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Pterra My Gargoyles OC Age 10 by TwinWolfSister Pterra My Gargoyles OC Age 10 by TwinWolfSister

Art Commissioned from Lioden member #2663 (Paid In Full)

Character & Concept (c) TWS 

Pterra is a loosely Pteranodon based Gargoyles OC.
She was not born a gargoyle but is a young fan girl who got sucked/trapped in the cartoon as a 10-year-old child so spent some years torn between being a scared lonely child and an excited fangirl.
 This pic is the year she was first trapped in Manhattan, and as such is seemingly exempt from the stone curse as she was not there in ancient times to be claimed by it nor were her parents gargoyles and so it could not pass down to her either (HEADCANON: but like all gargoyles she can still turn to stone at will if needed, she was found in a graveyard just outside the big city by a very old white matriarch named Alabaster who was the guardian of the graveyard. Or she was till she fell ill and mistakenly revealed herself to some vandals at night, she was smashed in the wee hours of the morning by a drunk vandal just after turning to stone ... She had to learn how to grow up as a gargoyle in Manhattan years before the canonical gargoyles awoke for the first time.

When they did awaken four years later she sought them out in earnest, still crying and mourning the recent loss of her "mother" and begged them to let her stay there where she would be safe (she was honestly scared) and was then raised by them. They were all too willing to take in a young Gargoyle excited, hopeful and protective of what was seen as the hope of the next generation.

When she begins to hit puberty she begins to crush on Brooklyn and eventually as years go on her 'puppy love' for Brooklyn evolved into more as she aged and grew.

This is her as a preteen, prior to being fully transitioned to an adult. That is why she has no visible breasts yet or the wing markings that only showed up after she fully matured.

Don't worry, she is 24 when she takes Brooklyn as a mate, if you see the other Pterra pic, here she is only 10 (14 years prior)

(HEADCANON: there is no reason a gargoyle cannot have two women as long as the alpha is not threatened by such a display.)
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