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Within the past few days, I have finally come up with a segment for my channel: The Shadow Man. It's basically a rant, review, and salute series about my inner darkness as a physical character. I call him: The Shadow Man. Another name for him is the "Twisted Dark Shadow".
I'm pretty sure there's already a character named Shadow Man but there have been some cases where two characters have the same name.
Anyway, The Shadow Man is actually my version of a McJuggerNuggets characters, "The Mirror Man", who was a minor character from The Devil Inside series. However, my character doesn't have the shiny mirror face. Instead, he has a dark face. Another thing that's different is The Shadow Man actually has a voice, even when he's wearing his mask.
I think I should share the story of The Shadow Man here on DeviantART:
The Shadow Man is a character played by Twisted Dark Justin. He's basically the dark side of Justin who also likes to rant about things that are annoying, such as little kid's shows. He also likes reviewing food and rarely making positive reviews about things that he likes. But, that's not too common. 
The Shadow Man is also being controlled by an evil being known as Primevil. So, it's basically a demon taking over Justin's body in order to get him to film videos, whether it's positive or negative. 
So, yeah. That's the basic storyline of The Shadow Man. More rants and reviews coming soon.
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I finally made the first video on my new channel. It was OK at first but the rest was a bit rushed. I was a bit proud of the effect when I teleported into the room. The rest seemed rushed though.
So, what videos am I going to make next? A new plush series? Vlogs? Skits? No. Not right now.
The next videos I would like to make is an updated plush collection. The last time I did one of those was in November 2016. It was to celebrate my 1K sub milestone.
Well, this time I'm going to make an updated version because my collection has expanded since November 2016. This time, however, it won't be one large 59 minute video. Instead, I plan on turning it into parts. I'll have a plush category for each video.
Examples are: Mario, Pokemon, Mythological, etc.
The only thing I need to do is go to my mom's house and get my stuff back in order to make these collection videos. I really hope I can actually make these plush collection videos. They're a bit more simple than actual plush videos.
So, the next question is: What about plush videos? Are you still doing those?
Yes. I'll still be trying to make plush videos. It's just been hard to film them since everyone's always home and it's as if they like to interrupt my videos. I can't do them in my room because the walls are thin and you can hear every word I say. If I say something too loud, my dad decides to open my door and start running his mouth. I also need to clean my room. It's currently not presentable for videos. I'm going to try to change that within the next week. I especially need to get rid of that table. It's very wobbly and will fall over if you even lean your arms on it.
So, yeah. That's all I needed to say. More videos coming soon!
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Hello, everyone. It's Twisted Dark Justin here. You may all be wondering why I haven't uploaded on my new channel yet. Well...
I'm waiting for the appropriate time to do it. But, I've been running into some problems. Same shit as before: People keep putting me down and bashing/insulting me for making videos. So, I have no idea when or IF I'll upload more videos. At this rate, I'm literally thinking about giving up.
I can only take so much hits from people's hurtful words. I'm like a dam that's about to break. There's nothing I can do about it. At least I finally had a counseling session today and it went very well. I was a little worried at first but my counselor is OK with me. 
But, it feels like no matter how much help I get, there will always be those hateful members that just don't like what I do.
I'm just sitting here, waiting for something, anything, to happen. At least I got my money earlier than expected. I'm actually not going to order much anymore. Instead, I'm gonna save up for Autumn daycation. I found a good spot to have it at: The Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. I saw a drone video of it and it was beautiful. I need to save enough money, which is why I'm not going to put much in my account from now on.
If I save up enough, I'm hoping that I'll be able to go and explore the mountains in Autumn. I love nature, especially during October and November. 
So, yeah. That's all I needed to share with you all. Hopefully, things work out.
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As some of you may know...
My main channel, Twisted Dark Justin 1998, has 2.4K subs but only gets 20 views per video, due to inactive subscribers/subscribers that only subscribed for certain content.
Well, I've come to the decision that I will be moving channels. It's for the best and I will be uploading to there from now on.
So, if anyone cares to subscribe to my new channel (Which was previously called "Twisted Dark Productions"), here's where you can find it:…
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Today marks my 4th year as Twisted Dark Justin 1998 on YouTube. I've been posting about it and I was going to make a video talking about it. It's not going to happen though. Nobody's going to watch it, my dad and Beatlebitch are always home and won't stop calling my name every five minutes, and I'm feeling pissed again.
It feels like every time I go to social media, I see nothing but pictures of my friends who are couples being happy and hugging. That's never going to happen to me. You want to know why? It's because I'm ugly and mentally retarded.
I admitted my crush on Instagram over a week ago. Nobody gave a shit. I mean, yeah, one of her close friends messaged me and told me that they talked about it. Heck, even her dad is willing to help me with my situation, which got my hopes up because my own family isn't even trying to help me at all. I keep getting told to "Save up my money and move out and give up my dreams and blah blah blah!".
It'd be better if I lived in the fucking woods. That's obviously where I belong. Either the woods or Hell. Anyway, my crush obviously didn't even confront me after I revealed it. So, it's the same scenario of what happened whenever I had a crush in Middle School. 
I admit it, they find out, and don't give a shit. Why is everybody else a happy couple while I'm stuck being single for the rest of my life? I obviously did something wrong. I just don't know what.
Happy fucking anniversary. I should've just quit after I got strikes on my original channel. Nobody seems to care about how long I've been on the godforsaken website called YouTube.
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If anyone wants to join my Discord server, here is the link to it (It's called "Twisted Dark Land"):
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I'd love to get back to filming my videos for YouTube. However, at this point, I'm thinking about quitting that platform. 
With all of these ridiculous changes and new guidelines, I feel like it's not even worth it anymore. I'm gonna keep going but I'm still waiting for McJuggerNuggets and his StoryFire app to have the uploading videos feature. Until then, I guess I'm gonna have to stick with The Tube (It's all about corporate greed nowadays).
Another update: I just came back from my mom's house and I tried something really good. There's this old-fashioned candy shop at the boardwalk and I love it. They sell old candy and some weird bacon-scented candles that smell like shit.
The thing I tried was "Carrot Cake Soda", which sounds weird but it tasted so good. It made me wish October would hurry up and be here. I hate Summer weather.
I also plan on saving up some money for "Fall Daycation", which I plan on going to Missouri or somewhere more up north. I just hope I keep my word. We don't get good Autumn weather in Louisiana. It sucks.
One more thing before I end this journal: I'll still spend a small amount of money towards my videos. It'll just be less than usual. I plan on getting a vampire plush and I'm gonna name him "Drecula", or Drec for short.
That's it for now. I'll keep you all updated.
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The videos I make always suck. I keep rushing them and they end up crappy. This is why I shouldn't be making videos at all and do what other people want me to do. I want to make videos but no one else believes in me. I've been put down too many times so I'm just going to give up.
I wish I actually had help with my videos. I've been criticized too much for my voice acting. "You need to work on your voice acting and camera angles". No shit. Tell me something I don't know. There's so much I can improve on. I just don't know how I'm supposed to quote "improve". Practicing won't help. I hate being a one-man crew. It's not like I have anyone who is willing to help me...
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Earlier, I accidentally dropped my Android phone into the bathroom sink. It still works however, it's refusing to charge. I may need a new one soon. It was about time anyway. I've had that phone since 2015.
The good thing about that is: If I get a new Android phone, I'll be able to finally play Dolphin emulator on it because my current one isn't compatible with the new versions of Dolphin. The older versions barely work anyway.
If I were to get a new Android phone, does anyone have any recommendations? I'm no phone expert and I need to know which phone will be good enough to do things. Only rule is it has to be Android, not iOS.
Please comment which phone I should get...
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There are so many reasons for me to be sad/depressed. Not like anyone cares.
1. I have no friends in real life - I lost all of my friends. 
2. I dropped out of school - I've been insulted several times because of this. Call me a drop out prick. I don't care.
3. My online friends would hate me in real life - Because of me being a "2 year old in a 19 year old body", I have meltdowns all because of the curse known as autism.
4. I'm stupid - I blurt a bunch of stupid shit out of my mouth. I like to quote memes and I end up ruining the humor.
5. I hate everyone - My family, my ex-friends, and pretty much everyone who used to give a shit about me. Or, so I thought...
and 6. I'm from the worst state in the US - The 25 worst cities known for homicide has 3 of them listed in my state: Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans. Nobody would want to talk to someone from a lousy fucking ghetto state. 
I wish I felt better. But, that's wishful thinking. It's never going to get better.
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1. Dark Carnival - A mix of "The Carnival" from Twisted Metal 4 and "Carnival of Darkness" from TM: Lost. The boss of this level is Dark Tooth and a newcomer known as "Monster Tooth". Dark Tooth should be like he was in Head-On but more like a monster truck. Monster Tooth should be like the toy I used to own called "Chill Out", which was part of the Monster Jam toy line in the 2000's.
But, before you face the two monster trucks, the player must deal with Super Tooth. He's like an appetizer. So, it's technically 2 battles, 3 bosses total. The fight between Dark Tooth and Monster Tooth will be similar to "The Brothers Grimm" from TM 2012.
2. Twisted Stadium - Calypso's stadium where the final battle occurs. It's a match between the player, one boss, and 5 other opponents. Who is the final boss? Well, it's a character named Primevil, not to be confused with Primeval from Twisted Metal 3. The battle starts out normal but after 1 minute of driving, the depths of hell rise up in Calypso's stadium and Primevil, who is similar to the devil himself, rises out of the ground and is after everyone after the player killed Minion in one of the previous levels. He also has a shield like Minion does in TM Black. But, it takes a lot of hits to deactivate it. The vehicle is a large blood red hot rod with a flame paint job on the side. It also has an engine sticking out and teeth. It's like the car from "Son of the Mask" but with a devil theme to it.
3. Suicide Canyon - A grand canyon-like level filled with lots of sand. It's supposedly in Arizona. But it's actually in Roswell, New Mexico. The boss for this level is two aliens in two different vehicles: Moon Buggy, the six wheeled space vehicle from TM4. The other boss is a flying saucer named "UFO". Yes, it's a name as lame as ATV from Head-On but it's much better in my opinion. Besides, I can't find a better name for it. 
4. Graveyard Town - A dark city that's like a giant cemetery. There is no boss in this level. However, there is a bunch of zombies walking around and can be run over. 
5. Jungle of the Dead - A jungle area located in South America. The boss in this level is a giant tiki truck named "Mega Trapper", who is like Trapper from Small Brawl. The whole level is based on ancient Mayan civilizations. 
6. Brawlspace - A giant crawlspace level like the one in The Bedroom from TM4. The boss of this level is Manslaughter, since most bedrooms that kids live in have toy cars. However, this is a level where there's nowhere to hide. It's all about stealth.
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Today, I thought I'd share with you all some memories that I had with my original YouTube channel, CrackletheHedgehog1. This is going to be one bumpy ride down memory lane. Here we go:

I created CrackletheHedgehog1 in the Summer of 2012. I was about to start 7th grade. I was only 13 years old at the time and have only used the website for 5 years. Yeah. It took me 5 freaking years to set up an account, mainly because I was too young before then. My very first video was a boring slideshow of details about my so called "original" character.
It received some dislikes, which was to be expected. 

Some of the segments that were featured on this channel were: Music with Crackle pictures, Crackle the Hedgehog OSTs, a plush series that was called "Mewtwo's Random Adventures", slideshows, webcam videos, and some other crap.

Music with Crackle pictures was a terrible thing I did. I remember I made one with a recolored pic of Crackle dressed up as PSY and it played Gangnam Style. Another one was the Freedom Beef song from Powerpuff Girls. The worst part about this one was, well, I made a speech bubble with a part of the lyrics. But, I misspelled it. Instead of saying "Do the people have to be freedom beef?", I spelled "Do the people HALF to be freedom beef?". How retarded was I back then?

Crackle the Hedgehog OSTs was nothing more than a rehash of music with Crackle pictures. The only difference being that instead of music from movies or pop culture, it was video game music. It was supposed to be a "fan made" soundtrack segment but really, it was nothing more than a bunch of already existing vgm's but remixed slightly.

"Mewtwo's Random Adventures" was the original version of my current series. However, there were less characters and even the funniest character on my current channel, Mewzero, was absent. This series was too random. Heck, someone even commented on one of the episodes of the series and said "stupid". That's it. This was also before the Rouge the Bat plush was released by GE Entertainment. I was using a damn paper cutout as Rouge instead of a plush.

I had a slideshow called "A Slideshow of Funny Pictures". It played the song called "Ice Cream and Cake" by Buckwheat Boyz. It was terrible.

The rest were some random webcam videos. More crap in the toilet.

Needless to say, I'm so glad I went a different direction in 2014. Crackle the Hedgehog is dead to me. No wonder that Fruity website of trolls hated my guts. I'm so glad I've changed. Crackle, you dead! Never come back into my life.
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As some of you know, I pretty much quit liking SML due to Logan and Zeke's feud. Well, within the past few days, more events have occurred. Well, mainly two: SkipDip flagging Logan's videos and the viruses on SML's website. So, here's my opinions:

1. The SkipDip situation - So, recently, a troll has been false flagging Logan's videos. He has a username known as SkipDip. He might be the reason that SML got all of those videos age restricted. I don't know but it is very likely.
I would help Logan out and report that guy. But, now we come to the next situation:

2. The SuperMarioLogan website has viruses - So, on Zeke's Twitter page, he shared with us that the official SML website ( has a bunch of fake ads that download viruses to your computer. Now, if 95% of Logan's viewers were adults, this wouldn't be a problem. But, that's not the case. 95% of them are children. So, knowing that, Logan could get in big trouble if he doesn't fix this soon.
I don't know if Logan did it on purpose but I have a feeling that he did because he needs money, apparently. Or, he doesn't care about his fans and only cares about the money. I honestly don't know.

So, I don't know what to do at this point. I'm on Zeke's side. Logan needs to get rid of Jeffy because his fans are mean to people with different opinions. SML is dead to me. It's such a shame because I was a fan for almost 5 years.
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I found a song in a video game I've been looking for quite some time now. Believe it or not, I actually played the console version of "The Urbz: Sims in the City" before I even knew the DS version existed. I liked it. One of my favorite levels in that game was the motorcycle level known as "Gasoline Row". 
About a year ago, I actually heard a song in the game while replaying it. But, I had no luck finding it. That is, until I found it on YouTube and it was uploaded more recently. It's called "Monty Cristo". The opening guitar track sounds kind of like sludge metal, in my opinion. Here it is:
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I just got done eating some french fries and I think I ate myself sick. Then again, it could be a false alarm. But, I just belched and it tasted like sour Sunny D, which so happens to be what I drank.
I hope I'm not getting sick again. It's bad enough I sleep all day and stay up all night. Yesterday, I went to sleep at 10 in the morning and woke up at 11 at night. I need to fix this. I have no energy in me, which explains why I can't make any videos as of right now.
My stomach feels too full as I'm typing this but I don't feel as bad when it comes to vomiting. I hope I don't throw up my french fries.
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There's a possible chance that Activision will be announcing a new game today during their Twitch live stream. Could it be Spyro? I really hope so. I need the original version of the purple dragon to return. I've been wanting that to happen since 2012. I hate the Skylanders design of him.
I'm gonna see if it happens. If it does, then... HYPE TRAIN! If not, then that sucks. At least we have the upcoming Spyro fan games (Like Spyro: Myths Awaken or Spring Savanna). However, I'm almost positive that the announcement is about Spyro. So is Canadian Guy Eh (One of my new favorite YouTubers).
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About five days ago, I finally ordered my stuff off of eBay and Etsy. One of them was a custom made Pogo the Clown latex mask. It hasn't shipped yet but it will most likely be soon. I looked on Instagram and the guy selling it, Nightmare Fuel Studios, posted a video of him painting it. 
I'm glad I was able to buy it before anyone else. I'm so excited. Heck, I actually created a favorites folder dedicated to Pogo. I know how he did a lot of bad things like raping and killing boys. But, I do like the clown's design. That's the main reason why I'm buying a Pogo/John Wayne Gacy mask: Because it's colorful.
I also ordered a suit to go with it. It doesn't look like the exact same suit that Pogo wore but, it's meant for my own clown character, Poogie.
No, not boogie or pudding, Poogie. He's a goofy clown. He'll probably have the personality of Goofy from Walt-Disney cartoons. It's still pending. 
The mask will probably get shipped sometime today. The video was filmed 9 hours ago and Ryan was putting the finishing touches on it. So, that would be my guess.
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Next week is when we get paid again. I'm planning on buying more costume stuff. I found some really cool pumpkin latex masks. One looks like a monster and another looks like a chemical zombie. I figured that they would be perfect for my fantasy films of Jack O' Tim. It'll be like different variants. 
I'm also FINALLY going to order a Pogo the clown mask. It's going to be for my clown character, Poogie. Too bad that I still have nobody helping me make these videos. I hate doing everything by myself. 
There's a lot of things I like to order. It feels like I'm ordering a little bit too much but I've seen people on YouTube and other social media that have a lot more than I do. I still plan on making that horror room and filming videos of it. I'd put them on Twisted Dark Productions.
Too bad it's only a fantasy. My dad won't let me do anything with that room that nobody uses. It would be cool though.
That's all for now. 
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Hey, everyone. I've been hatching ideas lately. One of which being episodes for season 3 of The Nutshack. If they do make a 3rd season in the future, regardless of what people think of the show, these are my ideas for what the episodes could be about:

1. "The Revenge of Evil Dick" (AKA TTBoy and Kid Utut Episode 3) - Evil Dick and Professor Pinyot are back with a vengeance. This time, they have more backup. They've managed to join forces with a doppelganger of Kid Utut named Slasher, an evil princess named Jerrica, and an evil supereme executive Chinese chairman, Chairman Ning Ping. Together, they are: The Evil Five. They've managed to kidnap Chita (AKA TTGirl) and hold her for ransom. Can TTBoy and Kid Utut save her?

2. "The Fat and The Furriest" - A Furrycon arrives at the San Francisco Bay Area. There's furries everywhere. Phil despises furries. Jack has never heard of furries. Chita is neutral over them, due to her not being judge mental. Eventually, the gang discover that they were part of a top secret government plan to turn everyone into a furry.

3. "Justin the Metalhead" - A new character named Justin McMetal is taking a vacation in Daly City. He meets Phil and Jack and he tells them about all of the heavy metal music he listens to. He gets help from Phil and Jack to earn money to purchase tickets for an upcoming Metallica concert. Will he earn enough money in time?

4. "The Search For Porno" (Starring Dwayne and Sanjee) - An episode starring Dwayne and Sanjee. After all of his porno disappears, Sanjee gets the assistance of Dwayne to find where it went. 

5. "It's All About Dick" - It's Tito Dick's birthday. However, Phil forgot. So, he has to find a last-minute birthday present for him.

6. "The Asspocalypse Part 1" - Aliens known as the Assinoids have taken over the world. It's basically the apocalypse. The world is destroyed thanks to the Asstroids crashing into earth. Now, only the tough will survive. Can Phil Matibag survive after losing his friends?

7. "The Asspocalypse Part 2" - Phil has traveled to the aliens' control tower. Now, him and Ning Ping must take the world back. Will they succeed on it or will the alien leader known as Emperor Asscox destroy them?

That's all I could think of. I hope that they make a season 3 and use some of my ideas. That would be cool.
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Coming up with good but doable video ideas is harder than it seems. If I had a crew, I would make live action videos. However, nobody I know seems to be interested. I have all of these live action video ideas but none of them are doable at the moment.
One idea I had was "The Nutshack: Live Action Movie". It's kind of like the Ed, Edd, n Eddy live action film on YouTube. Heck, I already made Phil's "Got Nutz" shirt. 
However, I don't have anybody helping me with these videos. So, it's kind of hard to do it. I'm hoping that one day, in the future, my friends from when I was in school will help me out with this little project. Maybe in the summer time when a majority of them have graduated. I just hope that they aren't busy.
Another live action video idea is the fan made slasher movies about my killer OC, "Jack O' Tim". It's another idea I had, a long with the short film, "One Night At Ghostface Place".
I have nobody currently helping me with these videos so it may or may not happen. Dang it.
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