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Legend of Zelda Movie Poster

Another movie poster, this time of one of my favorite game series. Inspired by that april fools trailer IGN made a few years ago.

Thanks to :iconlinkinspirit: for the amazing Link cosplay and for finding that awesome horse to sit on.

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i wish they would make zelda into a movie i think it could be pretty bad ass if the right person did it
silverelflover1101's avatar
O.O Me Like it. (added as fav)
apearlsdawn's avatar
oooh, I wish it were real... O.O not as in the "real this is only imagination" way but in the "walk in a movie theater see the poster for real movie" way.... maybe they'd actually do good by it... optimism!
ConriXII's avatar
jealous... they really need to make a freaking movie... they'd make SO much money...
TwistedWhiteRabbit's avatar
I'm just afraid when they make the movie, it'll suck :(
ConriXII's avatar
pshaw!!! cuz then i'd have to murder all of them...
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