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My work for Glass-competition


Lucia Masonia, "The Mother Of Tulpas"

Lucia is 38 years old and only heir to scottish, globally known concrete firm, Masonia Concrete International. She had spoiled childhood, secretive life and unlimited possibilities from the start. Protective parents kept her away from publicity and made sure she is safe any where, any time, which made her some what arrogant and pompous, beautiful girl full of pride and privilege.

It's uncertain, when did she gain her powers, or was it in her all the time, but everything changed after bone marrow transplant; she suddenly realized she had savant-type ability to control her senses, memorize unbelievable amounts of information, speed up her learning curve and hyper focus at rate, which could be called out of this world.
Lucia can shift easily brainwaves and has ability to shorten her wavelength beyond gamma, witch is the shortest and most focused wawelength. In other words: she can focus so much, it seems to her like time is slowing down.

After her parents passed away in mysterious car crash, she gained control of hole company and became youngest millionaire woman in Europe. Soon after that, Masonia International started to make record profits and Lucia started training and learning, trying to find out, what can she accomplish with her seemingly unlimited powers. After a year she had a nightmare, where a giant dog chased her and when she woke up, she realized the dog had followed her from dream to reality. (This is how the hound of Baskerville-legend started) Amazed by what had happened, she started to learn about mythology, religion, occultism and lastly: tulpas.

But even with her abilities, makin solid, touchable tulpas, was quite a challenge. Every time she actually managed to complete tulpa, it didn't last in reality and every time something went horribly wrong: tulpas got aggressive and were deformed from the nightmare ridden mind, that seemed impossible to control. She soon became obsessed from the thought of creating life and started to build a private lab under her family-mansion. First she tried to forge a hole person or animal, next step was trying to use robots and dolls as vessels to her made souls, but nothing worked. All tulpas vanished. At longest, they lasted a week.

It was soon after that, Lucia contacted man named Glass, who is said to be smartest man ever lived on planet earth. Glass gave Lucia some tips and ideas to continue research.

Glass instructed her to try gene splicing, combining different kind of cells. And so Lucia did: she combined almost hundred types of fungi to cross breed a new, unknown to mankind, kind of mushroom and added some cells from mammals, even humans. To tie her newborn organism and make her tulpas "vessel" solid, she used Boquila trifoliata, which has the unique ability: mimetic polymorphism.
And to this day, Lucia lives under breath taking mansion, at her own private lab and tries to make a hole new species, witch will have powers that humankind can't understand. The vessel is almost complete. Combination of fungus, robotics, mammals and plant seems should be the missing ingredient. Or so she hopes. Her work is not done yet, but she's getting close to her goal.
And that goal is to become a god.

PS. Sorry for typo's  and TLDR type of introduction. :)
Painting for my self, for my workspace.
It's been a long time since trying traditional paper and pen. "Few" hiccups, problems and some pure, 100% despair, later, i finally managed to finish this.
Next step: frames. 🙂
Eco-friendly business
"Nature and investor's well being is our top priority. As you can see: we have taken care of ecology-stuff, and builded a smoking area for our peasan... i mean worker's!"


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi everyone!
Im 28 years old man from Finland. I always had a vivid imagination and loved drawning. After 10 years of not doing anything artistic, i bought a Wacom tablet and started studying painting, drawning, colouring etc.
Now the old hobby has become something that helps me get through a day and consumes most of my spare time. Im hoping to get better at painting/drawning and trying to learn always something new.
I love contrasts and my works are usually combinations of something "pretty" "cute" "horrible" and "vile."
I like to take something beautiful and twist it with something horrible and ugly.


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