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2019 Droedel021 Death Ride 2019
When you left your bike in the basement the whole winter, and now, with the first rays of sun, you forgot where the brakes are
2019 Droedel017 Bugsport
Dear bugs waking up early from hibernation: please do not attempt to stretch your still undeveloped wings in a household run by an over-energetic cat. It might be slightly warmer than outside, but you will enjoy this only for milliseconds...
2019 Droedel016 Firm Grip
had to do this one mostly standing, since there was no seating, so even more twisted than usual. Oh, and my pen is slowly getting really empty.
2019 Droedel015 Headset Harry
When wearing as many audio-devices as possible at once obviously proves.. well.. something? For insiders?
they're doodles (Droedel is dutch for doodle ;) ). They just "happen".

They're mostly made to kill time when commuting to work, or during meetings. Which means most of them are made in the short trip back & forth to work (say 10 minutes for each trip if I have a place to sit), they're coming straight out of a black pen (no erasing) on a scrap of paper, usually A6 - cause that fits in my hand or can quickly be put away during that boring meeting - and yes, second hand paper, so sometimes the backside of the paper I used shines through, or the scan shows the many folds because I put it in a back-pocket. By now I know every curve the metro takes, and am prepared. Still, a kritter can get an extra long tail, more hairs or a bit of extra flesh because the train suddenly braked, or a fellow-passenger bumps into me. An ear can become a claw or a snout, or a tail evolve into a leg or a neck midway the process.
I guess that contributes to what makes them twisted & messy ;)

I'm a doodler. Which means, I don't take the results, or myself, very seriously. I have no "artistic ambitions", and there's no concept or idea behind them, except my slight fascination with the phenomena of Life in all its variations (I studied biology & toxicology, and yes, I always got good grades for my drawings of cells-under-duress or some deformed human organs..).

I'm actually still very surprised the Kritters get positive resonance. To be honest, it took quite some convincing from people to a. not throw them away, b. stop hiding them, c. make them available for other people to watch (d. make an account here, between all the "real" artists). I still feel very much "caught-red-handed" if people in the metro make comments, if I find a bunch of kids looking over my shoulder, or if it somehow triggers people showing me their tattoos. (I already doodled kritters as a kid, and well, claws, beaks, insect eyes, snouts and tentacles don't really get much encouragement if you attend a school run by nuns...)

In a way though, I'm getting a bit attached to them. By now, it really does get hard to throw them away.

Sometimes people tell me "oh, but you should DO something with them". Or tell me to try different (or better) paper or not just that pen I found on the streets. Or learn some "technique" (I never did drawing courses, somehow they don't appeal to me). Nope. They're doodles. They just happen. They're all kind of the same. Black pen on white paper, no fancy colors. and nope, I never "work them out". They're endless repetitions and re-combinations of about the same elements.

When the kritter got out of the pen, that's it. It doesn't get any more attention. Not by me anyway. My 5 nieces sometimes give them names. A friend of mine used some as the inspiration for a bed-time-story-for-grown-ups. Another friend of mine wants one reworked as a tattoo. Someone else asked me for one as an illustration for a philosophical essay. And I kinda like that. I feel flattered of course, but it is also nice if they not just well.. end up in a shoe box in one of my drawers.
So, if you would like to have some fun with them, make a story, invent some "natural history" for them or turn them into a "SCP", 3D-print or animate them, color them in, shout :). And if, I'm of course curious about the result. Just give credit where it came from, and don't use them commercially (not that anything would sell with them...). So.. long story short: they're like creative commons, non-commercial and such.


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I have always doodled. And threw the "results" in the old paper bin.
Until, a few years ago, some of my co-workers looked at my "notes" during a meeting & wondered. When I told them they landed with the old paper, I was told this was a waste. Since then, I realized they might be more than bored scratched, and I started scanning them in.
So, this is a collection of random twisted creatures, drawn on the back of left-over scraps of paper when commuting to work, during meetings, in between bands, or well, whenever a scrap of paper & a pen, and a bit of time to kill was available


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thx :) though it might be boring to keep watching the kritters, they have too much in common, being scratched in the subway..
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thx, I'm still sorting :). And learning.. never did drawing courses, these are just doodles to kill time, and I can't help but doodle.
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