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Conker's Plush Tales by TwistedDarkJustin Conker's Plush Tales :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 1 0 Fake Crash and Crunch - Stranded! (Sketch) by TwistedDarkJustin Fake Crash and Crunch - Stranded! (Sketch) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 5 0
The Sims 2 GBA Story - More Birds!
"More Birds!"
A Sims 2 GBA Story.
by: TwistedDarkJustin.
JG had been working for Daddy Bigbucks for a while. Daddy Bigbucks, a rich man producing a secret TV show in Strangetown, was planning the next episode.
Eventually, the script had been finished. It was for a season 2 episode of his hit TV show known as "Strangetown". He called it: "More Birds!", which was a nod to Hitchcock's film, "The Birds".
JG was ready to head out and help with this episode. First, Daddy B. gave him a summary of what the episode was going to be:
Daddy Bigbucks: I'm proud of this script! After watching Hitchcock's, "The Birds", I thought that this would be the perfect idea for an episode about evil birds attacking the town! Not just any birds, though. We got some explosive penguins! Oh, man. The residents of this town won't know what hit them. Now go out there and get us some ratings!
So, JG headed out. The episode began outside of the Snake-Eyes Casino. Bigfoot and Honest Jackson were talking about whether o
:icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 1 0
Burn The Rain by TwistedDarkJustin Burn The Rain :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 0 Toasty Blinking In His Realm (GIF) by TwistedDarkJustin Toasty Blinking In His Realm (GIF) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 3 0 Toasty Blinking (GIF) by TwistedDarkJustin Toasty Blinking (GIF) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 0 The Butcher Gang by TwistedDarkJustin The Butcher Gang :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 1 The Green and Only, Ace! by TwistedDarkJustin The Green and Only, Ace! :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 6 5 Toasty The Evil Pumpkin Sorcerer by TwistedDarkJustin Toasty The Evil Pumpkin Sorcerer :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 0 Toasty's Army by TwistedDarkJustin Toasty's Army :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 3 0 Greek Olives by TwistedDarkJustin Greek Olives :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 0 Jebediah Jerky (Sims 2) V. Eustace Bagge (Courage) by TwistedDarkJustin Jebediah Jerky (Sims 2) V. Eustace Bagge (Courage) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 3 1 The Sims 2 Removed Minigame - Yeti Loves Cake by TwistedDarkJustin The Sims 2 Removed Minigame - Yeti Loves Cake :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 2 4 The Sims GBA and DS Sprites (Higher Quality) by TwistedDarkJustin The Sims GBA and DS Sprites (Higher Quality) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 4 2 The Sims 2 Removed Episode - Giuseppi Was Framed by TwistedDarkJustin The Sims 2 Removed Episode - Giuseppi Was Framed :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 3 0 A Fake Example of A Fake Ad (Language warning) by TwistedDarkJustin A Fake Example of A Fake Ad (Language warning) :icontwisteddarkjustin:TwistedDarkJustin 3 2


Conker's Plush Tales
A little image I made for a plush series that I ditched a long time ago. I never filmed an episode of this series and I don't know if I ever will. 
This series was supposed to be like the cancelled game, "Twelve Tales Conker 64" but with my own charm to it. As you can tell, the plush toys seen in this image aren't official products. Instead, they're more realistic-looking. You may be asking: "Why?".
Well, for starters, the official Conker plush is hard to find, for me at least. Berri and Honker plushies don't exist. So, that's why I had to improvise and buy some that look more real.
I still have some interest in making this plush series but I can't confirm if I'll actually film it or not. I have trouble voice acting Conker and I have no idea what Berri would sound like. Honker I could just make him sound like he's a smoker or some disgusting trash lover, considering that he's a skunk. He'd probably be the easiest to voice.
If I were to make this series, I would need some episode ideas. I literally have no clue what the first episodes plot would be. Maybe a scavenger hunt? Idk. 
Either way, this would've been cool for me to make. But, I've been put down for doing what I like. So, it may or may not happen.
Don't you just love it when you have a dream about your crush, only for you to wake up and discover that it's not true?
Yeah. That happened to me. Damn.
There should be a national holiday for Angry Grandpa. I call it:
Made a new video. Or, The Shadow Man did, despite him being a character that I play:
I'm starting to find the word "pink" funny because of McJuggerNuggets.
First, his brother paints his car pink. Now, he painted his room pink. Before you know it: Someone is going to dye their hair pink.
Pink is a funny word now, to me at least.
Within the past few days, I have finally come up with a segment for my channel: The Shadow Man. It's basically a rant, review, and salute series about my inner darkness as a physical character. I call him: The Shadow Man. Another name for him is the "Twisted Dark Shadow".
I'm pretty sure there's already a character named Shadow Man but there have been some cases where two characters have the same name.
Anyway, The Shadow Man is actually my version of a McJuggerNuggets characters, "The Mirror Man", who was a minor character from The Devil Inside series. However, my character doesn't have the shiny mirror face. Instead, he has a dark face. Another thing that's different is The Shadow Man actually has a voice, even when he's wearing his mask.
I think I should share the story of The Shadow Man here on DeviantART:
The Shadow Man is a character played by Twisted Dark Justin. He's basically the dark side of Justin who also likes to rant about things that are annoying, such as little kid's shows. He also likes reviewing food and rarely making positive reviews about things that he likes. But, that's not too common. 
The Shadow Man is also being controlled by an evil being known as Primevil. So, it's basically a demon taking over Justin's body in order to get him to film videos, whether it's positive or negative. 
So, yeah. That's the basic storyline of The Shadow Man. More rants and reviews coming soon.
  • Listening to: Juliette Reilly - Bruises (Instrumental)
  • Watching: McJuggerNuggets
  • Playing: X-Men Legends (PS2)
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


TwistedDarkJustin's Profile Picture
United States
My name is Justin. I'm a 19 year old guy who likes video games and making videos on YouTube. I enjoy the colors black and purple. They represent my overall theme: Dark shadows. It also represents one of my favorite genres: Horror. I love the season of
Autumn and the holiday known as Halloween. Pumpkins and shadowy figures are some of my favorite types of characters, which is why my icon is a dark version of my favorite Pokemon, Mewtwo. I also make plush videos about Mewtwo and his stupid brother, Mewzero. They go on adventures and stuff happens. Yeah. That's basically it.
My favorite video games are:
The Sims (GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS only)
Twisted Metal
Spyro the Dragon
Crash Bandicoot
Five Nights At Freddy's
Bendy and The Ink Machine
X-Men Legends
Super Mario Bros.
Ratchet and Clank (PS2 Era)
Expect some pictures to be posted here on DeviantART, even though I don't draw as much as I used to. Most of my pictures are attempts at pixel art, pictures of my plush toys or my cat, and some fan-made image ideas for the underrated Sims games only on GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS.
Another thing I like is music. Especially heavy metal. I even like game soundtracks.
Thanks for reading (if you did). I hope you like what I have to offer.


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K98deviant Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2018
Hey people! Take it easy with this guy he is very sensitive and has feelings! Treat this poor man with respect! He's my best friend and Conker fan buddy! :D 

Right? :) Oh and by the way, his videos don't suck! I appreciate them as much as I appreciate my own drawings! That's our own way of hobby.

I don't care what other's opinions are and no one has the right to criticize my friend's work it is discouraging him and he's not happy about it. He wants you guys to praised his work! He did all that effort to put everything there for you guys to watch and enjoy what little he made for his own entertainment but you guys don't appreciate his work! 

I love Twisted's stuff and I respect his work just as much as mine. We are NOT here for critics! We are here to show our work to the world for fun and we don't care how perfect do you people think we are! It's ridiculous and I have already run myself into a few of them like that but I don't take any of their word for my art! Art is art and art is something that all of us human beings should learn to appreciate regardless of quality or how we expect one thing to look better than the other. 

Again to everybody, please stop bashing over my friend's Youtube and drawings! It sounds like he's been bullied for over the years without a break! geez

Every human being has a hobby so please let us be and keep your negative thoughts to yourselves and NOT bring it up on comment or video!

That's all I have to say to protect my friend's work on Youtube and Deviantart! :D

I hope you all understand and good day
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I see you like Halloween. So do I. My favorite holiday.
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