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Mama Luigi and The Jump Scare House!

Chapter 2: "Never Stops The Choking..."

After being told by Spooky the Ghost Girl to get a lucky piece of dice out of a room, Mama Luigi did so.
Once he got into the room, he felt uneasy. He almost felt like vomiting. But, in order to not be out in the rain all night, he had to do what he was told.
He searched in the room for a few minutes, only to not find what Spooky was looking for. He did find a note on the table. It said:

"Spouting, Splashing, Soaking. Innards, Ingest, Invoking. Nailing never stops the choking".

Mama Luigi: What does that mean? Does it mean I get a lollipop?

Suddenly, an ooze-like monster came out from the ground. This frightened Mama Luigi.

Mama Luigi: Holy crap! This is scarier than the time I got hit with a banana.

Specimen 2: *Choking Sound*

Mama Luigi quickly ran for the door. However, it wouldn't open. So, he got his trusty magic marker out of his pocket and blasted the ooze monster with a laser. It's super effective! He then found a key and it unlocked the door to the room he was locked in.
At this point it felt like Spooky set him up. She wanted the monster to kill him. So, he went into the main room but Spooky was nowhere to be seen.

Mama Luigi: Spooky? Where are you?

There was no answer. So, Mama Luigi had to find out what the deal with the house was. It was obviously not a real house.

End of Chapter 2.
Chapter 2. Sorry if the chapters are short. 
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