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South Park Chef Drawing by TwistedDarkJustin South Park Chef Drawing by TwistedDarkJustin
One of my favorite characters from South Park. Chef died almost 11 years ago (March 2006). I miss seeing him in the show. Isaac Hayes (His voice actor) died in 2008. The only voice actor I can think of, if Chef ever came back, that can do a voice of him is Kevin Michael Richardson. 
Kevin Michael Richardson is the voice of a lot of cartoon characters. Some examples are: Cleveland Jr., Mr. Gus (From Uncle Grandpa), and many others. There's a whole video of the voices he did in Cartoons and video games. Heck, he even voiced Crunch from Crash Nitro Kart: One of my favorite PS2 games.
I dunno. I can see Kevin voicing Chef. It would sound a bit different than Isaac Hayes but he sounds like he would do an excellent job. I doubt Matt Stone and Trey Parker would ever hire him. But, that's my personal opinion. At least I didn't say "Tay Zonday would do good", ya know, the same guy who sang Chocolate Rain (Does anybody remember that song?). I saw somebody say that on a forum. I laughed kind of.
RIP Chef and Isaac Hayes. I hated the episode where Chef died. I wish it was non-canon. 
Chef is from South Park.
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