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Halloween wp

a late halloween wallpaper that i made a few weeks ago ( for plan ;)) , inspired by the Halloween wallpaper of . It looked so cool , so i made one to :)

it's also the first post in more then a month , sorry for this, i have allot of work here :) , got 3 new projects that i have to finish in a few weeks so ... yay for me ;p.
once i've hooked on the scanner , i'll post some sketchbook stuff , lol and not to forget : the Itachi for the 1000 pgvws ^^

so cya all soon , hope you liked it

all made in ps7 , mostly normal brush

full view looks better
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Featured in my "tricks" Journal. :pumpkin: Have a great day! :sun:
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I have featured this wonderful piece of your lovely work @ [link] Hope you do not mind. :glomp:
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this gorgeous work has been featured in my journal [link] :heart: :pumpkin:
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Fantastic! Thank You....
TwistEd-Ky0's avatar
no problem , hope you enjoy it ^^
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cant believe I missed this pic!!! its awesome, the darkness, the pumpkins. just plain great especially good as a bg.
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yup that's why i post it :) and i'm glad you liked it ^^
thx for the watch btw (i've been away for a long time so...:x )
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we are all away at some points in our lives, aren't we. I devwatch people that have interesting, and awesome art (especially with style)
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Wohoo, you're back! And the other wohoo for this wallpaper. ;) I wonder how many bats there are? *starts to count them*
TwistEd-Ky0's avatar
heya girl , good to see you again :) and how many bats were there? i didn't count them so.... ^^ but now i wanna know... lol ^^
thx for the fav btw :) appreciate it
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I got 285, but let's say there are about 270-290 bats. ;)
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wooow, looks so cool :heart: :D
i liked the black cat X3
TwistEd-Ky0's avatar
hehe, she better don't fall down or... :x
thx for the reply and the approval to post this, i love your work so... ^^
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hmmm deze ken ik van ergens .... ;)
maar toen vond ik em ook al ongelooflijk sjiek
TwistEd-Ky0's avatar
yup de lan is al een tijdje voorbij dus waarom deze nie posten op devart ? ;)
heb nog wat kleine dingskes verandert zodat ie er nu perfect uitziet ^^

en merci h :)
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u r legendary!!!! i love this!
TwistEd-Ky0's avatar
thx for the double reply bud ;) hehe
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lol, my plsr dude!!
ti-fu-tu's avatar
absolte and unquestionable, AWESOMNESSS!!!!! :drool:
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Wow... Pretty cool :D
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