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I Know I Know, Take Note by TWKD I Know I Know, Take Note by TWKD
With often assembled frames of thought
Maybe I think we're going to die to night
And if I'm tripping this is why
I got only get along with latitude and long to straighten up your spine
And I got a few things that mean a few things
I don't have enough appreciation for humor to find humanity is at loosening their ties to the default of being difficult
I know that rocking the boat may tip it over
This is not a fucking place to do so
Go to New Zealand if you want to be cool
My turn
And an asphalt broken over people's funny faults makes some eyes burn
Hurts in the abdominal when a joke echoes through curfew
Falling is so easy
That's why I do
Can't you see anything else?
Defeat, ring a bell honey
Or can you hear me?
Success beats win or lose
I am old news to you too?
Already left along the water and prayers with me devouring myself for nothing but continuing the plot of a secure cruel worshiping
Are the devils my
Never fucking mind, I know I don't like it when they speak about my life like I'm all ready to fight
Am I already dead?
No, you're confused!
You know that's not funny
But when will
I feel alike
Alive enough to say I love me
No matter what I feel I vomit
Dark days need curtains too dammit
And metaphors are pitched out when sunny afternoons vanish
And I love them out like that's what good guys say they do
I'm true
I apply a real cash dummy to my driver's side
Fools gold in with the mummies and the tools
Trunk full of skill saws, hammers and unmentionables
I spent my tools on talents and dug them up so rub my tummy or I'm sure to find the balance funky
Turn myself into a rock
I looked the snake lady in the face and they hissed upon her scoff
I'm not soft

I got time left enough
Fear isn't what we have at the end of the day
And this might be our last rough one
And we're too good to stay
The passing moment is a welcome mat
It will budge and budge and budge but you don't want to come inside
The wind can have our laugh
The fresh air contrasts with stale air and blood splatters match with rogue runners
Our words and will and love for that matter
Our wishes clash
Smack a snake head on a fountain or a liberty bell
Wish upon an ink splatter and say that all you see is the vocal authorization you'll need to get cash and plant some seed here and there if it is okay
You won't see what I have in 28
In 28 years outside rehab
Recovery like a stolen mac with a mouse pad
Front door of the house not locked, closed, or mistletoe hanging
And of no string attaching me to the foot of a hollow cabin just waiting for the rain to make a problem
I did lots of things
Nor solve them
Difference between a word and a plug socket
Is one doesn't mean shit and the other is how I charge this phone
I guess we're strung out like peas in a pod
High like wings of a pig family
Eternally true things stuck to the roof of my upper wrung in my new crew family
And my internal societal hierarchy based on what parts of me are to blame for me giving a fuck just beheaded the last man or woman who maintained sanity
I like me
Fuck it
I'll prosecute you back if you don't mind the burst of sanity
Sometimes a while lot fills with carts and cats and cars but what a close one is that
Gravity insisting we tend to our weight and be where we are at unless we pass the test of getting up and fighting off the devil sucking out our brain cells like capital punishment
I meant more or less everything before I found the secret digressed into reason and then into cleaning suburban hedges just to get through to your world
At the very sprouting I prune myself to tiny stumps
But I'm mortal and a lesson in hell
On earth leaves the quest without a quest mark or a map in a bottle
Let alone
An x
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