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Vash Fursona

After many months of time and consideration, I designed myself a new fursona. His name is Vash, and like Kahla, he is also a 3-tailed kitsune. I'm sure some of the details will be subject to change in the future, but so far I'm happy with how he's turned out (my new sona is genderfluid/bigender. Not strict on pronouns but male is preferred?)

Many of you know me by Kahla....but after many years of performing in my suit I came to the conclusion that I don't want my suit persona to be portrayed as 'cute and cuddly' and Kahla is just that.... I designed her solely around a set type of fur (sparkle fur), and colors that went well together. Therefore she really had nothing to do with my personality other than being a fox. (When I made kahla2.0 I went from a fox to a 3-tailed kitsune, which was a personal decision I felt fit me and decided to keep in the new design.)

Kahla is now going to be one of my side characters, and mostly the face of my business. Don't worry, you can still call me Kahla of course! But being called by my new fursona name would be pretty rad as well :P

Also, are tail mouths still a thing? xD I'm not really sure about mine yet, I wanted him to be subtle so you can't really tell he's there unless the mouth opens.

The collar is something I definitely want to commission from someone when I make this a fursuit...this particular accessory is pulled from IMVU, and is a product by the creator Doubt.

Lineart is by quillchild on FA and colored by myself.
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ooooo i love it!! id love to draw him for you sometime :3