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Malfoy Family: AU by TwinWolfSister Malfoy Family: AU by TwinWolfSister
After his marrage to one Luna Lovegood who was chosen for her sophistocated air, intellect, looks and Pureblood heratage. This Ravenclaw; malfoy had decided would make a perfict wife and mother. When he knocked on her fathers door three weeks after she had graduated Draco asked if she was single, that he was looking for a wife and that he was intrested in Luna if she would accept him. Xenophellius Lovegood was happy someone was taking an intrest in his daughter, calling her down stairs he told his daughter what they had been discussing and she looked thoughtful for a bit and smilling she agreed.
(12 years later)
Orion Alexander Malfoy was also sorted into Ravenclaw at 11, a year younger than his crush Aquarius Potter. He loved to read and had a hobby of trying to create new spells not unlike Luna's mother had once done, causing the blonde mother much panic as that was also how her mother had died...

Then there is the drama queen Cassiopia, a 8 year old fashen diva no matter what she is put in, she has her mothers Ivory Hair and sky blue eyes, it's hard to tell she is not spoiled the way she acts. However in public she is all about how people see her and is already obsessed with public image thanks to Grandma Malfoy, she commands the athority of a princess with her air of regality. Draco is not sure if she will end up in Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

Last comes shy Susan, she is always seen hiding behind mommy's skirts or sitting off alone in a corner watching the room, like the calculating cats she is so find of. Very rarely is she seen without her mothers pink Cashmir sweater, she takes a very long time to trust others and favors spending time with her godfather Severus Cleaning. She is OCD about being clean and so loves that she has been trusted with this job.


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July 1, 2011
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