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the truth
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Published: May 7, 2011
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the hit was so violent that his metal knuckles broke through the bark of the trunk
Dorothy jumped back, frightened by the violence of that fist, and immediately Mickey parried ahead, with the scythe ready to strike

"Calm down Oswald, you're scaring D.."

"SHUT UP SCARECROW!! I want the truth from Dorothy!
girl, you've told me you need help from Oz for go back to your 'Kansas'... but if you say you don't have magical powers, then WHY you wear Witch of the East's ruby shoes? ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?"

Dorothy looked down, then replied, sadly
"the people... back in Kansas... call me 'witch', 'cause according to them I can unleash tornadoes..." the tears began to scratch her face "but I'M NOT A WITCH, and I HATE when the people call me like this! when they give me faults that I DON'T HAVE!
I have witch shoes only because my house fallen on her, killing her... that's all..."

"'ve killed her?!?" asked the tin man, shocked

At that point, Dorothy stood still, eyes closed, waiting for a reply...
but when she felt his arms, surround her in a sweet embrace, she was surprised

Oswald gently pressed her to his cold and empty chest, and put his head on her shoulder, began to murmur like a prayer "thankyouthankyouthankyou..."

By the tone of his voice, and the feeling of wet on her shoulder, Dorothy could swear the tin man was crying...
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I'm reading the comic but why do they think that she unleashes tornadoes? Did a lot of tornadoes happen when/since she was born or something?
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Cali-frinzi Filmographer
This art is amazing! What Kind of software did you used on your work?
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LoonataniaTaushaMayHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhh thats whats Dorthy was dreaming about while I was reading the beganning of the woz story but I did sort of figured it out but why did they say that she killed her own mother?
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that because her mother died when she gave birth to the little Dorothy
LoonataniaTaushaMay's avatar
LoonataniaTaushaMayHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok I understand now
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HalfMadCharacterStudent General Artist
The wizard of oz is way better this way!
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PLEASE tell me this is going to be part of the comics!! Because I could see the look on Mickey's face when Oswald hugs Dorothy!! XD
wolfpup9404's avatar
wolfpup9404Student Digital Artist
I wonder why Disney didn't think of this? XD
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OzzieRabbitHobbyist Filmographer
LOL This Picture is funny because Mickey as the scarecrow because he did a brain swapping in the runaway brain , while Oswald is the Tin Man because in My Universe (Imagination) Oswald had a short called Hopaway Heart and in real life , in Epic Mickey He has no Heart. LOL
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I don't think we're in the Wizard of Oz anymore!
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ElectricStormFire86Hobbyist General Artist
Wizard of Oz Disney style. Nice. Mickey as the Scarecrow, Oswald as the Tin Man and Minnie as Dorothy.
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Alexzdarapo's avatar
aw... this made me think of a story i wrote... *tears* your good... your really good... :)
DelDiz's avatar
What happened to Ortensia? Does she know what became of Oswald?
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TheRedBrownChibiHobbyist Digital Artist
this is...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
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Dabug123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i hope you make a comic out of this!
MyFanFictionPicture's avatar
Wow! Are you a comic with that idea?
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This Minnie design is adorable!
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i ♥ this! please tell me that you plan on making more of these!
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