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Penumbra: Hackerman Heist



wHAT?? AN EXTRA PAGE ABOUT A RANDO?? NANI?? also long ass page wow havent seen u in a bit
oh fock also I forgot to mention that this page takes place a few years before the events of Penumbra yee haww
Ok but yes this is Darwin and I promise he's gunna appear in the main comic and totally not me shoving in a character for no reason at all but because I like writing him and dw "Mags" is a canon character from the games who'll appear in time too
I went for a more storyboard style page this time for practice + to save my poor wrist
I promise this event will be explained later on next chapter but I swear this isn't me shOEHORNING GALAR SHET I PROMISE THERE'S A REASON WHY I DID THIS PAGE...

do you ever have the feeling where you really want to spill some spoiler beans but then your body knows what'll happen if you do so it just kind of condenses itself into to black hole cos yeah if that aint me with Penumbra 24/7 i freaakign swear we haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg with this comic and im over here about to implode like a neuclear star this is slowly KILLING M e like WE ONLY JUST REVEALED TOTEM AUMAKUA AAAAAAAAAA
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