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The Honor of Dying Over Correct Pronunciations of
It tears a cloak off your skin
Not just take it from you like a bad friend
Mend the outpouring constant which lent us the skyline eventually stepped
All always so we can see it for what we did again and with reverent bends what allowed and just how we got out, oh!
If I stopped to live I would give anything for that
Woe, the secrets that pare my slim chances
Grief with the sizzling of soft dew on my dim lanterns
Boarded homes are these turned down calls to family members
I have only one left and this loft is a place for hiding
Skin and brain cells repentant not complacent but surrendered hurting only for a whole worry and a death then the rest up to Heaven
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Veronica and Jack 1988-2019
I have sniffed out the lilies and set ablaze the serpent middle beginning and ending prefaced with
     This is not a rock query or a solid answering machine but a retreat for resurrected (not resuscitated) people who need a space for artificially cloning their own bohemian sensitivities and
Morning dear writer
Follow me to the sea
We throw us off the side we fell off when we drove the night we died
Follow me to the maker we made a moment of my life forever through to get where we are at this edge
The edge of our sorrow and our woe
Pain and a way that’s too blame for lost souls too wide for the decisive and appealing for wavering legs
We wanted
We got what we did
We had all haunted
Hearts on bondage badge of bandages wishing well saved a hiccup from the captains lisp risk is the iceberg will melt in the next thousand years while we wait for our hands to take hold of the ropes as we push into the wind
Drive faster she said
She saw the bend ahead
The railroad sta
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You Know, It Was Like Night and Day for Him by TWKD You Know, It Was Like Night and Day for Him :icontwkd:TWKD 1 0
When I rolled up under restraining straps buckled under and up and clicked clean so I wouldn’t find myself a winner in a match against myself,
I ran a joke like popcorn on a string around some festering symbology that is diminished into a subconscious sludge more tarry than any mammoth could hold up in yet I am saying I survived
Writing I’m alive in wanting to write about a little that can’t hurt unless you make it into a paper airplane and since we are good enough to raise up from swamp plunge right into an eye that only meant to see what it was set aside to be shown
It’s not my birthday and it isn’t yours either
You have a hand under the wire that can pull us into the oncoming past so instantly that my eager trembling is an involuntary nearly vocal begging as I yen for what might happen next ever since I set the time aside to exist for the rest of my life
And I will
So I’ll stun the 15 complete coffin stuffers that waltz with my ashes out
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Down Like a Frown
Ahhh that goblet abyss
Trickling in are tears of penitent clinics
Actors overstaying visits and yawning nearly not-missed
We pride ourselves on percentages of lives in dirt we possibly descended from ancestrally
I meant a letter too nice to be stamped
Out and trimming it neatly, go me
Confusing stickers for cutlery
I’m the too true wishful thinker you put aside
Job is a job lodged in my brain’s brain
Move out and cut straight away
I’m off, into another day
Surrounded by these cheap exits
Loopy hoops and hatch attachments all nooses drooping just to make the thing
If you’d look at it like that than it is you who’s shone countenance would then impress all photogenic
Save trying to act natural of course
Rome wasn’t built fast so I backhanded my hometown court
Oh well
 We’re sick
  Get rid of the itch
    Back working I am war no time for stings
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Self Getting by The Waysiders 24hrs at a Time
I have chapstick to cover this pit with but I’m handier with less in heart at the moment.  It’s been leaking blood since yesterday’s yesterdays.   Dreamt like a panic attack relative to obtuse feelings of freedom woken from.  Here I spend more with incentive and maybe even reasonableness backing me than I could with a seller and what they want from and honestly might as well get from me.  Burritos from I know where and eyes shooting range by whatever credit necessary.  Thanks
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Flagrant Life by TWKD Flagrant Life :icontwkd:TWKD 0 0
Come From God in Between the Ashdust and Funding
Notchy skillset
Unplug drugs plug socket draining all fluidity onto soft topsoil
Fern attachment to a firm, a tree
Need is withholding because it is dying of thirst saving me from being held back from this thing’s endings
All my poems headlong and music heels over where my mind is from and the spire and the spine
I had friends and keep it such
They have got to leave me now really
My fam can’t belly wellness like we will when we meet
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transformation lined up neatly with my selfnapping by TWKD transformation lined up neatly with my selfnapping :icontwkd:TWKD 0 0
Two Watches and No Night
Trailer to a thematic looking wink blind spot insured us we can all relax every time the light turns gray and we begin
To glow
I got a neighbor in
Their betrayal
I got them for their betrayal’s good
To me dear me
All ears the seasons sew not show seeping like no bones
All bleed
And “da”...TRUTH(!)
I hurt them all talking
I heard them all speaking out loud
‘Murderer’ boringly cries the executioners
Tin like a wee can-rally
Timber like a tree fort vacating
Hinting like hunters wearing things
I got this friend in me my heart is a hotspot without a password for
Love me to death by depreciation via levitation of everyone in ecstasy except me and my guard dog ego and seraphim halo to reel me in for the kill and it will show shine all mercy pleased to me though although anonymous
I heroically justifies the trip back with getting what I came all the way unwittingly for and that is the humility to see I lack the ability to offer a hand up ready in fact to t
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Snow Sick
Let the rappers rap
And the laughers laugh
Me, I’m going home
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Bagpipe One Word
Pit bull rip hole designer jean
Dead lock zip ac
No felony for mr mean nice looking but I
in teams
Iced wrist bruised knee eyeliner ire puppy smile smote pleas please however adolescent my anxieties manifest themselves on us in my tomato cheeks as flags half mast burn ing on the night I’m declared disease-free
We hand sin minutes
What gives me the wrongs to refuse and make amends and reheat
I paste on planes ballistic missiles and rockets and all nosy flying objects at the mercy of rules that hit the ground suddenly without exploding fleets with styrofoam at the mouths of cloned line before rhyme
I mine for mornings asleep caffeine dreams sucking me decoi ducked down with the boot but bouncing out streetwise as teeth and worn out and bullet proof pleat longevity reaped
Straight up spindle thimble trembling treble spine tinsel in a concrete heap and sublime sitting fine amongst golden sheep
Mankind sleeps until woken up fried badly shaken by gentle friends alarming for warnings
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Shop Candy Without a Sour Face by TWKD Shop Candy Without a Sour Face :icontwkd:TWKD 0 0
Its the Just Suddenly Getting Cold
Yeah, was there where your body slid down stairs cursed
And saw reasons in the meaningless mess a message in the blabbering
Let go of your past
Campfire to prom bombshell act
It lasted long but when I spit the pit it fits in a nutshell with a bittersweet moment tucked away
I agreed to control having been abused and said too much out of my drilling mouth and drooling clutch
But I don’t answer because you seem to think you knew so much
Everybody does
Lying to get high is a war on words of a line
I am down here
I’m still working on recognizing things verses made up shit so cut me slack or turn your back like you were doing
Pauses weaken me feeling as if I risk two deaths including the mystery about me that my mortality will blow
I’m not mad at any one though
Particularly my archenemy
Wastes my time enemy picking his homies’ bones from my gums and I swear I don’t need relocating
Just Guns and I am him
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Aka Yours
Soon listen in on the hummingbird-hearted
Hearing left to the season that no matter what always just has started
I'm alone when I'm not lonely
Solitude to star in
My thoughts can turn ghostly
Or ghastly
But I'm always a target
Not invincible yet marked with evidence of evidence laying claim to the starlet
I'm my own new reason
I'm treason to what I'm believed in to be and the reason is simply me
Complex and in a mess or catastrophe wherever I turn my feet
Where the roads crossed was a total flood without a victim but the tardy student of life's lessons growing and never lessening to teach me that love is first
And push me to swimming giving in and away just about everything with me
I'm headed down the road
The wrong path felt older the further I found I could possibly go
Making it into the future is not for the undeserved
Reserved seating at a funeral is for music amidst sobbing and sighs
An orchestra you'd call your own
Push passed this last life
And say twice
Why it is
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Mature content
A Rose With Another Waterer and Maybe Vase :icontwkd:TWKD 0 0
- i think you should hate me for the complex way i feel about you, that is all. we can be friends when i decide to move on. but nature has a way of insisting on that much so let's call love in such a case the process of stabbing myself in the heart


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I buzz worn
Tore up in a modestly drenched wilderness
Weary of dogs and quietism
Drugs keep bringing me erasers wrapped in foil
I am a symptom of a cold snooze button
Born of bold underlining an improper noun
I find brinks of rain and rinks of dosages
Next is a palace the size of my brain
I slam the door to opportunity
Because I find it appropriate to die
And for the sake of brevity at length will definitely survive the next couple years and maybe even the night
Sorry for misunderstanding every living human being dumb and smart
This feeling isn't what I would choose for anyone
As far as I can see things are going as planned but without the expectation considering my foresight
I know I am
Of goodwill but still absorbed in filth and reaching age of reaping
Harvesting the great planets I discovered the distance from here I would have to infinitely take upon myself to traverse in order to stay in place
And I decided I don't care for traveling earth even or the road to riches at all
Everything is where it stays
I obviously read the fine hint
Just signed my name for the sake of everyone who inspired parades and shrines just contracting out into compromise
Until I do myself pass off I promise not to grieve the loss of anything
The seas over which we unconscious forgive our hometown horror stories lead
From increasing my balance to causing panic
I put myself in the peril of my vital desire to need happiness
Truth be told I can tell the world in silence
What I would a friend at a train station in silence at a ready old age
But that's what you get from a guy undermined by intelligent design
Signing perfectly my signature cliche
I’m listening
I wish it wasn’t enough app by itself and that I couldn’t move into improved quarters of the same halfway house valued for its recovery
I lost a soul
All souls
To cut to the chase takes an intuitive spitting image that will mirror himself just to take that mirror for a window and draw curtains on it to turn and lay and feel the comfort of being stalked by such a handsome devil
I’m come to destroy my old man and his little to do with what I’ve yet to have the opportunity to draw like drawn sword or drawn out goodbye and possibly cardiograph-line-like signature for a new type of name
I hamper the oils in me only to school the kids for their attention like magicians number one rule of profession
I am letting go the long tail
I’m holding on the holster that digs its leathery foot in my tender rib less side like a cowboy came here to put order in the place of a rich man bound for a coal mine
I’m going to die by the pen if I get any stronger than I can at the moment
I wasn’t meant to make it passed the ruptured appendix let alone overdoses one through twenty and now with the glass and blood I have all reason to believe that I am only good my to say this one last thing
Thing is that I am meant to put a hint of light on day
Supposed to have stayed
I’m down overstuffed so take away the strut and all spirits suggesting “listen in”

I give an ear to the ground not for the herd but for the voices that have been denied for being truth and they had brought my flowers grays

Have a moment to the club and all it took was a turn to walk about but a turn would be to walk away if I had not given play to the shooting faces asking play of me

I listen to me too carefully and I leave above alone in hours sounding more hypnotic than active in spiritual little and near-none helping handyman custom verses chorus of angelic practice

Come a little closer to the soul that would shout out your name or you’ll find the sunset one colorful dentist chair ceiling poster back rub during vomiting in the porcelain that you usually use to excuse me and scrub when anxious about company

I wish to like all I twitch at like I want the wink back but it’s really reality that signals in blinking spasms clearing the membrane from the specter so we can see we are wrong in the first so why not deplete the resource and invent a way in society for society to become an actually and not theorem while we dead end the opposite of us and it’s a material thing singular and infinitesimal while pulsing from the radiation we inflict on the distant as I declare the norm won
Wiring untiringly tiring and not tying
For the sake of insane repetitive efforts know to result all in dying
I remain the same things
Ignoring voices telling my ego that I’m fractured appealing to my sense of wanting finality and conclusion
Truth is attempted suicide no voice can really talk about as I have it guarded to the shine and truth is not talk, just not
We can mess up for ourselves and others that we at one point felt we could never be that way to being so loyal in our steady ventricle tickling ourselves smothering pain
Then came our own turn to get manipulated and lied to and deformed when we were going through the molding and sculpting only loved ones had hands on and they squeezed and pulled and poked and scraped when we needed thorough fairness
Like a a dream and not reality
Like a book or movie and not the way it feels to feel it all over again and I’m sure
I’m over and again I’m sure but nothing stays the same so I remain in my place
Enough change and silhouetted dark events
Odds are you have found a certified way around being welcomed to my comfort zone which is melded to most of my friends
Head counts don’t count twinkling or spontaneous expression of synthesis of nature to make this to go horribly for you and peachy all day for me
Now back in the day is dead but not like our friends
It is no longer anything or this isn’t now but back in the day and were we not so alive to the fullest extent of our growing!
Now what?
Love God and find it natural to do so considering everything that has ever bound and tortured you in any way was against the warm pillow and sleepyhead needing a nearly guaranteed full night’s rest
Full of evil
Demons give themselves away out of stupidity
So glare and smile with an intelligence grave and mighty like your Dad
We weren’t through
Today, December 22


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