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Penumbra Nuzlocke rules




- Only the first pokemon on each route can be caught*
If the first encounter is knocked out, it is considered your first encounter and you must try another route. No duplicates. No second chances. (Legendaries are banned)
*Rule does not apply on Shinies
- Once a pokemon faints, they are considered dead and must be boxed Permanently
This pokemon cannot be used and is "dead" in the comic
- Can not heal at pokemon centers
Boxes can be accessed but Healing is banned, you must rely on items and NPC healing. (If an NPC offers to heal, you can only heal once.)
- Can not purchase items
Can not purchase any items (Exception being TMs) Must rely on finding items
- Z moves are banned
No pokemon is allowed to hold or use a Z crystal


- Affection is allowed
- Whenever a pokemon hits 1HP, the pokemon receives permanent battle damage
- No IV or EV training (No hyper training, SOS battles, Vitimins, nothing that raises its stats besides regular levelling)
- No shiny chaining (Adrenaline orb banned)
- All pokemon are named after character references



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TwistedEerie I gotta know

how the heck do you put your unown text into the comic?

like seriously i cannot figure it out :P