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Spyro: Ripto's Wrath!

Chapter 2: "Festival Crashers"

In Spring Forest, Spyro and all of his friends were celebrating the dragonfly egg festival. Hunter saw a balloon of The Sorceress and started to scream.

Hunter: Aaaaaah!

Spyro: Hunter, calm down. It's a balloon.

Hunter: Oops, sorry. I thought the Sorceress was back.

Spyro: There's no way that could happen. She melted in some pink ooze. Same with Ripto. He melted in lava.

Hunter: Yeah. I guess you're right.

Sparx: Bzzz! Spyro, I'm so glad there's a festival to celebrate dragonfly eggs.

Spyro: Yeah. I'm glad too. It seems strange for dragonflies to even lay eggs.

Bianca: Not really, Spyro. It's technically larva. Just more egg-shaped.

Spyro: Oh. I didn't think about that.

Suddenly, a balloon explodes.

Hunter: Woah! What was that?

Spyro: I think a balloon popped.

Hunter: It's flaming, Spyro. This was more than a pop.

Then, some other balloons pop.

Bianca: What is going on?

Then, Crush, Gulp, Ripto, and Gnasty show themselves.

Ripto: Hahaha! Hello, purple pest. I'm back!

Spyro: What?! Ripto? I thought you melted in lava. How did you survive?

Ripto: That doesn't matter. All that matters is that I've returned.

Spyro: What do you want this time?

Ripto: Let's just say that I want all of the dragonfly eggs.

Gnasty: Yeah. We want every single dragonfly egg we can find.

Spyro: Gnasty Gnorc? What are you doing working with Ripto?

Gnasty: We're a team now.

Spyro: Well, it doesn't matter. You are not getting the dragonfly eggs.

Ripto: Oh really? Watch this:

Ripto uses his scepter to attempt to harness the dragonfly eggs. It ends up not working and instead, the eggs disappear.

Spyro: What did you do?

Ripto: I don't know. That wasn't supposed to happen. Anyway, without the eggs, you're helpless. Come on, guys. Let's get out of here.

The four go into a portal and flee. Spyro has no idea where all of the eggs went.

Hunter: Where do you think they went, Spyro?

Spyro: I have no idea. What do we do now?

Bianca: Hold on, guys. I think I know what happened. The eggs have been scattered across the different homeworlds.

Spyro: Are you sure?

Bianca: I think so. If Ripto didn't get any power from them, then they're obviously scattered.

Spyro: Well, let's go and find some dragonfly eggs.

So, the adventure begins. Will Spyro be able to find the dragonfly eggs?
Part 2 of my Spyro fanfiction.
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