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Gh-053 Ex Ira (Rental Picture) by TwinWolfSister Gh-053 Ex Ira (Rental Picture) by TwinWolfSister
Rental Picture for Group EB - Proof of…
Purpose: Breeding
Secured Stud2798 | Jaime Lannister 

Breeding Picture -…
ID GH-053
Name: Ex Ira
Breed EquusBallator 
Mountain - Light

Sex Mare

Link to Group Picture: GH-053 | Ex Ira
Link to Accepted ID: F-144 
STATS In This Pic + 10 (FIXED - Again ... still learning)

Full body +3
Simple background +2
Tack (Halter) +1 (Unsure if this counts as its not an official EB Item)
Lit Word Count +3 (725 words)
Lit Extra Character x1 (Scary Man with red eyes ... aka Hunter Greywatch)

Ira awoke bleary eyed, "Ugg... What did I eat? Wait, nah... can't be... I swear I left those mushrooms alone... Right?"

She shook her head vigorously from side to side to in an attempt to shrug off the sleep and tried to recall the dream that she had had to no avail, much to her irritation, it had been so nice too, if a bit uh... odd at times. She slowly sniffed the air, hoping to find something familiar in the utter stillness around her. But there was nothing familiar here, not one person or thing and the reality of just how alone she was set in. She cautiously stepped out of the back stall door, making sure to step over the doorway out into an open paddock full of harsh sun and barefaced of any grass to speak of nothing grew within the brown plank fence that separated her from the green grass and forests beyond. She stomped her hoof a few times digging a bit before rolling in the dust happily distracted from her worries however as she righted herself and gazed out beyond the fence she wished she had more than just brown, dusty, parched dirt was all that met her feet, but at least it wasn't covered in drying piles of crap. As she explored her new surprisingly large area she could see a small pile of sweet smelling alfalfa hay in one far corner of the paddock.

She lifted her head and took a look at the surrounding area, unfamiliar mountains rested far off on the horizon they were small compared to some she had seen. As her gaze traveled to the areas closer to her she saw a rundown, sorry excuse for a log cabin that had seen better years, the man hammering away at something implied it was clearly in the midst of being renovated, by someone who had been pawing all over her and then she realized. The cyan halter on her face was unfamiliar and smell like that man with the ash colored skin. The same man who was now working on the dying house and had the scary red eyes. The man who had showed up the night prior and looked over her charts, felt up her legs, looked at her feet and her teeth before smiling and walking away. Only to now be the only one here in this new strange place she had found, where were her friends? Why was she here? What did this unnerving man want with her? It was both scary and infuriating. Her tail swished and her foot stomped and the irritation gut the best of her, she shook her body to swat away some annoying flies harassing her back end as she made up her mind.

Ira thundered over the dry ground in a sudden sprint kicking up a huge trail of dust behind her. she was going to try and run, now that she had confirmed this was not her home, she was lonely and din't want to be here alone with someone who bothered her so much. He was new, he was different and that unsettled her... She charged the nearest fence wall only to realize nearly too late, HE was in her way his hands up in front of him... 

"Woah girl, what's got you all worked up eh? Easy, there... you ate something real nasty pretty girl gave us a real fright you did, glad to see you up and moving." he said in English...

His words made little sense to her, his accent was so odd she could barely understand him but his tone was soft and gentle, and his face held no deception and the fence was taller than she had first assumed. He was in between her and her freedom, she skidded to a stop at his sudden appearance before her she spooked to a grinding halt. Was this to be her new handler? She prayed it was not going to be permanent she quite liked her home. Once she was settled down and not looking to jump the fence again, he went back to work on the house leaving her to her own devices.

Later that night when he came in to the barn to feed her he scratched her forehead through the bars as she omm nommed her oats. She didn't want to like it... but he felt so nice....

Words 725
Characters x 2 

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