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:icontwinwolfsister:TwinWolfSister posted a status
I am looking for someone who is willing to do some of my OC's with their lovers.
1. I only want mine in lineart i like to color them myself. (make sure you sign it)
2. No background needed.
3. Full body or partial body, have fun with the positions.
4. I like dark, tragic, angst or macabre or something sexy or adorable.

My oc's that I would like done are as follows: pick any, I'm not asking for all of them. I will give a description of oc's and desired position if I have any.
1. Gajeel/Oc Male Hunter/Grey
2. Oc Female Hearthfire/Jon Snow she has 3 wolves.
3. GajeelxGrey
4. Female OC Orchid/Hidan with their quadruplet: 2 boys, 2 girls
5. Male OC Dakota/Yagari Toga
6. Demon Sebastian from black butler/Ritual Hidan (they are both Seme's he)
7. MATURE: hentai or Ecchi versions of 1,2,3,5,6

In exchange I do digital editing, coloring free lineart, photo manipulations, poetry, Short one shot fan-fictions, banners, wallpapers etc. See my gallery for what I can do.

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