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Rhea night fighter outfit. by TwistedWizzro343 Rhea night fighter outfit. :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 11 Pirate couple! by TwistedWizzro343 Pirate couple! :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 12 God of Dominations recollection by TwistedWizzro343 God of Dominations recollection :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Pirate Golden Ocean by TwistedWizzro343 Pirate Golden Ocean :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Athens Pirate uniform. by TwistedWizzro343 Athens Pirate uniform. :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Miser Sisters by TwistedWizzro343 Miser Sisters :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Reclaming Atmora for Balinor by TwistedWizzro343 Reclaming Atmora for Balinor :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Leaders of Wolf Claw Fortress by TwistedWizzro343 Leaders of Wolf Claw Fortress :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 0 Siri Rainyear Golden Leaf outfit by TwistedWizzro343 Siri Rainyear Golden Leaf outfit :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 0 Shock Miser by TwistedWizzro343 Shock Miser :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Queen Winter Alpha Septum and Wolf Soul Septum by TwistedWizzro343 Queen Winter Alpha Septum and Wolf Soul Septum :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 2 0 Winter Snowflake and Lupine Eis Geist by TwistedWizzro343 Winter Snowflake and Lupine Eis Geist :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Elfe Fonce and Arctic Forest by TwistedWizzro343 Elfe Fonce and Arctic Forest :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Exploration Group of Atmora by TwistedWizzro343 Exploration Group of Atmora :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0 Clockworks City legendary findings by TwistedWizzro343 Clockworks City legendary findings :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 4 0 Biola and Eternal Dragon by TwistedWizzro343 Biola and Eternal Dragon :icontwistedwizzro343:TwistedWizzro343 3 0
almost all the art on here will be for a book of some sort. this is to give you a visual. these characters will be put into fanfiction. me or anyone I work with don't own all characters seen in this gallery. Any and all character's seen here belong to there respectable owner's and franchises.


Coffee break by LittleSnaketail Coffee break :iconlittlesnaketail:LittleSnaketail 128 27 Catwoman 14 by battle810 Catwoman 14 :iconbattle810:battle810 53 1 Steven Universe - Aquamarine 22 by theEyZmaster Steven Universe - Aquamarine 22 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 85 0 Earth Miser in a Pega Dress by WickedSorceressCia Earth Miser in a Pega Dress :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0 Amazing Akhal-Teke by WickedSorceressCia Amazing Akhal-Teke :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 1 0 Magma Gust by WickedSorceressCia Magma Gust :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 3 0 Young Vapor by PegasOfBalinor Young Vapor :iconpegasofbalinor:PegasOfBalinor 1 0 Morroblivion: Molag Bal by Luthien-Aredhel Morroblivion: Molag Bal :iconluthien-aredhel:Luthien-Aredhel 1 0 The Shrine of Molag-Bal by MrKavok The Shrine of Molag-Bal :iconmrkavok:MrKavok 2 0 Ydris Follows Ana by WickedSorceressCia Ydris Follows Ana :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 4 0 Pandorian Power by WickedSorceressCia Pandorian Power :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 4 0 Grown And In Love by WickedSorceressCia Grown And In Love :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 4 0 Black Lusitano Trying To Be the Hero Again by WickedSorceressCia Black Lusitano Trying To Be the Hero Again :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 1 0 Siri Enters the Pandorian Labyrinth by WickedSorceressCia Siri Enters the Pandorian Labyrinth :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 3 0 Siri Becomes the Golden Lusitano by WickedSorceressCia Siri Becomes the Golden Lusitano :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 1 0 Circus Race for Glory by WickedSorceressCia Circus Race for Glory :iconwickedsorceresscia:WickedSorceressCia 2 0
all the great works of art I find.



Shockwave by PDJ004 Shockwave :iconpdj004:PDJ004 312 106 Captain Barbossa by annieoakley64 Captain Barbossa :iconannieoakley64:annieoakley64 97 62
i will like to buy pic's of stuff that i truly like and have found to be magnificent works of art.


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United States
Hiya Hiya Hiya. I'm Wizzro and I am the master of all wizards, so "shut up and be defeated already", or do the smart thing and join us in taking over everything. Cia and Volga are my 2 closest allies. Hiya Hiya Hiya.


close friends:iconi-m-p-a::iconu-surper-king::iconu-nwaveringl-oyalty::iconlunariaanddivinesol::iconevilblackwitch::iconking-of-d-arkness::iconnaboorusageofspirit::iconangeldx::icont-e-r-m-i-n-a::iconaskshadowqueen::iconscarletthewitch::iconpegasofbalinor:Felicity, Raven, Mor Night, and Ebony. I did have more but that is something i'll tell you in a story.

friends:icona-gnetha:Galla, Goor, Chen Gong, Ally, Mr. Nic, India Ali, Lu Bu, and Lana.

enemy's: moron's.

Age: how the hell should i know.

height: well I'm floating so next thing you want to know about me.

Magic: dark and undead magic.

weapon(s): who needs that crap when you got a magic ring.:iconisaac77598:

personality: power hungry, boastful, cunning, funny, and dominant

Race: if you look under my robe you may see something interesting, but you may lose your soul.

Occupation: well Cia brought me back and needed some wisdom to be a strategist for her army so...

Home: well Cia has a place so i just stay there with her and Valga.

Hobby: messing with my friend's, corrupting people to learn of they're race, and roaming of the world's land's.

title's:Twisted Wizard, Master of Wizard's, Master of Magic, the Terror of Spirit's, Wizzy, and Ghost eye (call me that and your soul is as good as mine.)

My ID is from :iconisaac77598: .he dose a lot of great work.
my theme:…

Also my dog badge name is Runner! He's so cute!

Mature Content

Undead star legends by TwistedWizzro343

Mature Content

Death of space by TwistedWizzro343
Universe conquest! by TwistedWizzro343 A business woman and her bodyguard by TwistedWizzro343 Morgan and Rams Halloween love by TwistedWizzro343 Tribute to some mad Villains by TwistedWizzro343 Lord Marks Galolf Gift by TwistedWizzro343

Mature Content

Pi undergarments by TwistedWizzro343
Grimler base updated December 30th by TwistedWizzro343 People of Apocalo, Gal San by TwistedWizzro343 Apocalo Vault wear by TwistedWizzro343 The Lost Eye of Odin Allfather by TwistedWizzro343 Extended Grimler family by TwistedWizzro343 New people of Paradise Fortress (half) by TwistedWizzro343 People of Whiterun by TwistedWizzro343 Rams dancing with Diress by TwistedWizzro343 People of Riften by TwistedWizzro343 People of Falkreath by TwistedWizzro343 People of Morthal by TwistedWizzro343 People of Dawnstar by TwistedWizzro343 Dancing Rams and Morgan by TwistedWizzro343 Jargan and Morwen Free-Winter dancing. by TwistedWizzro343 People of Solitude by TwistedWizzro343 People of Windhelm by TwistedWizzro343 People of Markarth by TwistedWizzro343 The swamp hold of Hjaalmarch by TwistedWizzro343