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For :iconbridletimeout: Thank you kindly for commissioning me! 


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As much as I dislike Twilight and Bridle now being a threesome with Flash (not bashing Flash's character either. Just the idea) this is still way to cute.
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I’m glad you like the cuddle pile. Hiccups did an awesome job with it. 
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Whom ever commissioned this had such a cute idea and cute OC. I'm not sure if the two mares are sharing Flash or if the OC is sharing Twilight with Flash but either way this cuddle pile is super cute. :iconflutterhappyplz: 
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Thanks ^^ Though I have to say, much of the credit for the way they're posed does have to go to Hiccups. I asked for them in a "cute cuddle pile", and left it to her to pose them the way she wanted to, and it came out great. :) (In particular, I just love how Twi is sticking out her tongue a little bit. :P )

As for who is sharing who, it's kind of both I guess? I ship all three of them together. :)
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Well I guess your right. I didn't mean to neglect the artist. You did a great job Hiccups, and I too really like the cute Twi sticking her tongue out. Got to say that you're probably very unique, shipping Twilight with Flash and your OC. I can understand though, they look so cute in their cuddle pile. Is there more art of them and your OC, she looks really cool and wonder what kinda fun, cute things a trio like this could get up too. Thank you for replying to me, that was really swell.
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I have a favourite gallery with much of my artwork of them, though most are just of Bridle and Twi:… (Flash is kind of a recent addition, so I haven’t commissioned very much art including Flash yet)

I am waiting for a commission from another artist of a rather silly/cute pic of Bridle and Flash though. :)

Hehe, I can’t imagine there’s many people out there who would ship their OC with both Twilight and Flash, but I certainly don’t mind being unique in that regard. A lot of people are rather negative about him and I guess I just wanted to be more positive. :)
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