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Forest Sprites - Thissali and Notti by TwinWolfSister Forest Sprites - Thissali and Notti by TwinWolfSister
Forest Sprites in my series are sometimes called Florie by the elfkin populations.
~They range in height from 3in to 7in in height.
~Typically the skin is wood like, with leaf or other plant refuse as hair, clothing or armour. Eyes are some shade of brown or green, with the royal family having flower like bodies and colors.
~These sprites come in four varieties:

Groundlings, are wingless and care for the earth, stones and any ground level flora/fungus that needs it. The presence of the moon during actual conception is what determines the physical lack of wings and abilities. Groundlings are nocturnal and prefer tending the forest at night, they are extremely light sensitive and cannot venture outdoors during 'sun hours' unless it is extremely overcast resulting in their love of rain. Their voice sounds like a breeze through pipe reeds to larger beings, with only special Night-Wardens among the otherkin races being able to understand and speak to them.

Flutterwings, are wing-bearing sprites roughly the same size range as Groundlings, who care for the treetops, canopy flora that may need it and are the warriors of the race. They are overprotective by nature and spend long days patrolling for plants to care for or intruders who mean to harm the forest of its inhabitants. they only come out during the day and as such need sunlight to function and will become lethargic or irritable without it. They dislike the rain as it causes issues and flying hazards but is accepted as a necessary annoyance as the forest would perish without it. The presence of the sunlight during actual conception is what determines the physical presence of wings and abilities. 

Minkles, are rarer wing-bearing forest sprites, that range from 4-12in in size. These miniature beast folk with their large, unique, butterfly like wing are distinctly more fairy like. They may or may not have adorable insect antennae, and bits of plant clothing or armor. Minkles care for and protect all the fauna within their forest, alongside the satyrs and fauns who help them deal with bigger animals, or bigger problems like poachers. Minkles are unique in that they are conceived only if the need is present, instead of by lunar or solar phases. They can come out in all day/night cycles leading them to have little to no sensitivities. They can communicate, calm and sometimes train animals using their beastkin ability. 

Flower Sprites or Flora Fae, are commonly mistaken for tiny flower fairies, however true sprites will have flowers literally growing from their bodies or hair, sometimes being mistaken as clothing when its not. These are the governing body of the sprites and are not born, when the need arises one of the other three types will be chosen by the Great Forest Spirit and will be made into a Flower Sprite. 
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