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The Gauntlet's host, Red by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon Sun
Twitch Plays Pokemon: Nigel Overworld Sprites by Megaman-Omega
TPP Sun: Savvy Breezy, The Alolan Butterfree by EurekaTrollcat
The Heart Of The Cards by EurekaTrollcat
Twitch Plays Pokemon- AND OUR PARTNER NAME IS..... by Pioxys
SquirtLee the Squrtle Flair by Pfaccioxx
Pokemon Ultra
CHAT, Electric Protector of Auricanty by EurekaTrollcat
TPP Ultra: Can't Keep A Good Host Down by EurekaTrollcat
TPP Ultra: Nipplee the Two-Faced by EurekaTrollcat
TPP Ultra: Something Strange (chapter two) by EurekaTrollcat
Stuff From Multiple Runs
C3 meets Screameon page 2 by SleepyKween
(TPP) By the fire by SleepyKween
(TPP) Got Sunny by SleepyKween
(TPP) Got pie by SleepyKween
Original Pokemon Red Run
fonz sketch by Wolframclaws
(TPP) Abby K by SleepyKweenOwO

Mature Content

Kid Red by SleepyKween
(TPP) !general4 by SleepyKween
Pokemon Crystal Run
a simple burrito by Wolframclaws
Be Right Back Wallpaper- Burrito by Pioxys
Never forget our Prince by pokeno255
blep by Wolframclaws
Pokemon Emerald
Tiny C3 pixel by SleepyKweenOwO
(TPP) cute C3 by SleepyKween
A Light In Deepest Waters (M4) by Pioxys
(TPP) C3 and M4 by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon Randomized FireRed Run
(TPP) Alice by SleepyKweenOwO
(TPP) Alice as a Espeon by SleepyKweenOwO
Solareon Wars: Days Of Kappa- Zigzagoon by Pioxys
Twitch Plays Pokemon: Lance (Anven) Frames by Megaman-Omega
Pokemon Platinum Run
Streamlabs- Donation Pictue by Pioxys
(TPP) Solareon with a Old Amber by SleepyKweenOwO
Human Solareon by SleepyKweenOwO
Tppp-Sol And Sunshine by mesamus
Pokemon Randomized HeartGold Run
010010000110000101111000011000110110000101110100 by Pfaccioxx
Pokemon Black Run
oh deer by Wolframclaws
Pokemon BlazeBlack 2 Run
TPP BB2 : Cly's Christmas Tree by marogod
Pokemon X Run
Twitch Plays Pokemon- Lil'D And Mega Tiger X by Pioxys
Pokemon Omega Ruby Run
(TPP) Feminun the Minun by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon Anniversary Red Run
Twitch Plays Pokemon Anniversary Edition by albinoshadow
Moemon and Touhoumon
Butterbae with eggs by SleepyKween
Randomized Alpha Sapphire Run
pretty little princess by Wolframclaws
Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal
(TPP) meditating BEST by SleepyKween
Pokemon Colociom
(TPP) Scumbreon and Nacho Ally by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon XD Run
The shadow host (ABBBCC) by SleepyKween
Pokemon Crystal 251 Pokedex run
(TPP) Azure doodle by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon Randomized Platinum Run
The Sorceress by SleepyKweenOwO
Pokemon Brown
Pokemon Prism
TPP-Approaching by mesamus
Intermission Runs
Be Right Back Wallpaper- Marion by Pioxys
The Voices and Gods of Twich Plays Pokemon
Can we keep him? by Yugnat-Zero
General Miscellaneous Twitch Plays Pokemon Stuff
shred by Wolframclaws
Screencap Comics + Long Running Comic Series
Ask-TwitchPKMN Final Act Group Up Sketch by Pioxys
Pokemon Chatty Yellow
Agent MOM (sprite) by Yugnat-Zero
Pokemon Dark Greystone
Pokemon Blazed Glazed
Honey-Glazed V2 by Nyberim
Randomised White 2
TPPRW2-Absorua by mesamus
Pokemon Pyrite
Don't Mess with me... CROC! by Nyberim
Pokemon Theta Emerald
Screameon the Sylveon by SleepyKween
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Tpp Ultasun firefite n stuff by Peppeypep
Pokemon Blue+Red Anniversary Dual run
tpp dual rb - xenalien by Peppeypep
Pokemon Bootleg Green
G l i t c h m a n c e r L a r r y (Light version) by Yugnat-Zero
Pokemon Storm Silver
Commission- May The BEST Be With You by Pioxys
TPP Pokemon Sweet
A small little snack with a newfound friend by Yugnat-Zero
Pokemon Bronze
TPP Bronze- Wnne the chu by Peppeypep
Pokemon Randomized Y
TPP Flora Sky
TPP Fused Cristal
crystal randofuser illustrations by Wolframclaws
TPP 2018 Anniversary Run Burning Red
Comm:: Cardboard King Rat by RaoKurai
Season 6 Main Runs
Comm:: Vaporwaveon by RaoKurai
TPP 6th Anniversary Run: The Gauntlet
TPP Gauntlet Platinum: Big Freakin' Grotle by EurekaTrollcat
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TwitchPlaysPokemon is a social experiment Twitch Stream created by a person who wants to remain anon were instead of the chat watching the streamer play a game, the chat instead controls the game via chat commands. It quickly grew viral, and has spawned a cult following. This is a DA group to submit any TwichPlaysPokemon artwork, story's, comic's ext.

The main aim of this group is to gather all the Twitch Plays Pokemon stuff on deviantart and have it available in 1 easy to find place

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:iconthechurchofhelix: TheChurchOfHelix :iconhail-lord-helix: Hail-Lord-Helix The Helix Knows all!


The person who made this jernol (me) had a brain fart when typing this  and forgot to add something important to it, so I'm editing it in here now.
It's been almost 2000 days since TPP started. In honer of that a Reddit operation of celebration is being held on the subreddit on August 6th at 1:22:00 am UTC

For more info see the original announcement post for this operation:…


The next Twitch Plays Pokemon run will be: TriHard Emerald, Never hurd of it? that's cos it's a new TPP Dev's produced game, so you might be asking what's the premise? It's a playthew of Emerald... with hard-coded NUZLOCKE mechanics! That's right TPP's next run will be a Nuzlocke... the rules of this nuzlocke run will be as follows:

1)    You can only save when you heal at a Pokémon Center or Heal House. (This is enforced by removing the save button and the game forcing a save when you heal.)
2)    You can only have 6 Pokémon. (The Pokémon Storage System is inaccessible, and used as a "graveyard").
3)    When a Pokémon faints, it is removed from the party as soon as possible and placed in the "graveyard".
4)    When the player blacks out, the game resets and loads the last save point.

The run will start on: Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 9:00:00 pm (UTC time)

for more info see the announcement post on reddit:…


The TPP Dev's have confirmed that Anniversary Emerald will not be ready by 2020. So instead they have revealed an idea that there asking the community for feedback on:

There idea is for us to play a Gauntlet  of Pokemon Red (again) but as soon as the credits roll, the game will automatically and instantly be swapped for Crystal. Once we beat Red at the top of Mt. Silver, the game will be automatically and instantly swapped for Emerald. Roll credits in Emerald? We jump emulators for Platinum. Roll credits in Platinum? Black 2. Roll credits in Black 2? The 3DS turns on and we play X. No post-games (not counting Crystal going up to Mt. Silver). All in 100% Anarchy.

Thay want to know if people would want them to do that.

For more info and to give your feedback see there post on reddit about it:…


Lastly the TPP Dev's are holding a contest of sorts, the TPP Dev's are working on a project that requires puzzle designs for a special event. So there asking the community to come up with ideas.

ideas chosen will be used in the TPP Dev's project. Thay want as meany ideas as they can get  within a curten limitations (mostly stuff that can be resonobly hacked into Pokemon Emerald)

For more details including the rules and how you can enter see the original reddit post posted by 1 of the Dev's:…

The contest ends on August 31st
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