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Amber Heard - Header #05 by twnchest Amber Heard - Header #05 :icontwnchest:twnchest 2 0 Little Mix - Coppermine Theme #02 by twnchest Little Mix - Coppermine Theme #02 :icontwnchest:twnchest 3 0 Little Mix - Wordpress Theme #02 by twnchest Little Mix - Wordpress Theme #02 :icontwnchest:twnchest 2 0 Super Junior - Header #05 by twnchest Super Junior - Header #05 :icontwnchest:twnchest 4 0 Smoke and Fire by twnchest Smoke and Fire :icontwnchest:twnchest 1 0 After School - Facebook Headers 2014 by twnchest After School - Facebook Headers 2014 :icontwnchest:twnchest 1 0 Scarlett Johansson - Header #04 by twnchest Scarlett Johansson - Header #04 :icontwnchest:twnchest 0 0 Doctor Who - Header #03 by twnchest Doctor Who - Header #03 :icontwnchest:twnchest 0 0 Scarlett Johansson Brasil - The 2nd Version by twnchest Scarlett Johansson Brasil - The 2nd Version :icontwnchest:twnchest 2 0 Scarlett Johansson Brasil Gallery - 2nd Version by twnchest Scarlett Johansson Brasil Gallery - 2nd Version :icontwnchest:twnchest 2 0 Scarlett Johansson Brasil - The 1st Version by twnchest Scarlett Johansson Brasil - The 1st Version :icontwnchest:twnchest 1 0 Scarlett Johansson Brasil Gallery - 1st Version by twnchest Scarlett Johansson Brasil Gallery - 1st Version :icontwnchest:twnchest 0 0 Amber Heard - Wordpress Theme #01 by twnchest Amber Heard - Wordpress Theme #01 :icontwnchest:twnchest 1 0 Cosmic Girls / WJSN - Header #02 by twnchest Cosmic Girls / WJSN - Header #02 :icontwnchest:twnchest 1 0 TWICE - Header #01 by twnchest TWICE - Header #01 :icontwnchest:twnchest 0 2 The Moon by twnchest The Moon :icontwnchest:twnchest 3 6


LovinoxReader: Morning Distractions
Lovino groaned groggily as he buried his face into the warm and velvety crook of his companion's neck. He could feel the warm golden rays of sunshine hitting his bare torso, signaling it was morning and time to get up, yet he had no desire to do so whatsoever.
His arms tightened their hold on the woman curled up before him, your smaller frame molding perfectly against his. Cracking his eyes open slowly, his gaze roamed over your smooth skin that glowed in the morning light, and he smiled as he felt your deep and rhythmic breathing.
Sitting up slowly, he propped himself up on his elbow, resting the side of his face in his hand as a gentle smile graced his lips as he watched you sleep. His fingers ran lightly against your cheek carefully before he brushed some hair from your face, causing a small crease to form between your brows. He couldn't help but grin at the sight, continuing to stare at your slumbering form as he ran his fingertips over your shoulder and down your arm. When you shi
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 899 329
I AM LOCKED - EnglandxReader
Given the circumstances, being woken up by the sounds of an electric guitar -maybe, you weren't terribly knowledgeable with these things- violins, and a piano, all playing together in a not unpleasant, but not exactly pleasant melody was a bit of a shock.
The circumstances, of course, being that the only logical explanation for this noise was your dear friend, Arthur Kirkland, had woken up. Not too surprising on its own, except for the fact that anything louder than a whisper should be murder to Arthur's head right now.
Arthur had once again overdone it with drinking, and you had taken it upon yourself to bring him home. It was foolish, really, and a bit creepy, but you'd talked yourself into it with shallow reasoning. Your house is much closer. He lives alone; what if something happens to him and no one's there to help? He'll appreciate the gesture. Maybe he'll...
You tried to not let your thoughts wander there.
The noise didn't last long, about long enough for him to have foun
:iconkushamisaru:kushamisaru 412 209
Tsundere Duo by Hokorippen Tsundere Duo :iconhokorippen:Hokorippen 291 26
Just Shut Up and Sleep With Me - Romano x Reader
"LOVINO ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!" You groaned as you left the Italian another voicemail. You locked your cellphone and tossed yourself onto your bed. Grabbing the nearest plushie and hugging it towards your chest, you stared up at the ceiling and let out a long sigh.
You squinted your eyes against the sun's harsh ways peeking through your bedroom window. Stumbling out of bed, you tugged on the curtains, hoping that it would make your room a little cooler. Waving a hand to fan yourself, you let out another groan of despair. It was summer, your air conditioning wasn't working, you forgot to pay for your internet so your wi-fi wasn't running either, there weren't any food in the kitchen to snack on, your stubborn Italian boyfriend wasn't answering your calls, and more importantly…
You were just about to pull a prank on Gilbert until som
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 756 195
Loved Her First Prussia X Reader X Romano
I watched my best friend Gilbert stop and watch a girl walk by. He sighed, happily watching the way she talked to the person beside her. I looked at him, feeling a dull ache somewhere in my stomach. Again he watched her, and again I’m the only one seems to notice. I let my sadness cloud my expression for a moment then I shook it off walking up to him with confidence.
“Hey Gilbert,” I smiled at him
“Oh! Hey (Name)!” Gilbert grinned at me.
“So, you were being a stalker again,” I pointed out a small smirk playing on my face.
“Ah…You noticed…” He blushed and scratched the back of his head.
“Always do, always will,” I muttered
“What was that?”
“Nothing~~!” I sang and walked past him.
“You said something! You did!”
“No I didn’t what are you talking about?”
“Come on! What was it? Tell the awesome me!”
“Noope~~~” I laughed
:iconsakura-ex:Sakura-Ex 119 39
Magic Trio by Hokorippen Magic Trio :iconhokorippen:Hokorippen 674 46 Happy Birthday England! by Usa-Ji Happy Birthday England! :iconusa-ji:Usa-Ji 278 84 aph (chibi) Den+Nor by 10-shiki aph (chibi) Den+Nor :icon10-shiki:10-shiki 277 32 APH - Linger by chigoplush APH - Linger :iconchigoplush:chigoplush 173 35 Video Player Template By Kookpastel by seokjingguk Video Player Template By Kookpastel :iconseokjingguk:seokjingguk 134 2 Nymph 3 by Mirish Nymph 3 :iconmirish:Mirish 6,343 383 Ravens problem by Picolo-kun Ravens problem :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 12,868 244 It follows by Picolo-kun It follows :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 15,511 217 90's kids by Picolo-kun 90's kids :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 19,087 344 Sigyn, Goddess and Wife of Loki by ofSkySociety Sigyn, Goddess and Wife of Loki :iconofskysociety:ofSkySociety 6,609 193 Moon Girl by DAV-19 Moon Girl :icondav-19:DAV-19 8,404 414


Tunara Filiar
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☆ 𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐎: Layouts para as plataformas wordpress e coppermine / headers / banners / design para redes sociais / entre outros...

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