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I’m listening
I wish it wasn’t enough app by itself and that I couldn’t move into improved quarters of the same halfway house valued for its recovery
I lost a soul
All souls
To cut to the chase takes an intuitive spitting image that will mirror himself just to take that mirror for a window and draw curtains on it to turn and lay and feel the comfort of being stalked by such a handsome devil
I’m come to destroy my old man and his little to do with what I’ve yet to have the opportunity to draw like drawn sword or drawn out goodbye and possibly cardiograph-line-like signature for a new type of name
I hamper the oils in me only to school the kids for their attention like magicians number one rule of profession
I am letting go the long tail
I’m holding on the holster that digs its leathery foot in my tender rib less side like a cowboy came here to put order in the place of a rich man bound for a coal mine
I’m going to die by the pen if I get any stronger than I can at the moment
I wasn’t meant to make it passed the ruptured appendix let alone overdoses one through twenty and now with the glass and blood I have all reason to believe that I am only good my to say this one last thing
Thing is that I am meant to put a hint of light on day
Supposed to have stayed
I’m down overstuffed so take away the strut and all spirits suggesting “listen in”

I give an ear to the ground not for the herd but for the voices that have been denied for being truth and they had brought my flowers grays

Have a moment to the club and all it took was a turn to walk about but a turn would be to walk away if I had not given play to the shooting faces asking play of me

I listen to me too carefully and I leave above alone in hours sounding more hypnotic than active in spiritual little and near-none helping handyman custom verses chorus of angelic practice

Come a little closer to the soul that would shout out your name or you’ll find the sunset one colorful dentist chair ceiling poster back rub during vomiting in the porcelain that you usually use to excuse me and scrub when anxious about company

I wish to like all I twitch at like I want the wink back but it’s really reality that signals in blinking spasms clearing the membrane from the specter so we can see we are wrong in the first so why not deplete the resource and invent a way in society for society to become an actually and not theorem while we dead end the opposite of us and it’s a material thing singular and infinitesimal while pulsing from the radiation we inflict on the distant as I declare the norm won
Wiring untiringly tiring and not tying
For the sake of insane repetitive efforts know to result all in dying
I remain the same things
Ignoring voices telling my ego that I’m fractured appealing to my sense of wanting finality and conclusion
Truth is attempted suicide no voice can really talk about as I have it guarded to the shine and truth is not talk, just not
We can mess up for ourselves and others that we at one point felt we could never be that way to being so loyal in our steady ventricle tickling ourselves smothering pain
Then came our own turn to get manipulated and lied to and deformed when we were going through the molding and sculpting only loved ones had hands on and they squeezed and pulled and poked and scraped when we needed thorough fairness
Like a a dream and not reality
Like a book or movie and not the way it feels to feel it all over again and I’m sure
I’m over and again I’m sure but nothing stays the same so I remain in my place
Enough change and silhouetted dark events
Odds are you have found a certified way around being welcomed to my comfort zone which is melded to most of my friends
Head counts don’t count twinkling or spontaneous expression of synthesis of nature to make this to go horribly for you and peachy all day for me
Now back in the day is dead but not like our friends
It is no longer anything or this isn’t now but back in the day and were we not so alive to the fullest extent of our growing!
Now what?
Love God and find it natural to do so considering everything that has ever bound and tortured you in any way was against the warm pillow and sleepyhead needing a nearly guaranteed full night’s rest
Full of evil
Demons give themselves away out of stupidity
So glare and smile with an intelligence grave and mighty like your Dad
We weren’t through
Today, December 22
I'm blundered
Blame is sophisticated compared to my worn out throat
Plummeted down mallets sound like stones thrown before a target threatens their throne
Scorn is questionable this late in my twenties
I'd appease a vocalized spirit with or without a shopping list and wish I had enough wit to discern with my stumped brain
Wit enough to break the bank on stuff
But first to buckle in and knuckle up to play the part of a drive by sucker punched and get paid to decline toughening for the sensitive to bite its tongue
I would rain
But I'm in disguise as painful and reclined
Card to pull being wildly declined and I can still remember childhood after all it did without a wing as to flying
Eager to break free of a lost cause on pause without a hint of doubt unscreened and positively amazing
Nurses my wound
Like it is the only thing I have on
But I'd dream this imagery to time and space without drum rolls lest violins to wake me beyond regaining my stomping striding across the high beam
Lightning striking against a waterfall
Little confidence left so I brace myself against anonymous walls
Say all
Say all
Say all
I use paint these curbs neglect
Trust you tired but won't attend
The truth is writer's Know words

But can I spill some paint on our ever-turning shapeless
Body masses to just deface all this as much as I can?
A pen
Moving right on is affirmative fair play but be aware a fight is on
Was off by the way

In my defense
I'm meaning less

Hungry for a hug at best
Better, money
Worse, death, friends

We all got me
So very muchdispelling  

When I cannot realize

What I cannot find

Will all be so little
I need my place
I twiddle through a single file line

I'm always in the mean, mean middle
I attach to signs and symbols

Letters lead the pack in which I play fight

I do not mingle
Mangling lines to get the feel feel

There is one definitively
But I haven't even seen
The ceiling but I like how these walls are see-through

Pained by the air that evades my brain but invades my nostrils

I pour the twinkle inside my eyes upside down
My body sulks down
I read aloud the grotesque parts
Of a lingering respiratory question marked as liable for a trash pile

Pine trees

All I need is something I'm not sure of needing or wanting

Desire gets through my legs and it runs

Once bit me
So put the book of my pinching thumb and index finger's sort of torture
Along side your own whoever it may be that told you to


I've cut out my eyes to watch impurity bleed

Cut off my legs to start running in place

I guess minding the rules has me playing the game
I'd accredit to the powers that'll be if I may just look through their facing off against my impoverishment sprees

Name your conscience

Lead myself to an empty apartment
Saw me in it in daydreams
Back to the surface with eyes open or closed now either way I stay seasonally
Eagerly loping through the single truth teething at the very doubt of you
I just might as well
Fucking sneeze
Thank you

In a shuffle through I figure I will arrive in time for a picture with a family of mine you are not invited to issue any vainglory slips into

I'm survived by late generations
I'm all I cannot sleep on like pavement
So I am wrong

A royalty with no tower might as well overdress themselves in burlap for a relapse in some basement

Caught a look and changed it with a blink and wince
Cringes peeling paint from buffed collages made for a passing greatness
Maintaining city standards will delegate to the nauseous much patience
I rot in a full fingernail preservation as to my sarcophagus relics
But I will dare glaze over at more than will see me on media painted splattered

Persevering nursing counts
I am a lot more like my vocal ventilation than words I use for my father's taste which doesn't sound like anger to me
Lay me under the table before the earthquake
I rate and ramble and I'll quote throwing in quotations  
I set a fire to memories that test out people who have something to supposedly show
It plays a game of cards

Show me them all before I cut my bet
Stars die too
So get on the horse and fall off when it wants less direct appreciation and flatter yourself
Not "to" death

I end up spurring too deep harshly beating feeling my heart eat at my complete satisfaction
Sensation obeys all other laws of attraction besides the spirit who has gone on
When subtracted my total amounts add to the bookshelf and mattresses I sleep on
Dressed and quarreling with my nightstand and all the clothes
Computer with posters exposing art working like prose or like an empty theater does after the last show
My things wish they would decompose
And I don't think
I care a bit and still bite a little to leave you something that you click with to tell us all not a damn
It is stranger where angels don't fear to tread
Mystical mysterium
Right here
Sprinting sprout and groaning bud
Wishing well and actually giving a fuck
All dwell who end well enough alone
I cheapen the red carpet flying around Hollywood
Quiet sounds stick voodoo needles up the wavering arms of my peripheral imaginary friendly visuals
Hit to the throat
Fuck normal when this is war reminded by the flag caught on its own tread
And end it won't by piece
I've heard of sight for eyes
Imagine yourself naked tangled in a grapevine
The coke stayed in straight lines while I kept my brights on not knowing how to work the fog ones at sunrise that was brighter than I
Still gray like the in between white lies and conspiracy
Or heresy about mirroring
Visibly excitable I play target for your archery team but was picked first at least once in a lifetime to tell what kids about
The world has done a bit of running itself to death
The revolution in rotation is the only jukebox song the thing has left
Native air can make a sane man lose their breath
And if I call a tail or head I better know that luck is certainly the one winning peace over prized leaps finishes last

You said something indifference would reflect
I put my whole self
Passed you starboard so stick to my left
Behind the keys are angles and rings
Beats and bumps in the night to scream someone forgot their bedtime tea and that verbal abuse is when that echoing left-brain doesn't escalate to something to resolve too late for sleeping on a curtain
Head resting on logic like when I turned the year over to another track list and backlash snapping goosenecks who want more gore and less static am

When did I lose you?
Fast is a past tense enough to draw this up to think we should fear
Appeal to with the energy it takes to be anywhere burning off subordination arrogant as a person one to admit that shame is all he wants to talk about
Pound or slam into the shape of a hand pounding a foot with so many ways to stay put it is as it is an issue
Therapist on the frontal lobby magazine
Patient under ziplock without the right medicine
I take to your gift
You are alive and I bet my ass and bottom dollar on that
But when will I get my reception of a tact that holds up globes with inventions to keep secret and beat through tree stumps just to avoid the confession of knowing something only referenced in relation to my brain with its spoken relevance
I hear voices
I noiselessly turn into the monster I was bewared about long before time was so many steps to lose count of so naively

Put me back in
Put on a face of deliberation
Force me to live the life I lost
I don't need or want it
But it is ours after all and before this wallpapering of problems
I need this hobby
Write the right words and make sure they are read sloppy by mixing in minced verbs coughing out truth so at least the author will find something
In it
To undercuff from me and run for it
I turned 
I turned out
Turned patience colder
Than I am
Willing to turn myself into
To Hell flaming in hot heater best kept just me
Myself and me
Me myself
I hope someone with worse blindness and weaker takes the lead
What I do today
Wrong always but indeed worthy of the wrong words in my ears 
Always telling I speak off bliss and that I ramp up dearer than a baby's cheer

Worth your pride in its white lie ethos
Worth all the pride of a loyal dog's bite
His hands with long leash don't move me

Now I'm unliving
And I'm undoing, feeling

I can't decide what to wring first
My thoughts fraying voicing it for you to trace back to find
A set of my blanks
Shots filled spilled dumped to the ground or me filled
Filled with absolutely anything so long as someone heard my pleading 

Shots out

You are the only one I talk about in my singing voice
Except for myself indeed
Learn me melodically vocalizing mellow drowning in woe ousting me under the sink and through to deep

From far too high off worldly being and far deeper still than air can grace
Earth isn't what we all will leave 
We leave fingerprints as benign as can be 
Sigh through the spurting leaking oils spilled on the surface 
Underneath is my line of thought about sureness
Straight and drawing beneath
Drawing asunder
Sit back
Sit, back to old times and lunge into your more delicate side
Like we sit back when they blew out 
I used to say interesting contribution to conversations
Like we used to when we gave two ears and cared
We once did remember what we used to think
Just can't be in skin any longer than I can read into footprints as though the location was the key
Instructor's facing crowds get cold I hope
But it is not for me anymore to be the first heart to leap
Parachuting I am nothing I wanted to be when it was right in this drawer
I haven't written a book
I wrote more analogies than apologies 
I am an animal with a patent pending
Imagining it isn't anything special when I'm writing it for a creep into crates
Downpour thieving me of the blithe that would just make me sad after the fact
Get sick and complicate things
What a binge we thrust our fingers into like drooping eyes of a giant waste of space and pain
Leaves and rooted blight pulling out straw baring teeth with pliers yanking on three
I run into the ground tonight 
To the wires with someone who isn't promising shit
My boy would have the world at a standstill until he saw I could stand on my own two feet
Because if it's you inside this wall I won't knock to find out how to leave
Won't leave your dead body 
Over mine even if in that case that is exactly what it shall be

I'm hungry and blind but I am offering all the hope I can heave
Beggar's remind that I hold a nothingness to heavy to be in forever
For a minute the clock changes the operator's tone on the receiving end
To death we deploy just as the man had said
So destroy the letter I burned into ash with a sigh
One that will account for the lack of mine
It isn't easy going to bed alive
And I'm over biting through the bullets just to find my own teeth
And over your brain I esteem my vanity linking your words to a scratchier timber than rusty sandpaper machines

And of all these hits remember me
Of the fist
It's me

And remember me
I try now that there are matters at hand
If I used a sign to keep me aligned
I wouldn't still be here where there are no signs that tell me life is life
I'm trying to count on my own wits and strengths like I have magnets under my skin that pull positive contact from the outside
Fear tells us we are weak when we are weakest
We tell the truth when we keep our secrets
I have a heart but I don't want it any longer than another pushing beat
Balance can't keep me from falling asleep
And when I am telling the world all about recovery it will have to be from the way I leave
I left three marks on my arm to prove I believe that I exist
That I miss people I thought were cool and looked up to and were careful with in my speech
The boys I told my dirt and trifling lyrics have a place on my list
List is a cold world where war became the norm and violence can't exist because there is too much sorrow to fight or resist
It isn't cool
The raid is always pouring on my apartment and I just moved in
Consolation is a myth like a fairytale or a great personality
When I lead people who need humility
I bind them to their own conscience and do my own thing
But my mind is never captive
I made sure in high school possibly through salivating over my own feeling of durations incoherently bumbling into my pillow to Satan making him hold me to never fitting in to reality or anything that had power I couldn't control
Well I better start now
Praying to use my hands to use my hands to pray
And here I am writing a journal online using illiterate reflex instead of become a saint
But it takes bravery and I have locks and rules I made up and keep more undyingly than promises and
I can't say much for my hopes or dreams
They have better than luck from where I stand
Or putts as I am
I need you
I need you so much
I lick my arms and I tear up leaves that fall on my shoes
I have nothing to abuse and I'm feeling great
I'm overdosing and about to go insane
I love like a slave who just can't stay in his master's house because he has been set free into the cold
I'm just pretending to know the world around me while the wind inside creates a momentum as we spoke
I am not awakening to silence and I'm not falling into serious setbacks
So I have only ideas
Who knows what will become of me besides fate
There was a knack and a heart attack and a pack of cigarettes I can't afford to stay away from at a glance
But it was just the Hell I'm liking the sound of these days
I want to sin and confess it for real
Never do it again and than when I do
I'll confess and never ever never do that act
There are many more of us than I assumed
I saw a multitude written all over the news
I'm a patient paranoiac with drugs in my ventilation and trickling through my brain cells
I knew I was who just wants out and a way to come back
Crumble.   Sing pretty harmonies for a chorus metaphor
suffering alone in bed on medicine
I am I am I am three times the man I used to take to the pit of snakes and nudge to show my interest in his vocalizing scales snakes slithering find beautifully strung and not harmonically sung running across his chest
What creep?

Journey man.   Story rap.  How does it push you off the edge?  Staring backwards at the footprints left.   That's how.  How am I another man?  My fellow is traveling.  And doesn't engender any sense of building in a tree
When I always have two broke man's hands to lift me down from where I stand financially

Laying down on a bed
Made up of needles going ahead and sowing me seamless
I'll be perfectly fine when this drug gets pissed off and leaves
Laying down on heaps of ironic feathers trying to nest until I break or fall dead into a basket of some couple's salami and cheese
I got another thing coming if I think I'll go ahead and lead
Laying my lines
My bare bones barely last a week when I graft them to vines
Laying head on whatever
I'm a layman dry like heathen pines on New Year's Day commemorating another glistening cavern of a 365 day excavated without none but echoes
And instead of finding payment for my effort
I am parented by these
American dollars or where they actually parents before they became paper that burns glowing with trust in a God who spoke very little about the necessities that warrant greed? Pop calling me hot
Strike me strictly with B's instead straight answers
Or A's
When I put my only names on your doors with spray paint since I question any teacher who won't question why not people
Why personnel I can retract my ADHD's last glance from and instead give authorization to the pick a lock with a key to successfully becoming sneaky
I'm another plank out of the public eye when I need a couch on which to drink on and a toilet in which to pee
On a ship that has no pirates except for file sharing human listenings
Left alone like an only child when the time comes for a week with the siblings
And the parenting we take for granted
Stops when they please
Like a neutral country between the land of gold and the land of guns
I will just stay here
And let you run along
You are way too sharp a tongue than that
Wit like on a Ninja foot on crack when I take that step up from where I would otherwise continue become a Turtle
I am uglier than anonymous intelligences saying things like I'm going to run and not plea for providence and a heart full of someone's peace
Please don't take another
Breaking my Mom's backpack open in history
I don't know where to begin sharpening my witticisms and putting pretty lies down the drain of the town tub and under the rug behind the city pub in my own personal alley
Dumpsters tagged up with nothing but the x's without intentions for kisses or hugs with innocence
I'm not three
Just how many spent their last breath breathing out a stench of staying silent when they should next time at least try to open the thing covering their teeth
And maybe even speak against replacing messages with massages having a rub with false American illusions claiming peaks where the people of America see mounds and golf clubs with he rich swinging for the hole in one
Instead of the whole of one people in a revolution letting them swing from trees
Guillotines in conscious valleys of warped country with tubs of mud
Just ask he kids
I am scratching at tickets and in for a chance to smoke a cig
And sigh because I at least used the penny
The one percent and still in the money system being taxed for the pleasure of
Dying without a diagnosed ease

I'm a son of a great mom
Who gave me everything
I waste it all and write it down
In rhyming dictionary kindling kindly playing kin to every other stranger playing free
I would rather have a cable holding my sheets
And a fireplace to throw the lesser poetic pages
Than have cable and a knack for normality
Some son gone through the worst humanity called for a toast in his pyrite crown without an amygdaloid underneath
And to choose plan A which would be die, plan B fight or plan C, run and make it look like you aren't even concerned about the way your skin leaves tracks on the path from your leaking sole-baring feet
I am not laughing last cackles at the craftsmen with spelling issues while waving sticks at their  two new shiny boots wearing patience on arms Armories from a distance
Look like armories
And bullets spitting can't stop stopwatches that will and can be used against me in a case linked to murder of half of my collection of records
Punk CD's with cases and sleeves
Heart and stigma calling for me to give up and say it's great being alone in a room or street redirecting spirits trafficking like hate between the lines
Speeding cars
Obituaries from the last living relative when they are in fact the ex-wife who hated everything and put the heated gun to his Lennon and said
"Happiness is peace"

Better to rust
Still much more likely to bust
Depending on the dress and location of the occasion and scene
Did a volcano make an island for humankind?
When it's rage towards our world of lies caused it to erupt?
Because I'm almost sick with feeling empty
And sick of Heaven sending me long-distance postage reminding me to write when I find out how to put a song on that won't make the party guests leave
I'm an Irish goodbye
Just weight for the top of the morning if you want a smile
I am playing along with every birdsong and eating seeds
Singin in the shower
Of torpedos hearing whales commit to charity just to be like none of the bloodsucking sharks
Who needs a casket when the mask fits and the shoe doesn't pass for a shoe at all
But mock a sin and call it a slip up
We rob acorns from squirrels and calmly gun into streams of something like salmon would swim in
Quite violent like aiming aquaticslly at squids' beaks sunken twice the depth of my biting a guardian angel for snoring in tongues while I try to freewrite bars and unlock my inner madman just to find it would have been like accordingly
To the plan of pleasing thee and putting the guards of the jail holding the believer in me to sleep easily
Enough to see who is the last to shun him and treat him like a date to an entirely different movie
Let alone the crowds rioting against the muni tent of their own life played fast before the power of a mental note rips in the notes they wrote in their memories in half like a corpus colosseum
Somewhere there is awe when a guy goes undone because he can't undo going bad
And writes a badass poetry fit
Like sneezing

Sent from my iPhoneYou Project Genius On The enemy by TWKD

I finally reach out for somebody

But receive an IV


I answer you second ring
Lest I join the circus


I left your fear out
Then exhibited my own nervousness


I sit an active cradle on the bar
Stoic barkeep asks for my removal


I fit my clothes
And I hid the crunching of my small candy canes


I need outside seating
If I plan on leading the train though exhausted already


I washed my hair for looks
Found them around the store amongst false positives


I lay rest to my whole head with one side on the pillow
I bite a little cold before seeing if you're still sick


I toss over my questions to the side I am not with
I knock just looking for an answer I cannot outwit


I said computer paper sits like waxy razorblades
I can sit here at the back in the corner


I cheer on those helpful spiritual forces
Walking alone around my house for miles

I place your post-it in my jacket's pocket
Your longhand on a heart that I like to imagine you still think beats too often

CCCCCCloses in, into my dry shoulder like the captain he is

.I will stop it, the love right back feeling.  I'm here for the best.

Consider the worst that could happen to your worst nightmare besides not having it.  And consider the worst of the meddlers looking for their crosses in the sand

I consider those better who don't swerve but curve.  Be your own authority.  

I forgot my ammunition, the immunity thoughts, so look for your intuition to be your own physician.  My cancerous indecision lost
                    on both ends a future glanced

a future passed, present coldly phased out from this hazy moment - tears through my application to a job of a grave rock wonderment.  Thunder went for groaning
                                                                  Thunder went but still turned out just whipping and still unraveling          Undergone, though understated when I funded my lifeline finding circles lacerating my passages
by the crumb paths of cumbersome investigation.  
                                                                   Elapse, you.  Tied to a
                                                                                     phone pole. and turning toward faxing taxing maxing inactive precautions.
A roundabout bonanza this just is for such a factual happening
Taxing to be a relevant person in a conspiracy against the man in the skin tighter than the brim of a cowboy's heart

Did I not say you found what you were hearing through that dark of dark?
I can't even complain
What a me of a world

Where there are words
Are battles even fought
Swords cut to grapple with
And pens sought to dig into enemy body

I can't whine now
Even there with the wringing of the earned
Our paper
What a life to give twice to break it back to charity
Never expense or that word

I just now made a plate so now sit me down
And please forgive us for our sinking into seats
Our fight was made lost
Our rings fought for us all

And the hate is a drain and the drain is clogged
I will put blood down for but the drops
Make hate for sin and feed my well-to-do scott-free
Hunting up late and tales to reason against
I have this at last
I'm what's next with sky to my back
I tried I did thusly:

I have a raccoon
His name is rhyme and reason

But there wasn't that que
A bell I suppose in the nose would do

I'm a man
Such as this end
Only funny since I was born
I would have watched it
Too few eyes
You ran through like parallels
The obvious answer is a complete question to me
So our us will never be
Had I not told you very soon after you auditioned that you moved West
In your brain the hunt attends the eyes on more people when I get into an alimunum room than they did for us
Sold signs ignoted when the day always gets a half-shift of a sunny day two too many snores and moans to die for come to life but quit

Sign out front of my enemies' houses
Names on petitions to get the Hell out
Of the truth
Fnny, but I thought it was I who were selling out
Your very sold out signature frankly
Funk gets coochies mouth's shut up to pleasure
The knife is emptier than Sunday
Withering salty shored road
Hope I see you too, where the roast begins to get better
Said like it hurt me on purpose like electric shock fence defending what-not's
Gowed and bagged for a round-trip flight to a terminal diagnostics finding
Your spell was eyes that stirred me
Coldrum home sweet salty home
Built my mole treat allowance
To this pleasure of landscaping
Of gardenening
Depending on my hunch red the rouletted stop times daydreamed up
By my genius and the focal me
Not a flaw in the perching raft accredited for the punctures popped into by these optics
Still unfrontable
Bears beat all fowl
So think high and let your heart go for once
I mean actually ounce
So trifold my two brains sane
Announcement papers just now sorted out
And come back when I'm bright eyes
And bushtails
Blind and almost cute enough to kill
For we as a whole
Was a cough on the tyrade cruciballism and nonexistent like gnarly exitence mood Tom hating hate set up potent rhythm

Lifting my mood and the ship souveneir stand
Like sitting under a
Syllable too mainly
Cubicle for showily spread arms
I am not conspiring to inspire
And that is definelty easy to say once
But again
You're all to much like me to be who I am myself
Posed to those executioning me
About lots of tears for them when they die
Unarmed and with pierces to weild
And also no lover's exchange
Then my ego owes you one
And all while tapping out codes borne profit from mystical sageplay
Thougth and Hemsmorthe
Last noun forged in water
To make a cold heat sound warmingly
Sensed a fork in the sentence
And I apologize a bitter way from happiness' dust even
I have flew and flown past you
Before you eer see light of a chance to get through to this age
And see

-Tom the Aching as Burning

Your not welcome in Hell done down here
Lift your head and crain your neck
The half-time just

More than the story but barely next to

The cast
So you can now surrender and submit
An application to my welfare and our homeshift
I said
I swear
Muttering imperatively questionable
On her lips like words
And not makeup
Not too much
Too polite
Break my hand
Burn my coat
And shave my head
We're the only guns in camp
The gunmen clap
Because I found a way finally to commune with voices
Breaking out in skin
Like whims of the wind turn this putrid laughing stock of deaf ears of corn and a lonely gift up for grabs
A selfish
Our last notes in all caps and acronymic in this sand
Beware of the Dog in That Threat

How it continues when I'm dead
Pleased to beg more for the objects I had pled for in my head vocal cords annoyed that they can't speak up against my head
I am in need and I mean in deep
And that need is rest so I can't sleep
Contented me to be without receipts just recipes that I can't seem to even give away up for grabs at crab and lobster feeds and wherever else it seems like I'd be able to get them off my hands
Beware of the dog of that threat
I passed the torch and the cigarette
My heart is fast so allow me to pass up on opportunities for sex
The moon was unusually slower than the pace at which I slept
Ans lowered heads can't lessen in their heart the death they can't accept
And that is to say very little considering the short supply that's left over
Not a lot to love about your pulse but at least have your address
I'm ignored when I'm in form
Take it as a handful of change
Informed the doctor that I am chemically war torn so he signed over his armories to the enemies
I did the same
I'm staying back on my grip grasping at words to shape my cracking mold
I'm only thinking about belonging
Nothing at home in me so I can't leave anything behind
I wanted a souvenir that had to do with where I am going so that I could form a mental picture of it then toss and catch up to it until I got myself back
I wanted to stay beside you but I have only walked out beside myself
I am so close to being in five states on hands and feet
These four limbs fail
They were square anyways
I walk on talk and choke talking to my own expense
Worked out the stains and spared no trace
The stains on my staircase could have all gotten me in last place
Nobody's spark lights a bigger flame
Losing at the war in the flat
It broke open and I can acknowledge the sound of cracking now
When I try to say gentilities I won't have to break character to ask what spilled out of my mouth
And by that I mean i have a screen
Polishing it daily at least and it has everything I want forever
Potential brand names for a fast beating branding iron
Patent pending but I'm selling
By that I mean we are broke of money and only a home can be something to the boys under the apple with arrows through them
I stay the same in a neat room with holes I have punched into the walls like lost astronauts
And peace won't be coming back so pass the torch and take a breath
That is all we'll get
I hope you can see I am a lot like how you are nothing like anyone else