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Spyro: Ripto's Wrath!

Chapter 3: "Gnasto Army"

Back at Ripto's castle, Ripto and Gnasty were gathering up an army to scout the worlds in seek of the dragonfly eggs. The army consisted of: Toasty, Fake Spyro, Riptocs, and Gnorcs.

Ripto: Okay, fellow Riptocs. Do you know what you're supposed to be looking for?

They nodded there heads.

Ripto: Good. Now, get moving!

The Riptocs ran out of the castle.

Gnasty: Okay, Gnorcs. Do you know where you're going and what you'll be looking for?

They nodded.

Gnasty: Okay, good. Now, go!

The Gnorcs ran out of the castle.

Toasty: What do you suppose we do?

Fake Spyro: Yeah. What do we do?

Ripto: I'm glad you asked. Toasty, come up with a plan to capture the purple pest. Fake Spyro, just don't get in my way. You're ugly and I don't like you.

Fake Spyro: Okay. Hehehe!

Ripto: Alright. Are we ready to hunt down some dragonfly eggs?

All: Yeah!
Another part of my Spyro fanfiction. Fake Spyro is a new character who looks like the Skylanders Spyro and speaks like Drawing Jeffy from SML.
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