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Sol ghouls BOO! by TwistedWizzro343
Mature content
Sol ghouls BOO! :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 1 10
People of Apocalo, Gal San by TwistedWizzro343 People of Apocalo, Gal San :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 8 Sol Fear by TwistedWizzro343 Sol Fear :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 14 Love between worlds by TwistedWizzro343 Love between worlds :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 0 Merhorse by TwistedWizzro343 Merhorse :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Extended Grimler family by TwistedWizzro343 Extended Grimler family :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Grimler family by TwistedWizzro343 Grimler family :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Base Grimler by TwistedWizzro343 Base Grimler :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Human Ember and Frost Mont by TwistedWizzro343 Human Ember and Frost Mont :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 0 Lightning Storm and Hadson by TwistedWizzro343 Lightning Storm and Hadson :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 5 0 Mala Hancock by TwistedWizzro343 Mala Hancock :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Sk-7 by TwistedWizzro343 Sk-7 :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Runner Champer by TwistedWizzro343 Runner Champer :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Showla Grimler and Crediter by TwistedWizzro343 Showla Grimler and Crediter :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Groll and Maxsir Grimler by TwistedWizzro343 Groll and Maxsir Grimler :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Groll and Masked Maxsir Grimler by TwistedWizzro343 Groll and Masked Maxsir Grimler :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0
almost all the art on here will be for a book of some sort. this is to give you a visual. these characters will be put into fanfiction. me or anyone I work with don't own all characters seen in this gallery. Any and all character's seen here belong to there respectable owner's and franchises.


White Diamond 2 - (lingerie) by dragoonx77
Mature content
White Diamond 2 - (lingerie) :icondragoonx77:dragoonx77 10 0
Hellion by WickedSorceressCia Hellion :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 Hellion hellhound form by WickedSorceressCia Hellion hellhound form :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 3 0 Come Little Children by hwilki65 Come Little Children :iconhwilki65:hwilki65 97 33 Greeata by Phraggle Greeata :iconphraggle:Phraggle 106 45 Female Rodian Jedi by jediserenity Female Rodian Jedi :iconjediserenity:jediserenity 44 12 Old Vs. New Friesian by WickedSorceressCia Old Vs. New Friesian :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 6 Wild Horse Invades the Snow Town by WickedSorceressCia Wild Horse Invades the Snow Town :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 New Vs. Old Fjord by WickedSorceressCia New Vs. Old Fjord :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 New Fjord Horse by WickedSorceressCia New Fjord Horse :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 5 2 New Vs. Old Arabian by WickedSorceressCia New Vs. Old Arabian :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 Mist Lady by WickedSorceressCia Mist Lady :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 Personal Shields by joelhustak Personal Shields :iconjoelhustak:joelhustak 226 18 Rodian Pin-Up Girl by juanpa-tovar Rodian Pin-Up Girl :iconjuanpa-tovar:juanpa-tovar 24 2 Zelda by DiamondHour Zelda :icondiamondhour:DiamondHour 79 30
Legend of the White Rider chapter 1
Through many time periods and many lands, some told tales about a lady, dressed in white, riding on a gallant white mare, though it has been claimed that the more times one saw this woman, they would soon be shown to their graves, killed with no trace of blood or wound, so no one would know who did it, but often near the deceased person would be a pair of boot prints, as well as hoof prints nearby.
Was all these deaths caused by the white rider….
Who is she….
Is she real or is she a ghost….
This is the story of the white rider
It was the medieval era and a young woman by the name of Snowgale was seen as the best skilled horse rider, often riding with the men, which at the time, women on horseback were considered by the village people as bad luck, and bad luck she was. Snowgale was a notorious prankster, often
:iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 1 0
all the great works of art I find.



Oct 18, 2018
9:35 am
Oct 17, 2018
7:33 pm
Oct 17, 2018
4:32 pm
Oct 17, 2018
4:45 am
Oct 16, 2018
11:24 am


Shockwave by PDJ004 Shockwave :iconpdj004:PDJ004 295 101 Captain Barbossa by annieoakley64 Captain Barbossa :iconannieoakley64:annieoakley64 95 62 Zant Edit by ZANRAMON Zant Edit :iconzanramon:ZANRAMON 29 2
i will like to buy pic's of stuff that i truly like and have found to be magnificent works of art.


TwistedWizzro343's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hiya Hiya Hiya. I'm Wizzro and I am the master of all wizards, so "shut up and be defeated already", or do the smart thing and join us in taking over everything. Cia and Valga are my 2 closest ally's. Hiya Hiya Hiya.


close friends:iconi-m-p-a::iconu-surper-king::iconu-nwaveringl-oyalty::iconlunariaanddivinesol::iconevilblackwitch::iconking-of-d-arkness::iconnaboorusageofspirit::iconangeldx::icont-e-r-m-i-n-a::iconaskshadowqueen::iconscarletthewitch::iconpegasofbalinor:Felicity, Raven, Mor Night, and Ebony. I did have more but that is something i'll tell you in a story.

friends:icona-gnetha:Galla, Goor, Chen Gong, Ally, Mr. Nic, India Ali, Lu Bu, and Lana.

enemy's: moron's.

Age: how the hell should i know.

height: well I'm floating so next thing you want to know about me.

Magic: dark and undead magic.

weapon(s): who needs that crap when you got a magic ring.:iconisaac77598:

personality: power hungry, boastful, cunning, funny, and dominant

Race: if you look under my robe you may see something interesting, but you may lose your soul.

Occupation: well Cia brought me back and needed some wisdom to be a strategist for her army so...

Home: well Cia has a place so i just stay there with her and Valga.

Hobby: messing with my friend's, corrupting people to learn of they're race, and roaming of the world's land's.

title's:Twisted Wizard, Master of Wizard's, Master of Magic, the Terror of Spirit's, Wizzy, and Ghost eye (call me that and your soul is as good as mine.)

My ID is from :iconisaac77598: .he dose a lot of great work.
my theme:…

Also my dog badge name is Runner! He's so cute!

Mature Content

Undead star legends by TwistedWizzro343

Mature Content

Death of space by TwistedWizzro343
Universe conquest! by TwistedWizzro343 A business woman and her bodyguard by TwistedWizzro343 Morgan and Rams Halloween love by TwistedWizzro343 Tribute to some mad Villains by TwistedWizzro343

Mature Content

On Starla Grimler's behalf by TwistedWizzro343
People of Apocalo, Gal San by TwistedWizzro343 Extended Grimler family by TwistedWizzro343


Sol ghouls BOO!
Sol ghouls are very powerful and sneaky ghost people who prey and work for the largest volcano on Apocalo, Sol Fear. 

The Sol ghoul on the left is male, the Sol ghoul in the right is female.

This idea is inspired by the forgotten Nintendo 64 game Mischief Makers.
People of Apocalo, Gal San
Notes on Gal San: Gal San, short for Galolf Sanctuary, is right in the middle of the equator of the world of Apocalo. Gal San is the capital of the entire Planet and is a Major strong hold. The north side of the city is a little bit of an oasis with lovely trees and hot spring water but around that is a major land mark called Black Ash Sand Desert. The south side of the city is right next to the Magmar sea and the volcan lands. Running right through the middle of the city is the great hot spring river that runs full circle around the whole Planet. The City itself is fully funded by the C.I.S. and First Order. Which means many kinds of Storm trooper and battle droids inhabit the lands. Other major inhabitants are Sol ghouls, rodians, dogs, cats, Demons, and imperial legion.

💀 💀 💀 💀💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀

Religion majority: The main religious figures is both the god of technology Galolf and the oldest and largest Mount person Sol Fear. Side and smaller religious groups are as follows, Comet, Sithis, and Kali Ma. thanks to the bringers Chrystalight Dragmire and Vanda Margaret Darkflame, as well as the Changer Allison Ram.
Vault Suit Chrystalight, Allison, and Vanda by TwistedWizzro343

💀 💀 💀 💀💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀

Protal doors and other such things: Vanda Darkflame put a Black doorway to the Black Hand village on Balinor.
Black Hand Village brotherhood by TwistedWizzro343
Rathina made a Black mirror from the realm of the two kingdoms as well.

💀 💀 💀 💀💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀

Top row left to right: Lightning Storm Grimler, Hadson Grimler, Galolf, and Sol Fear.

2nd row left to right: Groll Rockclaw, Maxsir Grimler, Runner Champer, Mala Hancock, and Sahara.

3rd row left to right: Zeena Grimler, Yato Softfinger, Showla Grimler, Creditor Grimler, and Kosh.

Bottom row left to right: Ydris, Stormella, SK-7, and Decay.

💀 💀 💀 💀💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀💀 💀

Lightning Storm, Sahara, Zeena, Stormella, Rathina, Chrystalight, Allison, and Comet belong to :iconwickedsorceresscia:
Softfinger belong to me and :iconwickedsorceresscia:

Hadson, Galolf, Sol Fear, Groll, Maxsir, Runner Champer, Mala, Showla, Decay, and Vanda belong to me.

Picture of ydris belongs to :iconwickedsorceresscia: but he belongs to star Stable.

Kosh belongs to Disney.

SK-7 is redesigned by me but belongs to Disney.

Sithis belongs to elder scrolls.

Kali Ma belongs to religions.
Sol Fear
Sol Fear is a mount person who lives near the Magmar sea on Apocalo.
Love between worlds
From left to right: Yato Softfinger, Groll Rockclaw, Maxsir Grimler, and Zeena Grimler.

Yato Softfinger is with Groll Rockclaw and Maxsir Grimler is with Zeena.

Yato belongs to star wars commander.

Groll and Maxsir are mine.
Zeena belongs to :iconwickedsorceresscia:


by Varikki

this was well made and very cute. i love the way how Midna's face is. the way her body is trapped is something i never see and it very ...



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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this will be for the hyrule-warriorsfc.deviantart.c… group i have to make it super so we can really make the group bigger and stronger for the fight. we must support LOZ and Hyrule guy's and all the great work you all put in and the love for the group we may be able to pull this off. thank you all for the donation's
Balinor Dark Star to planet Sauria by TwistedWizzro343 Samus and Vanda mega tribute by TwistedWizzro343 Captain Phasma and General Starla Grimler by TwistedWizzro343 Shandor and Corporal Lance Hounddraw by TwistedWizzro343 Dark War Mongers by TwistedWizzro343 Cis and first order high ranking leaders by TwistedWizzro343 Lovers of adventure by TwistedWizzro343 Vault Suit Chrystalight, Allison, and Vanda by TwistedWizzro343 Taking Sauria for Balinor by TwistedWizzro343 Forging of the 2nd Darksaber by TwistedWizzro343

Mature Content

Evil Love in the Rapax Rift by TwistedWizzro343
Congratulations to the C.I.S. and First Order by TwistedWizzro343

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random good pics

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