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Potter Family: AU by TwinWolfSister Potter Family: AU by TwinWolfSister
It was four years after Voldemort was slain, and Harry Potter and Saraphim "Sara" Malfoy were finally allowed to marry thanks to Draco's Marrage to Luna Lovegood. You see Sara is three years younger than Draco, and with him being Malfoy heir he has to marry so Sara could, it's an old Wizarding Law to protect siblings from trying to claim. Harry has been dating Sara since Gabriel one of Sara's best friends broke up with him in 4th year so she could have him. Gabriel never did like him as more than a friend anyway. In 6th year there was a horrible accedent in potions class when a Hufflepuff sneezed in his potion, the three students in front of him two Slytherins Gabriel & Channel, and a Ravenclaw named Holly (who is Harry's adopted sister and Snape's only daughter) all went missing and have been presumed dead.
(12 years Later)
Harry and Sara Potter have two beautiful girls 11 year old Aquarius who was sorted into Ravenclaw, and young Lillith who is 6 and will likely end up in Huffelpuff or Griffendor and has a love of Magical Creatures that would make Hagrid proud, her dream is to Teach C.O.M.C. someday. Then there is little James Reginald Potter, the only child who actually looks like Harry even at 3 months old.
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Please note that in this Image Lillith is only a year old, and James is not seen.
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