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Vashik Fursona

Finally finalized my reference sheet for my new fursona Vash. The design is heavily pulled from my original fursona, Kahla:…
Specifically in the facial markings.

Vashik has actually been around for a while....the original Vash can be found here:…  In some ways, the old Vash actually represents myself more in terms of the leopard print, accessories, and small design choices (whisker marks on cheeks because Naruto xD ) however, I feel that this character doesn't represent my taste in fursuit design. The reason for me remaking him is specifically for fursuit purposes. Vashik is everything I love when it comes to building fursuits. Overall eyecatching colors, well balanced design (it keeps the eye moving) and opportunities for awesome fur length combinations! I'll hopefully start building him in the next couple of months.

Vashik is a generally Androgynous character, however, will be seen in both male and female forms.

Fursuit to be made by myself

Lineart by Garnetto on FA
Feral Ref by
3 singular tail lineart by bodyhorror FA
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god i love the colors you used on him, so smooothhhhh