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Another you
Another entry overdue,
Three years since i've sung a single tune.
At first i couldn't find my voice,
Then it grew distant, a whisper, white noise.
The clenching feeling within your throat, a dream, a nightmare, no words can come out.
And within a single artists stroke, something inevitably changes.
Words without meaning, screwed up on little paper post-it notes.
Littered around the desk, each one as worthless as the last.
And from somewhere most unexpected, words flow from pen to page, meaningful, if not comprehendable.
Three years it's taken me to reply to you, i'm doing well now, and it's all thanks to you.
Another you.
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Little shy girl way up in the sky
Couldn't spread her wings to take off and fly
Though she practiced every single day
The girl was never noticed much to her dismay.
Maybe a little make-up
Or a revealing shirt,
Perhaps if she just raised up
Her little mini-skirt.
Until she met this one enchanting boy
Way up in the sky,
Whom was simply amazing
And equally as shy.
A wave of his hand removed
The make-up she had smothered,
And with a click of his fingers
The girl was fully covered.
A curl of his lips
Into a kind smile,
She hadn't ever fooled him
Not even for a while.
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My blood is pumping faster
Flowing through my chest,
Heart beating for you
Scattered in a mess.
I keep loving harder
A love you won't accept,
Try as I might to care for you
I can only do my best.
An uneasy palpitation
Caused by your excess,
It's a shock to my system
You're my one defect.
My feelings are ablated
An aneurysm in my soul,
My arteries pumping ineffectualy
You're my cardiac arrest.
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 2 0
True to You.
It's hard to show you care for someone when they don't show it back
Seeing this is hard for me when others turned thier back
Pulling away from situations when i don't see you eye to eye
When all along you cared for me, i understand you tried
Keep in mind we've been through alot me and you
I understand the feelings you had were always true
These feelings that i showed for you were obviously mixed
But i still regret that i didn't show you that if you were gone you would be missed
Throughout these years i cared for you even though it didn't show
But finally i realise that there are places i shouldn't go
These emotions that i have for you are now bottled up and shelved
It's easier than them getting loose and creating so much hell
Though even as thier tucked away they sometimes search for light
Keeping us locked in this cycle of a constant fight
Breaking free is hard for me and also hard on you
What's worse is that i can't be the friend to help you see this through
Finally these words i kee
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Like a Moth to the Flame
From such an early age
Were taught to flinch from pain
That pain is to be avoided
As it is our very bane
But from pain one can learn so much
That one should think, before they can touch
The hurt that is caused perhaps we should avoid
But if we had no pain then in our hearts would rest a void
Pain teaches us not to shove our hand in the flames
But life is no fun unless we have our reckless ways
Pain in moderation can be a wonderful thing
As i step into another fight in the ring
Another blow to the face as i jab him in the cheek
This pain is such a rush as i watch his face go bleak
As i take the final blow i know im going down
But such an adrenaline rush
As i take my final risk
Pain of the heart is a familiar thing
But in moderation such pleasure it can bring
As i lay beneath the sheets she should really know
That before the day breaks
I am gonna go
Some pain should be avoided that so much is true
But until you shove your hand in the flames
Who could say you knew?
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 0 1
Lost within you
Here i am on my own again
Been around and im back my friends
It's been a long time (Oh such a long time)
But somehow you knew i'd reappear again
I never thought that i'd make it
Because, Because i
Didn't know there was a way back and then
You brought me back to you (Oh i'd come back for you)
You, You thought i didn't care but you never knew
Just what i'd do for (I would do anything for you)
For, for just one chance to get back to you
You thought i'd turned my back
Because you wouldn't take me back
But, but i
Had a look around
At just what i had found
Picked myself from off the ground
Realising just what i'd lost within you
And you would never know (Oh you would never of known)
Just what i sacrificed for you
Losing myself within you
And now I-I never thought that i'd make it
Because, Because i
Didn't know there was a way back and then
You brought me back to you (Oh i'd come back for you)
You, You thought i didn't care but you never knew
Just what i'd do for (I would do anything for you)
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 1 1
Graceful Bite
Im the one in the shadow of the night
The person you struggle against but can't fight.
Im the person who lies in the shadows
The one who's fate lied on the gallows.
I met you in that blackened light
Darkness has never shone so bright.
Inside your head is in disarray
As through your neck your life fades away.
Into the night
After just one bite.
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 0 0
Lips like Poison
Show your soul and let me in
Just a knock knock and im half way in
Sliding ever deeper into that blackened hole
That you call your disgusting soul
Show me all you have to give
I'll give you something to help me with
Just a little task, shouldn't be much
Open yourself to my sinful touch
All this evil is such a rush
Baby you shouldn't look at what you can't touch
Then again i'll end up letting you in
And we can start all over again
Come now baby rest your head
You can sleep when your dead
I'll keep messing with your head
Round and round you'll spin till your dead
Every touch of my lips like venom
Take it easy girl and taste the poison
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 0 0
The feel of the warm summers breeze, enough to bring me to my knees
With your fingers entwined in mine i hope that until the end of time
That you'll be mine and we'll be fine whatever happens from good to worse
We'll keep singing our endless verse, i hope that you'll be the first
To touch my heart the way it needs, to heal it's scars and it's disease
Bring to me my awaited reprieve, And as we stand on our porch
Watching the kids play in that summers breeze so warm it feels
Like walking into a room heated by that wood fire we only light in winter
And as we watch them growing up, into the adults we've become
Pride will light our faces as we see what has bloomed.
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 1 1
Lift me up
Lift me up.
Your the one that wont let up
I think of you and it lifts me up
You know me better than any other
I love you more than any other
When i look into your eyes you shine
And i know i've got to make you mine
I think about you every night
Love doesn't come with out a fight
Some say true love is only skin deep
But when im with you every moment we keep
With my lips against yours so tight
We kiss and cuddle into the night
Even through the low and high
You are always by my side
I will forever provide all i can provide
For my love is unending and you are my bride.
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 2 1
Old Habits
Today im gonna show i love my enemies
A heart for all that have hurt me in the past
I cannot dwell on such a shaky past
I can rise up and change it fast
All it takes is an action true
Noble and filled with motions pure
Building up all of this hate
Showing my sins and cleaning the slate
So now ill show my hand, Every card
Cleansing ones soul isn't that hard
Giving a little of myself to you
Showing im clean and showing im true
So now i begin to start again anew
Away from him and away from you
Maybe i can try harder this time
Old habits die hard, how did mine die?
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 0 0
Envy and Spite
You provide the envy, I'll provide the spite
Let it mix together, let it all ignite
Flames lashing up and down
Drop that shirt and lose your gown
I'll provide the memories, You provide the night
Let us envelop in darkness and prove that i was right
Clothes strewn across the floor
Whilst im already out the door
We'll provide the good times, You'll give me a fight
You'll prove that we don't belong together
With every passing night
And each time that i lay with you
You will never see
All that's wrong between us
It was always me.
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 1 0
Hidden in Plain Sight
I replied to your message without a clue
It came to my head and i knew it was you
Your voice as clear as a summers day
Handing me a light and showing me the way
I hope you'll read this and know it's aimed at you
The one person who always came through
You know it's you i always turned to
Even when my problem was about you
Im lost again and it's dark inside
But you left me all alone with noone to confide
I said i'd never write you again
But the time has come and i need my friend
Come to my bed, come closer to me
You gave me my wish by coming back to me
Although it was in a way that you couldn't see
Through your writing in your perfect poetry
I hope that you can see me, From Across the Sea.
Whilst your over there i hope you think of me.
Reading what i write to you, in plain black and white
In the vain hope that you can read between the lines
Your Angelic Airwaves meant everything to me.
Why did i take for granted, Your Dependancy.
It took Teardrop Letter's and A Heartpierced Kiss
For me j
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 2 1
Heartpierced Kiss
Here we go again in my fairytale dream
Everything isn't all that it seems
A day full of hearts as if it's bursting at the seams
And yet nothing ever works out that way in this nightmare of a dream
Im supposed to write about Valentine love
As if there's an angel dedicated to it above
But not is all as it seems
Cupid's deadly arrow shattering dreams
As i watch from afar it makes me laugh
Looking ahead as Cupid pierces hearts
Most of them lie in the wrong place
As i see the rejected look on his face
He's kissing his girl but she doesn't know
Because written on his face pale as snow
A look so icy and broken inside
All his hurt feelings are pushed aside
Simply he walks over and kisses her goodbye
With a new little girl perched at his side
What was written on her face was a look of pride
Until he showed his hidden side, aside from the lies
There is love inside
She watches as they walk off happily
Holding hands for the world to see
Doesn't it hurt for the cheating bride
For her groom to have
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 2 0
Red Neon
As she walked down the steps and down into the alley way i watched her curiously, i wanted to know what a girl as pretty as her was doing out at this time of the night. I watched her as she stood in the alley, sighing as the others circled her in the shadows. "Children" i thought as i watched them as they circled like vultures over a dead carcus.
I could see about five of the young ones as thier leader stalked closer, i knew i had to act so i dived down gracefully landing behind him, i grabbed him from the shadows and effortlessly snapped his neck. Smirking slightly i turned to the others but they had already scarpered into the night, the girl still oblivious to the fact that I'd saved her simple life.
I followed her still into the darkness, still awestruck of her boldness. She approached the sidedoor to a bar and i swooped down at once, about 10 metres away from her and i spoke softly "Excuse me miss, i wouldn't advise going in there if i were you." She was stood at the side door to t
:icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 1 0
Mature content
Black and Burnt :icontwitch-ta:Twitch-TA 0 2



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