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Plastic Ball Gown - 1 of 3

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Ball gown made from matte and translucent plastic. Displayed with a corset made from 225 mustard packets.

I wrote a blog post about this one, with lots of info and background.

I also posted a topic about it on Craftster.

More photographs of this and other artworks can be found at my Imagekind portfolio.
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Very, very clever - I just love it
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hahahah genius!
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how did you do the corset?
I love the whole look but I've been trying to work with condiment packets myself for a project and I'm slightly flummuxed regarding how to actually make them into something. -_-

I love the whole outfit. Very well done and highly professional.
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gah! this is the kind of skill i aspire to achive!! amazing! absolutely amazing! x_^
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that's insane!
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It's really awsome!

I wish I can sew!
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WOW, now that is a really clever idea, not mention your also helping with recycling. I wonder if you were to ware that dress and suddenly some one tells you that you smell like mustard?
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Your featured in my favorites of 2008 journal! [link]
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I want one please
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Wow! That is so cool! I think I love it:P

I'm making a Tudor dress right now but using plastics so clever!
russiantea87's avatar don't know me but, hi, I'm russiantea87: and I'd like very much to use that dress for a character design.

It is, the perfect dress for my revamped gypsy princess__okay, she's not a vampire or anything, but i completely redefined the gypsy I think, in many respects. I made her design very different than, what you would typically concede is, a 'very' gypsy persona.

The plastic really suits this character: it's very eclectic and unorthodox, yet also sensual, especially the steam punk film noir time period this story takes place within.

I really, really, really want this dress for this character; so...can I, please.

The dress in it's entirety will be credited to your ingenuity in the realms of aesthesia, and not mine.
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Hi ! :wave:

I featured your awesome piece in my newest journal here : [link]

Keep up the good work ! :)
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nice work
in my school my fashion classmates did something similar for the Desing Week the last year
awesome shoot!
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Oh, wow. This is so nice.
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awesome work, and so nicely made, looks so neat (and i kno how painful can be to sew plastic)
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o.o wow i actually found this elsewhere cuz i have to do sumthing similar for an upcoming contest @_@
its awesome tat ur on DA :D haha *searches gallery*
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This is so different.
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that's so intense
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Beautiful, waste not want not, eh? Good job recycling. :+fav:
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That's amazing~! Beautifully sewn.

So many mustard packets. You must have been really hungry. :D
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cool. how much plastic did you go through and how did you keep it from falling apart?! lol this is an awesome idea and i love the design and color. way to go! ^_^
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O.O that is effin amazing. X3 it would fit in wonderfully with the conservation idealists here. faved!
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