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and finally I'm back for you guys :D this time I would like to give others a chance to get a commission this row so, who had already partecipated last time, please be kind and leave the slots at disposal of who hadn't chances ;) as usual there will be 6 slots at disposal

*simple sketch: (pencil) 20 euro *lineart: 30 euro *colored art of a character: 50 euro *complete art + background: 70 euro -10 euro per characters added in the same commission- *sexy art: price of the commission + 10 euro (example: colored character is 60 euro)

*R18 art: price of the commission you want

(example: colored commission, 50euro) + 100 euro


I won't absolutely do:


-R18 or sexy pedophile stuff

(even if characters are teens only in the aspect but not age, I won't accept that),

-weird kinks


As always we will organize via note and will send my address for the payment before starting, then I'll send the previews and the final art via note, thank you all once again for your support and help ^^

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man missed it, I wish I could set up alerts or something