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Penumbra Nuzlocke 30
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Published: September 27, 2019
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me: updates are gunna be half the size of the original pages!
*pages get longer and closer to their original size every update*
me: i just lied to myself didnt i

im on me last week of film hell thank gosh, soon i will be free to draw again... im also slowly catching up with nuzlockes and messages but im still so busy i literally can't find the time to balance everything yet hhh also thank Rookon for helping me with flats which made this page possible tbh cos ive barely had any time to do anything ooft im tired. But HEY i had way too much fun with the expressions on this page my gosh its great to be out of emo zone

ALSo still playing around with different background styles, I'm thinking of putting my focus on colours and lighting more than details, but who knows maybe I'll change my mind??
and yes Krane can't read its canon, he just sucks so much he never learned how to read cos he never went to school

Dartrix - Gylfie ♀️
Misdreavus - Calcifer ♂️
Vullaby - Daisy ♀️
Eevee - Ken ♂️


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Maplestar4 Digital Artist
if anyone gets that then I love them. Btw awesome chapter (their called chapters right) and keep doing awesome! 
TwistedEerie's avatar
TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
and omfg thank you so much!!! <3
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WintersPheonixHobbyist Interface Designer
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KrisantyneHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes Gylfie I'm sure there's a totally natural and normal explanation for Krane's sudden battling skills because everything that happens to y'all is normal!

Whoot? Whoot? Whoot? 
TwistedEerie's avatar
TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
hjkgfd Gylfie gets dense and overlooks the most obvious thing cos she just expects so little from krane, the irony :'D
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This could be a problem. 
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Uh oh the man's illiterate.
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the-real-fairy-amyHobbyist Digital Artist
jhgurgbdhgjjsdf krane be like : jared, 19
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brisityHobbyist General Artist
Great page! I just wonder how nobody noticed Krane can't read before. I mean, how long were they together?

( Just noticed you aren't in my watch list, but I just fixed it. I always forget that is a thing, maybe that is why I'm late for updates... )
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TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!!! Haha honestly its something that hasnt been brought up and hes just been bottling it all up for so long
and oh man thanks so much!! It means a lot! <3
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jadethestoneHobbyist General Artist
I was just about to make a comment on how Gylfie is really bad at picking up the signals of Krane going apeshit during the fight and only chocking it up to "adrenaline and wanting to get out of there". But then I realized that Krane can't read and I likely was bad at picking up those signals, haha.

Anyway, nicely done. Gladion's apology felt nice and in-character and was some good closure over their fight. I feel like Hau's reaction is me 90% of the time XD "aw he really does care!"
And the expressions on the last two panels is When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)
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TwistedEerieHobbyist Digital Artist
wheeZES sorry for the late reply but oh man thank you so much!! Haha Gylfie just has so little expectations for Krane its kinda funny
but I'm so glad to hear that! It means a lot when I can write any of the canon characters in character or at least somewhat cos its not easy I'll admit :')
but thanks again!! <3
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jadethestoneHobbyist General Artist
Haha, yeah, no problem!!
And yeah, writing Canon characters can be nerve-wracking, especially if you have different interpretations from your readers.
But tbh, I just assume that everyone's gonna have a different "version" of said character and usually I view them as such. So you writing characters like Gladion or Hau WELL is more important to me than how ACCURATE they are, if you get what I mean.
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QAtheAuthoressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Either he can’t or he forgot? 
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Memory's funny. It seems you can forget things, like birthdays and names, but you can't forget skills (how to do things), like riding a bike or how to fight. It's the reason amnesiacs can forget what someone's name is but can still walk around like anyone else. I could almost argue, in this case, that reading is a skill and can't really be forgotten, especially if it's ingrained from an early age like it typically is.

Now, if Krane's mother tongue isn't English (or what's spoken/written in Alola), that'd be a little different. Then it'd be possible he forgot how to read what is, to him, a foreign language. (I'd argue that it's not a skill so much as remembering what words in a foreign language mean in your mother tongue; source, my time learning Spanish.) And if his only memories are from his time in Alola, he'd likely not have encountered another language, thus the assumption he can't read at all. (It's worth pointing out that Krane, like the protagonist from S/M, is from Kanto, so it's entirely possible, but there are other holes so I wouldn't grasp this hypothesis too hard, haha.)
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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist
He’s still lovable, right Gyl?
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Digiart326485Student Artist
why is this so funny XD.
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MikuozHobbyist Digital Artist
that anime rowlet reference, 10/10
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mmizartHobbyist Featured
"what up im krane im 19 and i never fuckin learned to read"
the best part of this revelation is that it took 30 updates to be revealed
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CozyKomalaHobbyist Digital Artist
Bless you. XD
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A-KTheLittleFairyHobbyist General Artist
Oh Krane can't read? Okay.
Btw the whole page looks awesome!
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DasUnicormStudent General Artist
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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist General Artist
That second-to-last panel: "How did my life get to this point?"
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EraOfThirteenHobbyist Digital Artist
hhh your art is so  prettYYYY 
im glad gladion has the decency to apologize for what happened :0 also wow how did I not notice krane being illiterate before kksjajls it makes sense though! it explains quite a bit
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