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#1079 - Falx Ab Occasu (Temp Ref) by TwinWolfSister #1079 - Falx Ab Occasu (Temp Ref) by TwinWolfSister
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Name: Falx Ab Occasu
Barn Name/Nickname: Faux
Sex: Stallion
Breed/type: Mountain EquusBallator - Draft x Light
Age: 8 years
Height: 17.2hh

Discipline: English Pleasure, English Show, Endurance; Used as a Patrol Horse for the Vescovi Estate and White Deer Creek Ranch, currently training in Jumping & Dressage.

Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nZ/SbSb 
Phenotype: Silver Dunskin Sabino

Personality: Fearless, Goofy, and Sweet, he can have a bit of a darker side at times and is prone to bouts of depression, he got teased a lot by the other EBs at the Base, but he is a hard worker and his rider adored him at least he thought they did but now he's been sold off and while its nice with his new handler he still wonders if it was somehow his fault...
History: Falx never felt quite complete with just his one set of horns, and often imagines himself with another pair of wing-like horns on his shoulders.  Some of the other EBs at the Base teased him about this, but Vox understood his desire for a Highlord's blessing and they have become friends as a result, he hoped he'd still see him from time to time.  They both worship Aether, though Falx is not quite as hard core kinda devout as Vox is. It was a sad day that Falx had to leave his stable and his friend. He could see he was not the only one which did make him feel better that he had not made error that was. Many of the others  but he did as he was asked and obediently followed his new handler: Hunter. 

His new handler Hunter is an odd one for sure, he has skin the color of ash ... Falx had definitely never seen that before, with hair that seems to change every time he is seen... Dye perhaps, or is is something else? And his eyes! What the heck is up with his eyes... they're black and red, as in the whites of his eyes are actually black... how outlandish is that?! Whats next horns? Ha... Anyway After Hunter got Falx settled in to his new home, not the best but he could see that the odd man was working on it and there was another mare here, said her name was Ira or something. She claimed she was not staying for good... that the scary eyed man was borrowing her because he wanted her eventual baby. He was a bit surprised that that didn't seem to bother her, what surprised him more however, was that when she said 'scary eyed man' there was more fondness than fear. in her voice. 

The next day at his new home Falx was not sure what he thought of Hunter's "Spa Day" as he call it, it was amazing and he was quite enjoying it. Right up until Hunter mentioned something about shortening his tail hair, he was not sure he liked that idea. He'd never had his tail trimmed so short before and once it was all done it felt, odd. But if that's what his handler wanted he would tolerate it, maybe it would even grow on him. He wandered out into the very plane dirt paddock to see Hunter spraying something green and thick on the dirt it the field next to us, I looked around and found Ira lounging in the sun just watching him work and decided to join her. He was pleasantly surprised when she didn't get up and leave like he was used to, and decided to ask.

"What do you think he's doing?" 

"Its some odd potion paste that will grow grass, I have seen it before somewhere else, they were working on the nearby roadside and when they were done they sprayed this stuff and covered it in straw and in a few weeks grass began to grow." She explained patiently, she enjoyed knowing more than the male but was glad he was not meant for her.

Bloodline: A big thank you to Fade for all the help!

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: ID 3085
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: B-028
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: E-014
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: F-096
----------------- DS: Angelus Infernis
------------------------------------------ DSD: J-022
Dam: B-053
------------------------------------------ DDS: ID 049
----------------- DD:  ID 853
------------------------------------------ DDD: ID 033

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
1. Flamestorm11 | Available |1703 Cake by the Ocean | None - Slot offered to mare's current owner, at old owners request. (exempt from new rules)
2. TwinWolfSister | Paid4390 - Perflatur Ventis Aspergitur in Mare | N/A (exempt from new rules)
3. Mine
4. Mine
5. Mine 
6. @Cassanova-Art
| Paid | Pending | N/A (exempt from new rules)
7. @Chaosaholic | Pending | Pending | N/A (exempt from new rules)
8. @Wwanderinga | Paid 4390 - Perflatur Ventis Aspergitur in Mare | N/A
9. Open
10. Open

1. - 
2. - 
3. -
4. -

SLOT Fee: Negotiable 
1 x Breeding Picture Full Body, optional background & Shading -preferred but not required- with 500 w min Lit attached

Non-Negotiable: 1 x an unrestricted slot on the foal. 

Stats: - 
Gaits: 13
Dressage: 10
Jumping: 10
Intelligence: 10
Stamina: 10
Speed: 3
Strength: 10
Total found in stat Tracker

Accepted Foal/import Design:

Character (C) KnK & TWS
Art (c) TWS


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