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Portal the Movie

Portal: Best. Game. Ever.
I saw a Portal Movie Poster here --> [link] and I had to do my own.

As always all symbols and companies mentioned are for show only, no affiliation what so ever, the logos just make it look nice.

Oh and the names in the credits, made up, if one of them is yours, how lucky! You made a movie! :clap:
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wulfjakal's avatar
you brough badassness to the next level lol
XxBefore-I-SleepxX's avatar
THIS. It is awesome. :clap:
XxBefore-I-SleepxX's avatar
how would you make a portal movie?
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
the actors the secial effects the the locations it would be a mess
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
unless you had the right budget ;)
RealLazyArtist's avatar
why PG-13 when the game is rated 10+?
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
Because the game limits its content to just puzzles and GLaDOS, albeit the game is amazing, there would have to be more diverse content in the movie, and that means a slightly more mature rating considering the premise for the story.
GeekTruth64's avatar
That is freakin' awesome; great job :)
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
Thank you! It's my favorite out of all the ones I've done :)
StarbyStars's avatar
she wasn't blonde!
gingerbread69's avatar
It's the girl from Portal Prelude :D
zelda-lover's avatar
I'd watch this. D:
Kooroe's avatar
A portal movie would be sweet if the made it like the Cube. (film series)
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
YES! That would be amazing :boogie:
Sifinia's avatar
this would be...Amazing. ohhh my gosh. :iconhappytearsplz:
MattsyKun's avatar
I just came.

If they turned this into a movie......
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
I'm glad I could be the source of your... erm.... pleasure....;)
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