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I started a webcomic. The first chapter is on WEBTOON. Enter: InterRomantica!

Read it here:

Chapter 1 Preview
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2019 was a weird one. An interesting year for me. Not good, not bad, but interesting. The workload was at an all-time high for me, both with my animation job as well as my own personal projects. But the first thing I got released was in early October: a Madness fan game I call Madness Gemini. It was based on a concept I had conjured a little over a year ago, but not knowing whether it would work well or not, I decided to test it with some good old fashioned Madness Combat characters. The response was generally positive, so if I ever get around to it, making a game with a similar system is not out of the question, one day.

A little over a month later, I finally released an animation: Mick the Mercenary: The Rescue. It was without a doubt the biggest, most detailed project I have ever tackled. It initially was just going to be a little promo video for the film some friends and I made a couple of years ago, Mick the Mercenary: The Movie, but I got a little carried away with it.

And just in time for Christmas, I hacked together a little seasonal 'toon, A Smashing Christmas Dinner, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan animation. It's graphics are not quite up to par with what I've done lately, but I did not have the time. Well, I could've detailed it a bit more, but then It would probably take until about New Year's to get it done, if not later.

So what was wrong with this year? Although I got what I would call an entry-level dream job of mine, as far as my personal stuff went, I was pretty disappointed with how many people were able to see my last couple of videos; it's true when they say that you shouldn't just focus on numbers, views, followers, subscribers etc., but at the same time, if you spend months to years on a project and then only a handful of people are notified of what you had created, it's pretty discouraging. Especially when you've reached a point where you'd at least think a decent amount of people are watching, but the damn website doesn't let 95% of them know. Ah well, let's see how 2020 unfolds!


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MERRY CHRISTMAS, FOLKS!! :D Here's a little Super Smash Bros. Ultimate toon to liven your Christmas spirits! It's not really up to par with the animation quality of some previous videos I did, but I had to ruthlessly hack it together in order to get it published in time for Christmas, as time was slipping away from me.

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I made a video! And it took way too long. But it is now finished and I can rest in peace.

I have a bazillion ideas for future videos and already finished a script for one I'm going to get started on. From now on I'll be uploading a lot more often. No promises, but should be every few months, not once every other year.

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The Good Life

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Hello, peeps! Recently I've officially been garnishing near full-time work doing what I love to do: animating! It is now my day job, and for the time being it looks like it should stay pretty consistent. Looking forward, it might turn into something much more.

And when I'm done animating for the day, what do I do? You got it, animation! I'm gettin' pretty close with this video and I'm so excited to finally release it. I also want to publish more artwork, but most of it has really just been for practice... it's been a little rare, as you may have been witnessing, that I upload something I think's decent. I've really been trying to focus my efforts on this video, though, so... plbtlbplbltpl

Outside of sitting while pushing buttons and staring at a screen for almost the entire days' time, I've been hitting the gym, eating better, and going out of my way to relax at the end of it all. I learned from someone I really admire that it's important to relax deliberately. Work hard play hard, as they say. It's true. Life's been good. 2019 is turning out to be awesome, and what's odd is that it's not only for me, but for almost everyone else I know in my life; it's like we're all going through changes or something.
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