Plus sucking the toes of the Latin/Hispanic Amazon as well!! As crissy begins to clean Eveanna's shoes, Eveanna shouts down at her, "Do a good job bootlicker and I will toss scraps to you tonight!" crissy begins licking quickly.....
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Crissy has clearly been doing menial and undesirable labor all day, still, despite her grunginess, she is very hot in her little pink panties. Maybe once Eveanna is done with her for the evening, as a reward Crissy can be pulled along on her leash by a guest, behind a service shed on the estate grounds, or perhaps into a service tunnel to the wine cellars. Time for a sweaty and passionate fuck with the dirty little blonde bitch.