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Adore Me By Alluringvisions


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A Most WONDERFUL Work from my New Friend AlluringVisions !!! I asked Him if He could do a work based on one of His works that He had in His gallery! WOW!!! This what He did!!! He also gave me permission to share this with You in my gallery! Please, Please, visit AlluringVisions for MORE of His Amazing Art!!! THANK YOU AlluringVisions !!! You are truly AMAZING!!! LOve, crissy... 

                                                                             Arinna The Sorceress and Her Throne slave

     The High Sorceress, Arinna, sat upon Her Throne. Down below Her, on hands and knees, Her defeated enemy crissy, licked Her feet. Once a powerful Witch known as Crissandrea, she had tried to take Arinna's powers and over-throw Her as Queen! But much to her underestimation of Arinna she was soundly defeated in a battle of magical powers! 
     Arinna was much more powerful and defeated Crissandrea in a hour long battle! She then drained all of Crissandrea's powers and took possession of them! Arinna had done this to other Witches, Sorceresses, Amazons, or any other Woman or Man that dared to try to challenge Her Rule! 
     Most of the time Arinna would destroy Her enemies, but this time She had a better idea. Why not keep Crissandrea as Her slave? After She defeated Crissandrea, She ripped off her gown and cut off her long blonde hair, one of Crissandrea's last sources of power. She then had her taken to the dungeon under Her castle. 
     Day after Day. Night after Night. crissy, as she was now called, was subjected to horrible tortures and whippings by Arinna's strong, muscular Amazon Guards! Arinna would sometimes go and watch Her enemy being beaten and laugh at her! As crissy was suffering in pain, Arinna said to her, "Well, you are nothing now, bitch, I can end your suffering if you chose"! 
     crissy, chained to the cold stone wall on her knees looked up at Arinna in pain and stuttered out weakly, "Y,y,yesssss, uh,uh, p,please, I,I, w,will d,d,do anything, uh,uh, p,please, I,I, b,beg"! Arinna threw back Her head and laughed loudly. "That's what I want to hear"! "You begging Me"! "Once you said that you were going to take MY powers and Throne"! "Remember"? "Then you boasted that you were going to have ME licking your feet and serving as your footstool"! Then crissy bowed her head, she regretted what she said now.
     Arrinna then said to the Amazon Guard, "Bring her to My Throne, I will be waiting"! She then looked down at crissy, now filthy and scrawny, a shadow of what she used to be. "Yes, I will be sitting upon the Throne"! "You will crawl to ME, and kneel before ME"! She then turned and walked out of the dank, dark room.
     Arinna went up to the Throne room and then sat on Her Throne. She smiled as She crossed Her legs. A few minutes later, the Amazon Guard came in, holding the end of a chain with crissy crawling on her hands and knees, attached to the other end around her neck. They got to the steps of the Throne and crissy then bowed down low on the floor, kow-towing before Arinna! 
     Sitting high above crissy, Arinna then laughed. "Very good, slave"! "You seem like you won't be hard to train as the licker of MY feet"! She then said to the Guard, "Remove the chain, I don't think I'm going to need it with this little weakling"! The Guard then reached down and unlocked the chain and pulled it from crissy's neck. After that Arinna waved Her hand at the Guard, "You are dismissed"! She said. The Amazon then bowed and walked out of the Throne room. 
     Arinna then looked down at crissy, bowed before Her on the floor. She then shouted, "Crawl up here to the step just below MY Throne"! crissy then rose up and crawled up the steps and then got to the last step at the top and bowed down to the side of the Throne, just below Arinna's feet. Arinna then looked down at crissy, "Now up on your hands and knees"! crissy got up on her hands and knees. Arinna then thrust Her foot out in crissy's face. "Here, foot licker, clean the filth from the dungeon off of MY feet"! crissy then stuck out her tongue and began licking Arinna's big toe. 
     Arinna sat on Her Throne and smiled. She looked smugly at crissy as she licked Her foot. "Yes, foot slave girl, that feels good"! "Your tongue, washing the dirt from My feet"! "Make sure you clean them good"! "This is now your only purpose in life"! "Licking and cleaning the filth from My feet and serving as My Throne footstool"! Ainna then laughed loudly as crissy continued licking up the dirt from Her foot. She then snapped Her fingers and shouted, "Hurry Up, toe suck"! "I want My feet cleaned and then I want to prop them up on you and relax"! crissy then quickly began licking Arinna's foot, slobbering, and sucking off the dirt. She then thought to her self, "I once was a powerful witch, now I'm nothing but my enemy's foot slave"! "This is now my miserable life!!! 
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