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:icontwkd:TWKD posted a status
Just me on that hill over
That way
Just me for clarity and for all the fucking sake of all of that noise

Goodness' good stakes to you too you folk
I'm trying to bake for you right here
Forgive my fuming up in here
In the open space known as terrestrial
Extra queso plate plus what you would sometimes pay the boutique beauty waiting your table in a corner like a vase
For doing you
If I put her right on my trophy pedestal she cannot break
Can she now
I said, can't she never
And my single most
And most vitalist thought is then marveled for greatness as though she went missing among many perfumed pages of the soliloquy I timidly call mine as though it's from me
Not mine

Let alone tragedy's own actually significant and likely fate
By myself I pray

Let us pray

4 different colors must be in the balls coloring colored smoke bombballs to the point of droppimg out of community college thinking they are in art school like pinballs bounce like opinions people at the shop talk of about civil disunity and probably my nuts and cherry tree
Poetry sometimes
In this scary shit city
From my left hand holding in full a whole house nextdoor to the Monkey's pause and the effective glance the dealer gave me when he said
"That's why we dealers are going to destroy our fear of government and at least burn to ourselves our THC leaf"
That might not be me
Maybe just wisdom foolish in its placement like a TV under a Christmas tree
The torch we made
No tiki
Just in the old jacuzzi our old neighbor Wrathe had
And at an NHL brawl he proved he could break the ice with less than a sneeze
Just all rights and sort of a padded knee
Pucker up and lose a tooth
My worst fight was just concrete and some ass' fault that I beat him blue and black like contract ink
Sign this prick
After I knock you off your feet like your friends at a track meet when they run when they planned on
I improve the piece
I left but it stayed
You'd die and we'd feast

Bitch woman
I wouldn't choke if I asked you to a date in front of your man
That's how you know
Exactly how much I hate
That I ask too many questions
And still
Sweep up these bitches off their feet and into a ashtray
Like a Good Sam's daily feat of mediocrity
Spinning gold into cinnamon sticks suites me great
I mean fine like a grate
Grating gold and cheese
And rating me requires a telescope
I'm off the grade school charts
I'm on to higher gigs
So busy
With my pork and hotcross buns
To even spot a difference right there near damn Warhol's fucked up Can above your kitchen sinks
In the fucking lawnmower I might just keep turning you on
Until that thing above her thinks
I see red I break and green is like the jealousy that makes you meek
Inherit this town
And plant it like a seed of a brainstorm for ways to profit from psychiatry
And I
Do it all
Sing along
Fucking ball
On your sprinkler and desert your lawn back to the Hahn parking lot
Shun my desire
My knowledge
My character a shtick
Two bricks with some laws written on it through my panes of glass
And the pain of being a fucking freak
I am going to bed
Just sweep me under a rug
Saying whispers are awkward with pursed lips and just using their tongue
People talk
Jus' how it is
They honk for us
We don't pack fat gats
With me I give two jackpots if I get shit for being vital and unclean and clean but filthy
But the boys would drum along
Were my Tommy Guns to croon
My platoon might pop a tic tac and sing
Smear the paste across the universe
I'm higher than sonically disordered
In the desert 51
Near the government and zero occupancy
Math and meth are conspiracy
It's in your head like I speak

And smoking my new all new factory spat stainless steel vape e-liquid holding pencil of another burnt rise to fame
I'm like burnt up dried-ass leaf leaving for a pipedream someday when you just said that you would be pissed if pot couldn't stay in place
Without an outsider's perspective
All peepholes stay safe?
We can let down the gate?
The wench and wren cage Satan but she thinks he's someone who came to save her from the knave
Popper corny and less knightly honesty just home for the night and like a jester then away
Hiding like her
Her from shame
Without the colors I dismissively paint on my right index and name
Did I mean your face?
I like you there
So please darling
I'm seeming earnestly and improving at "the face" that says nice things without lying and inside quieting meditative snarling in the brain's native race

For you, Jake

Look Jesus
No breaking while on the cliffs of Nazareth
Eating grain and grapes
Scoring the talisman
Who needs good grace anyways
Gold and fellow men dancing like I will tell them to tell themselves well then when I turn
From a genuine
Gwen, pecking coldly at them and their ignominious carelessness
Willing snakes
Willing yet they still betray and I mean it
Obey me like a wishing well takes change instead of debit and call it a day after 12 am on a Mormon holiday
As they say
There's no breaking some pen in sentences
And there must be bank in smiling in your pelvis

Look Pa
No man

No man
Man oh man my man
You've had a few too surrealist grasps of a past spent on a present for a homeless man who died of an enlarged heart
Since that message you wrapped like a mummy or a blessing
That he received
But there is a reception at a future ex-wedding
On its first anniversary
And I
He has no mentioning of so many imagined caresses behind one-way glass set-up for an extended insurrection of a search engine hence suspecting of witty expressions from my lips like bandaids and my usual sense for the neurotic of half to most our population
You and my half-hearted
"Congrats" and your congratulations printed out pre-signed from the hard knock death
Of a school in the middle of mundane mayhem you had graduated from with a Purple Heart attached to the gown I would have wore at graduation's last witchy hum-along
Ceremony playing
When I shoot you guess what root the word and the gardener dug
I mean, what root it'd be of
I waited at a sky
Looking for a destination on the light shining off objects that seemed better not to waste my time meditating on but somehow still super awesome
I'm doubly dating you to blossom on a clover four-leafed on fire and frozen placed near a campus' formulaic shrine like wall-shrine pasted in heated moments with photo mementos
Tides of tearduct-borne sightlessness

Dying for a pass while being only so so far shy of too many big deals away from something great enough to change the whole faculty departments' stationed places under caldrons but even when not bathed in while still sat hot in, in a bath of spice the people congregate
Some sage for the ghost of holy rage
While accumulated death reveals its Accusing infinite supply of iniquities in folk to of dry Christmas trees burning like Hell for off-season plot burn constantly for me in this damnable jostling and most fine of cheap jokes
And near-hoax
Witchy sensations finding a pretty optimistic seance
Pace a statistically relevant haste
No change or chase

That's emotion for you to relate to like a farmer' sons pallet filled like a dinner plate with your old friends atop it
No autopsy taked

Give that layer of the cake
I hand her cardboard
And even she takes
Oh says I, so now she shakes
Now the she's my wife and therefore my left arm
And surly right leg
Two candles join before
Well, you must see the outtakes
She is a saint burnt at the stake
Saved her boys but left your ass for the demon's of victory and humility to snake and snappingly take you to
"Other" other place
Coughs up whore tastes and spits lukewarm blond and
Do I mean blonde dates
I mean "blind"
Ducking dates
Utterly relate herbivore with a cosmic blank in her bumpy brain to thank
Handsome and fallible but for her smile
Alive but sedate
Like grass
Not tiles
Back to the blueprinter for this scape
Spread about as deeply collapsed as her cash is sat back against my taxing her
Not relaxing or resting on a payroll
But I guess that is reads me still here today like paper boxes we coin-operate
Hey hey hey
My last day working over sweating brows
Never under anxiety's sweat pouring from people so fishy that they would make average trout
In their riverbed depths of debt shadowed murky and abridged like a novel from chucked up pews couched skiing writing fighting clubs like pulling an ace of spades
That's that much I guess to astutely doubt unwillingly about as to your life and it's hidden beeping articulated properly as messages of a maniac pretending to know Morse code
I'm just saying
Everyone is always and always will always be late

You believe you love so you became a believer of that
Stopped the movement of your opinionated vowels
Bowels and they erupt
I am saying you are full of crap, lawmakers
And that is that
Our attorneys waste precious time that they'd rather be playing with their kids and a pigskin
Not skinning living pigs
And not them and not I want to kill my well-bought time explaining to a spawn of Satan
That I'll you signed for is just basically saying, "behave!"
This is my honorary and deep sleep
I, movement
And honesty anarchistic quote-ending
Excuse me) "state"
That states my full house
Name in invisible ink to anyone besides God
And Leonard Da Vinci
Not "gold" hearts ruling
But call them pigs out for going Hamlet
You sir are dead meat
No sandwich
In fact no pun or bun from whence henceforth you shall be

Law of the prophets states, quotably sure
To love your nextdoor bombshell too
That "milf" as those kids who got A's say
Did it itself say just don't bang?
Or was that just on my mind
To duck when I sucked at shooting way back on the day
And shot my boss and the rest of the oldboy's gang
Shooting those rich plump duck substitutes
No decoys to erase
Or marks to paint over in blood and call it a Fri-day
After rafting then there was rivieras in streamed web gifs
Many many's regarding your
Past pending pretending operating under pretense instead of someday dying meaning death knocking and you already being out the door for your last breath so not there for the taking
You would answer
And then like the end takes its time
It weighs a ton to get in my veins
In that don 't call these cheeks a blush or their boss a dealer of heroine and other heavily euphoric drugs so that you can knot my legs up and your fingers with your eyes folded and two skinny fingers crossed like a school bus
Please don't limp
Oh, will be famous doing it
While pogo-ing I'll yell a bunch
Bouncing into retirement like a pogo contest
But with a crutch
I smoke as well, literally
And I put ribbons through some unforgiving girl's spokes
And that's a popular secret
That we are afraid to long for touch
Under our belly buttons but not to close to our stuff
Fake giveaways of junk
Lemonade spike like punch
Speak now of sojourning
Bite through a flat wax record of a band that broke up
And wether it is from school or country colors in the winter must keep from melting like my selfishness and icing on the cake we keep on the roof of where we meet up for second cup of coffee
Adultery and sleep
Coughing up the baggage weighing our chest down like tits
Padded like a cell but not a phonetic contact
All swinging like swings on trees
Not like impeached apples or contracts with the extracurricular yet articulate bunch of hardcore kids joking tags in 2006
Always a step up from seats on a bus from a silent knife holdup with an old friend you still haven't lifted your eye to see
Me and still I am, me could you ever even believe without seeing
I fall to my death playing
Just like I was already
Always was just me
It's just the loss of frost that would freak me the fuck out on a day so extraordinary in heat
Of relaxing
Relaxation violently fashioning soap from marble human being
A cleaner creation though all the more so fleeting
No bed springing
Your not even near me
I have a deli full of condiments and dressings
Unveil the princess and behead the queen
I'm on a zoomed in screen shot memory of a videos I still can't complete
Too damn frightening for still feet just twisting and smelling in the front row of Get In

Of that and my book's thinnest pages
About my secrets and forgotten girly looks at girls looking at the river image of me looking through the nooks and crannies of my ancestry
All the way through the bolt locking me in an attic
Or basement depending on what analogy I please
And how it hurts to bury her with her jewelry
She was so generous though
Wasn't she?!
Somehow consistently bound to stay now that the frost is dropped right off
Yes, hella drive in your life instead of me getting phony and then join canaries
Depending on your life and what all that while
alcohol blood level of your section
be really supergreat hands and a robbery planned
Just get away

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