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Wulph, Phoenix, Faux Line Art

Suckish title sucks xD

So yeah once again its Nyxxy, Wulph and Faux.

Her hand are like that bc im going to put an orb inbetween them.... I guess I coulda added a circle to the lineart... :iconfacepalmplz: fail.

I would love to see the colors ppl come up with for them....
Nix had red hair, Wulph (left) has dark reddishbrownish hair and Faux actually has brown hair with red highlights normally.

Faux is Fauxy lol (yes his name is pronounced like the animal, fox).

If you would like to color them, add this to your favorites and when you publish it onto DA send me a Link! I'd love to see your work!!

Phoenix, Wulph and Faux (c) me
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Woah, you're very very good :iconicameplz:
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That's cool looking o3o I like the faces lol
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I'm trying to color it all life like right now... its taking forever lmao
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Totally doing this ;D
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Sweet!!! oh i guess technically her hair is orange-ish... [link] there is a meme I did with her in it if you want to use it :)
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