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Hi there, it's lovely arts you have :)
And I'm sorry to say but there is already claimed an au wildtale and its by :iconmetalphoenixxwolf: , I one of her supporters and greatly respect her arts and she's worked very hard on making her au wildtale for the community, I do not mean to discourage you but could it maybe change the name of your au (perhaps animaltale from one of your suggestions?) if you haven't already? It would be appreciated. Have a lovely day :)   
TwiPieDash Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, thank you so much for the information! 
No, no you didn't discourage me at all because i got the feeling like Wildtale name has been taken but i dont know who and i also discussed about naming it Animaltale or Animaletale (animal in spanish) cx
I'll changed my AU name to it soon and thanks again for the detail! X3
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