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Penumbra Nuzlocke 33

Ok let me flex just this once cos this is the best thing that happened in my playthrough let me have this
AAAAAAHAHAHHAA FINALLY AFTER 3 ISH YEARS I CAN REVEAL MY BIGGEST FREAKING FLEX IN THIS COMIC!!!! FINALLY THE GAME MADE UP FOR MY AWFUL LUCK THROUGHOUT THIS NUZLOCKE!!! and YES I DID catch a shiny cubone, I actually ran into it randomly as my second or third encounter on that route after Gylfie freaking killed the first encounter magby but holy shet as u mightve guessed I was ecstatic oh my gosh I could finally use that shiny catch rule....
Ok yeah thats all my screaming thanks for listening to my ted talk
also some art changes going forward: going back to hard cell shading because its more fun and clean and my calling, i know the lineart looks pixellated its cos i was trying out a different brush and I used the wrong one for 80% of the page so thats my bad but I'm still playing around with brushes so bear with me cries

Dartrix - Gylfie ♀️
Misdreavus - Calcifer ♂️
Vullaby - Daisy ♀️
Eevee - Ken ♂️

Pre: Penumbra Page 32

First: Cover


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welcome to the club! love the tribal look of the skull and the fact that the club is actually a knife! I didn´t get at first that it was a shiny, I thought it was just artistic liberty :P

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Whoa! That’s a hellova luckout! Shiny cubone in a Nuzlocke! And he’s just as weird as the rest of Krane’s pokemon!

Velink's avatar

OH MAI GOD! a shiny?? super lucky!

you made it so negative to contrast its usual prized nature as a nice touch too!

I wonder why Krane does not value shiny like most other do

TwistedEerie's avatar

THANK you!! I still cant believe it haha its still pretty insane

and I’m glad! Its not something that i see touched on in nuzlockes much so I kinda compared them to our world’s view on them haha :D

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I was wondering why the Cubone was green. What luck to find a shiny Cubone. What happened to Krane's neck? We will know more as this goes on.
TwistedEerie's avatar
Haha all good it is a pretty rare sight! But oof we shall :nod:
Tenshineko01's avatar
I like this Cubone, they have spunk.
Sophie-Dragon's avatar
I love the little cubone! S/he is the best thing ever! ❤️
Wait, scratch that, this comic is the best thing ever!!!!
And can't wait to get to know more about Krane's past. 👀 Love all these little hints your are dropping.
TwistedEerie's avatar
Aaa thank you SO SO MUCHHH BLESS U <33
brisity's avatar

I'm super late! I don't know why honestly... Great page and congrats on the shiny!

Someone finally saved Krane and the tent...

TwistedEerie's avatar
Its all good! I was taking a break from DA so u didnt miss much haha but thank you so so much! And yes finally krane is spared :’D
wytchwoods's avatar
LMAOOO poor krane just fumbling through that entire interaction was so good and then just....Poof! Tent! LMFAO "oh, so you lied :/"
TwistedEerie's avatar
HAHA THANK YOUU I had so much fun with this stupid little page
jadethestone's avatar
So frickin jealous! Wow! A shiny cubone! So cool!
TwistedEerie's avatar
Thank you!! :’D
jadethestone's avatar
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
HOLY SHMOKES CONGRATS!!!! Your shiny Cubone looks amazing (imagine him becoming a shiny Alolan Marowak!!! 2nd suspense on Krane's hidden scar on his head, I wonder what's the story behind it will be!!
TwistedEerie's avatar
THANK YOU AAAA!! IM SO GLAD AND HAPPY!! And oOOh boi that one I will for sure reveal in time!
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
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Hey hey, if I got a shiny anything I'd want to show him off, too. ;)

Seriously, loving the new guy, and I can't wait for him (her?) to go places.

Man soo many things happening this page, it has to be one of my favorites. :thumbsup:
TwistedEerie's avatar
Thank you so much!! And I’m so glad haha I had a fear that this page would be boring for some reason :’D
also, yep shes a her!
Frostclaw140's avatar
yoooooo shiny baby!!

krane is proof that natural selection is obsolete smh
TwistedEerie's avatar
GladionEmonanaBoi's avatar

OK, I'm going to ask the question on everyone's mind: Where the HELL did he get those scars?! And it looks like there's a slice up his spinal cord or something?!

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