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:icontwkd:TWKD posted a status
Why can't you pretend? Serendipity isn't superstition. Why aren't we meant to be like the things we can't prove we attained by merit? What's wrong with questionable statements, or rhetorical questions? You have only one head. It isn't responsible for a naive decision but is for omitting one good thing you could have thought given your experience. We all agree that much of your life you hardly one. Breathe and hold hands with an invisible friend, and mourn the incarnation of your imaginary best one. It's not fun to suffer without it, this thing I hear gurgle to the surface of my heart. I know it's there where I keep love in the ballpark even if the lights are off and the other team won. What a loss to believe anything disappears. What a defeat to consider myself worthy of the way I am let alone what I'll become. Self-love is a dangerous prism without which we would not see the colors separated but with which we avoid the sky taking its toll like anyone would at the range we happen to be at with the solar eclipsing sun of a gun. I want there to be knowledge. I am in love. I can't help but wonder. Keeping myself from thinking is a thought process and I'm gone so I finish. Done.

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