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Dragul bloodline

Alongside the project I’m ending, this evening I finally came up with a more clear idea about Michelu’s parents and the powerful bloodline he inherited.
Let’s say in Romania there are various kinds of vampires, way more dangerous and ancient than the modern ones.

Vlad Mircea II wanted strictly selected unions with the most powerful vampire clans in Romania, to ensure himself offsprings that would keep his territory safe and the mortals under control.

Princess Vassilisa was his second wife, she was the last of an ancient and alas extinct Nosferatu clan -older than Strigoi-

Mircea’s First wife was instead of the Karnstein bloodline in Styria
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Am I the only one who notice Vlad II looks more like Voivode Vlad III of Wallachia, the real life Dracula?
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I LOVE these designs and looks!!

I think they're BEAUTIFUL!!

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That kid really dodged a bullet there by getting most of his looks from his father. Poor, poor nosferatus... Can't help but wonder if their looks have anything to do with the extinction.

Also, a thought just occurred... Are there any average looking vampires? Seems like they're always either super good looking or monstrously hideous, but never anywhere in between those extremes.
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this is badass wicked :33333

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Very impressive work!

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All I see is Emperor Ming from "Flash Gordon"............ I've seen too many movies
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I’m getting Castlevania vibes!
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no offence but thank god mickey got his good looks from his father...albeit not his personality!! xp
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Are you considering rebooting the comic????

a sinister family tree!

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Good morning friend, Whoa, Amazing!!!!!.
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Aaaaah more knowledge about actual vampire races !
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He looks like Kratos’s son but with more hair.
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So, our lil' Mikey here gets his looks from his dad, and all the good stuff from his mom, right?
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i feel like ive heard these names before
styria, i think i heard it from netflix Castlevania but the other....

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Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla, one of the older, pre-Dracula vampire novels, set in Styria, which is in Austria.
In Warhammer they used a slightly modified version - von Carstein.
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ah so thats why Karnstein felt familiar

i didn't know styria was a real place.
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OMG! This is fantastic! <3
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Love the pointy ears! <3
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Vassilisa has some strange hair design
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