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Mudbriar Cooper

He reminded me of Sheldon lol 


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hi i contacted you awhile back about using this as a ref for my fiance's oc, and you said yes. so here it is. 
BAZINGA! by moonshadowluna
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*snrk* I bloody love the jean sleeves, that's genious. 

I need amy-maud pronto
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Why does this guy look like the character you play as in Hello Neighbor, but as a pony?
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Ask the people who designed him. 
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I looked up the voice actors to see if this was an actor allusion, but Mudbriar is voiced by Adam Kirschner, not Jim Parsons.
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Knew it!! (pause) Well, technically, I strongly suspected it...that is to say, I surmised, based on the single viewing of the pertinent episode, that the personality tropes that Mudbriar displayed were strongly reminiscent of a certain anally-retentive uber-nerd of the public conscience's acquaintance.
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I'd actually like him better if he dressed like this on the show. :giggle:
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When he started babbling about a mind palace, I had to google a picture of Sherlock and compare the two :D

But technically, Sheldon works well too :D
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Technically like Sheldon! XD
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I guess most thought the same.
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I thought the same lol
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Yeah, I as surprised that he was not voiced by Jim Parsons.
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Now I REALLY want that to happen..
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why should I delete perfection?  
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Yeah, I was calling him "Sheldon Pony" the entire episode.
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Give him enough alcohol and he might sing "The Facts of Life" with his clothes off!
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I wish everyone would stop trying to ruin Mudbriar with this comparison?
TwistedHiccy's avatar
Perhaps not everyone thinks that this comparison ruins the character? .:*LPS*:. Pepper Rolling her eyes 
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